What is noting and drawing

Noting, sketching: writing and drawing as a process of design

The third volume in the series “Knowledge in Design” deals with the techniques of writing and drawing in those creative, manufacturing contexts that are commonly referred to as “design”. The focus is on working on what has not yet been said and invisible on paper, working with writing or drawing instruments in that space of the preliminary that notes and sketches open up. The contributions examine the specific processes that can be discovered in notebooks and sketchbooks by artists, philosophers and scientists. The design is shown here in the tentative or systematic play through of different variations of an epistemic object; it reveals itself as a conscious creation of ›illegibility‹ in order to arrive at innovative form material through this disruption; But it also shows up in the search for new operational fonts or figurations. In all these cases it can be observed that what happens on paper takes on a life of its own, which is neither covered by the intentionality of the writer / drawer nor merges with a goal in the development. The publication makes this own - medial, sometimes formal, but always conditioning - quality visible in a panorama of different design techniques. With contributions by Rüdiger Campe, Stephan Kammer, Karin Krauthausen, Omar W. Nasim and Ralph Ubl and interviews with Moritz Epple and Hans-Jörg Rheinberger.

Knowledge in design; 3