What is the best catchphrase for an INTP

Be aware of yourself

INTPs are generally in good hands in all areas where innovative and independent thinking are desirable qualities. They belong to the rarer of the 16 types and should be aware of their less common demands when choosing a career. That doesn't necessarily mean that conventional professional careers are out of the question. INTPs who apply their strengths without neglecting their weaknesses can be successful in a variety of professions. However, the chances of job satisfaction are significantly higher if your own strengths can serve as a springboard. In this respect everyone should… continue

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The dominant function shapes our everyday life like no other of the eight functions. It gives our actions a certain direction. We love them because their handling is a breeze for us. We win many prizes with her. So it's no wonder that we prefer to devote ourselves to those activities and tasks in everyday life in which our favorite function is in full swing. Of course, this cannot work in the long term.

One of the basic assumptions of typology is the idea that a dominant function anchored in consciousness is followed by a second function. This serves the balance of our psyche ... continue

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The first function of the INTP is introverted thinking and the second function is extraverted intuition.

INTPs are driven to understand the world. To do this, they accumulate knowledge, build a complicated framework of thought within themselves and constantly try to make predictions about the occurrence of events. One might think that the INTP received a book with white pages when he was born so that he could create an encyclopedia about the world. In the course of his life he added new entries to this book in an arbitrary order about his findings about the…

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