A self-rechargeable battery is possible

Pedelec with infinite range: this e-bike recharges itself

E-bikes are all the rage, but have some disadvantages in terms of range, battery and high weight. The Nua Electrica wants to do everything better and promises endless pedelec driving pleasure.

Nua Electrica: The inconspicuous pedelec

Normal e-bikes can be recognized immediately by the large battery. Whether on the frame or under the luggage rack - the battery has to go somewhere. At the same time you have to charge it. This is only possible at the socket and by cable. If the battery is empty, the heavy weight of the bike makes it harder to get ahead. Fear of range does not only exist with e-cars, but also with pedelecs. The Nua Electrica solves all of these problems.

With the Electrica, the Barcelona-based company Nua has developed an electrified bicycle that doesn't look like a classic pedelec. The battery is inconspicuously installed and the centerpiece is the “Zehus Bike + Hub” all-in-one solution on the rear wheel. The motor, which weighs only 3 kg, contains all the important components and can therefore be installed almost invisibly. There is also no need for a control on the handlebars, because everything is controlled via an app that activates the motor via smartphone via Bluetooth and allows setting options - reports trendsderzukunft. Due to the light weight of the motor, the bike only weighs 13 kilograms.

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Self-charging mode enables infinite range

There are several modes available for the Nua Electrica. With full support, as with a normal e-bike, the range is a meager 30 kilometers. What is really interesting, however, is the “self-loading mode”. In this intelligent mode, the 250-watt electric motor only helps out when the going uphill or when driving off. During normal driving, you have to pedal yourself and take care of propulsion. When braking, driving downhill and also when driving on level surfaces, energy is recovered and fed into the battery. According to Nua, the Electrica can run “practically unlimited”.

In normal use, of course, it will depend very much on the region in which you are driving and how heavy the load on the electric motor really is in the end. But if you are looking for an e-bike that only helps when the effort is particularly great, you have come to the right place with the Nua Electrica. But the pedelec is not cheap. Depending on the equipment, 4,000 euros must be put on the table. What do you think?