Would you be friends with me?

Friendship With these 7 tricks everyone wants to be friends with you

What do popular people do differently than normal people? A lot! They were born almost self-confidently, treat all people equally and combine their interests. So you can learn a lot from them when it comes to increasing your level of popularity. Curtain up for a few tips:

Listen carefully and ask questions

The world clearly needs more listeners and fewer speakers. Meeting someone who likes to hear themselves talk doesn't necessarily leave you feeling positive. Therefore: shut up, listeners open! If the other person tells you a story, feel free to keep asking. Inquire for more details and nod your head in confirmation from time to time.

Love yourself first

Even if the tip may seem a bit clumsy at first, there is still incredible wisdom in it. Of course you shouldn't reach the level of Chris Brown, sooner or later that gets on people's nerves. But if you are at peace with yourself, then you can tell and you do not respond to news with an envious and jealous undertone. And that in turn is very much appreciated by your fellow human beings.

Show weakness sometimes

With no one everything always runs smoothly. Everyone goes through tough times from time to time. And your own friends are allowed to know that too. After all, why do you have friends if they are not by your side in difficult times? Don't worry and just express critical topics. Because if you don't reveal anything negative about yourself, it usually doesn't go down very well. It gives you the feeling that you don't trust your friends enough to talk about more serious topics.

Search for similarities

Connect common ground! Listen carefully to other people and you will see that they are bound to have very similar interests to you. Perfect! Then in the future you can do these things together or exchange ideas about the same things.

Treat all people with respect

Someone who likes to talk about people who are not present is usually doing himself a disservice. After all, they could do the same behind their own back! Therefore, basically treat everyone well - which should actually be taken for granted. Every now and then, give compliments and treat other people the way you would like to be treated.

Sometimes compromise

Even if you would like to go back to the Italian restaurant around the corner from you, it is important that you are open to new suggestions every now and then. You will see, on the one hand, you will get to know completely new restaurants and bars and, on the other hand, you will reap a lot of thanks for the fact that not everything always has to go to your nose.

Always be honest

Honest people are the best! And do you know why Quite simply because they tell you openly and honestly in the locker room that your outfit doesn't suit you and won't let you show up at university. Or let yourself stroll around town all day with spinach between your teeth. Or tell you from the start that they don't have a good picture of your crush - and not just afterwards. Such people are indispensable!