How does a kite fly


A child in Iran flies a kite.

A kite or a plane is a piece of cloth or paper. A thread is attached to it, sometimes via a frame. The wind moves the kite up.

Most often, a kite is a toy for children. For adults, hang gliding is also a sport. Such kites are known for the English word “kite”, which means “kite”.

Where do the dragons come from?

Around 1900: Children in Japan with kites.

Letting a kite fly comes from ancient China. It may have been invented 1000 years before Christ. In China there was a light fabric very early on, silk. Bamboo, a wood with hollow trunks, also grows there. They're good for kites because they're so light.

The word "kite" has to do with the fact that the Chinese like to make their pilots look like kites. About 400 years ago, kites were also created in Europe. In any case, you have pictures of it from this time. It is believed, however, that the Romans already knew about dragons from China.

Why can a kite fly?

A kite flies in the air because of its buoyancy. This is a force that is also important for the wings of aircraft. With a kite, the wind blows around the fabric and drives it upwards.

But you can also let a kite fly without wind. To do this, you have to run fast and pull the kite behind you. The movement creates buoyancy and the kite soars. But as soon as you stop running, it quickly sinks again.

What can you do with kites?

The kite was already a toy for the Chinese. But it was also used to measure tall things, like a wall.

Around 1750 people began to research the weather with kites. Benjamin Franklich allegedly let lightning strike kites, even though it was very dangerous. So he researched electricity in lightning. Today one suspects, however, that he didn't really do that, just had the thought.

Kites were also used in war. You can build kites so that the wind makes noise with the kite. In ancient China, the enemies were frightened when they suddenly heard noises at night. For example, anti-aircraft kites were built later: These kites were supposed to make it more difficult for aircraft to continue flying.

A kite surfer with an orange kite. Such a kite is attached to the surfboard with a strong rope.

A hundred years ago, kites were used to take photos from the air. The Steiff company, known from teddy bears, invented the Roloplan for this. It was a kite made from a tube of fabric.

In kite sports, kite handlebars are called pilots. It's about performing tricks in the air. Another sport is kitesurfing. It's like windsurfing. But when kitesurfing you don't have a sail attached to the board, but a kite. He pulls the board with the kite surfer across the water.

  • In a kite shop in Lucknow, India

  • Over a hundred years ago: a kite with a camera in Sudan.

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