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Advanced web search with the Google operators




Via the Google search command site: can users all indexed pages of a domain display. In combination with a search term, all subpages that contain the corresponding keyword are displayed:

Edward Snowden site: heise.de

The sample request instructs Google to use all subpages of heise.de outputting the search phrase Edward Snowden contain.

In addition, the search command in combination with the basic operators can be used to find certain Exclude domains from web searches. For example, the online encyclopedia Wikipedia can be banned from the search results list:

Edward Snowden -site: wikipedia.org

That is relevant site- Query especially for Website operatorwho want to optimize their project for the search engine. The search command can be used to check whether all relevant subpages of a website are listed on Google. In addition, the search operator provides suggestions for internal linking, since in combination with a keyword, topic-relevant subpages can be filtered out.


The Google operator related: is a good way to find alternative research platforms. In front of a domain, this search command tells Google to look for it comparable websites to search.

Anyone looking for IT news can use the following query to find alternative websites heise online how Golem.de, Chip.de or ZDNet.de:

related: heise.de

Website operators search with the operator related: also specifically after Competitors.


Search queries with several alternative terms can be handled by the Google operator OR to link in the sense of an "or". This command signals to the search engine that websites that are only relevant are one of the search terms mentioned contain:

Test "nvidia geforce gtx 950" OR "nvidia geforce gtx 960"


The search command is available to Google users who want to display information about a domain info: to disposal. This can be used to display websites that contain similar to the selected domain refer to them or contain the domain name as a term.

info: google.com


Is a search term using the Google search operator intext: provided, the search engine only provides links in the result list to websites that contain the corresponding Search term in the running text contain.

intext: Edward Snowden

The example query only shows websites for which the search phrase Edward Snowden used in text elements.

Any number of search terms can be provided with the Google operator in a query. Alternatively, you can use the search command allintext: at.


The Google search operator allintext: fulfills the same function as intext:, but includes all search terms in the query. The results pages therefore only list websites that have all keywords of the query in the running text contain:

allintext: Edward Snowden PRISM NSA Guardian


While the commands intext: and allintext: Targeting search terms in the running text, the Google operator instructs inanchor: the search engine that Keyword in anchor texts to search.

The following query limits the Google search to websites that contain the search term Apache in anchor texts include:

inanchor: apache


Should multiple search terms in anchor texts should be included, the Google search command is recommended allinanchor: in combination with the corresponding keywords:

allinanchor: apache http server download

However, it should be noted here that the search terms mentioned do not necessarily have to appear in the same anchor text.


Google users who visit websites with special Keywords in the title want to display, access the search command intitle: back.

intitle: wordpress


allintitle: is the google search operator of choice when more than one search term in the title search should be adjusted.

allintitle: wordpress tutorial beginner


Should Google search for a Keyword in the url Keep an eye out, the operator comes inurl: to use. In this case, the search engine only delivers results whose Internet addresses contain the relevant search term. This Google search command can be used, for example, if the search is to be limited to certain web offers:

Audi A4 inurl: forum

A Google search restricted in this way primarily brings up forums in which Internet users can exchange information about the Audi A4. Alternatively, the following search queries can be used:

[Search term] inurl: showthread

[Search term] inurl: topic


The URL search can also be based on the entire keyword set expand:

allinurl: technology blog linux


The search command filetype: is always used when Google users start a search certain file types want to restrict.

Wordpress tutorial filetype: pdf

Such a request signals to Google that only results in the PDF file format should be included in the web search. The search engine compiles a list of freely accessible PDF documents that contain the relevant search terms.

Other examples of file types that Google supports are doc or jpg.


The Google operator define: does not restrict the search result list exclusively to definitions, but delivers preferred results Explanations for the respective search term.