How can I separate hacking from calls

Is It Possible To Hack Facetime Call? [closed]

From what I've read, you should assume that your Facetime traffic is completely unencrypted. There have been claims from Apple about encryption (the ZDNet article linked above), but they talked about using WPA2. WPA2 has nothing to do with encrypting voice / video traffic. WPA2 is all about making wireless connections to an access point private. Your Facetime traffic is sent to the AP, then your router, then your ISP's router, and everywhere before it gets to your home network or your girlfriend's cellular carrier / device. I should note that I did not do any log analysis of the Facetime log. I go according to the published statements.

Saying WPA2 answers the question is how to be sure of moving large sums of money with an armored truck just between the loading dock and the edge of the parking lot to the bank and then putting the money in a corolla and the rest of the road to drive way to his destination.


This is wrong. An Apple employee is quoted in the ZDNet article: "In addition to your existing infrastructure, every FaceTime session is encrypted with unique session keys." ZD's remarks that the devices themselves are HIPAA compliant relate to the level of security that users have chosen for their wireless infrastructure and do not relate to Facetime itself. The article is vague when identifying as the real topic because the conversation was stimulated by FaceTime security.