How do I find my FIFA rating

Calculation of points for a single game

P = M x I x T x C

M: Points for the result

The teams receive three points for a win, one point for a draw, zero points for a defeat, two points for a win on penalties and one point for a defeat on penalties.

I: Status of the game

Friendly game (including small tournaments): I = 1.0
FIFA World Cup ™ preliminary round and continental qualification: I = 2.5
Continental finals and FIFA Confederations Cup: I = 3.0
FIFA World Cup ™ finals: I = 4.0

T: strength of the opponent

The opponent's strength is based on the following formula: 200 minus the opponent's ranked position.
The team in first place is always rated with a value of 200. From position 150, the teams are weighted with a minimum value of 50. The rank of the opposing team in the last published ranking is used as the ranking position.

C: Strength of the Confederation

For the calculation of games between teams from different confederations, the average value of the confederations of the two teams involved is used. The strength of the confederation is calculated based on the number of wins by confederation in the last three finals of the FIFA World Cup ™ and is as follows:
AFC / CAF 0.86
OFC 0.85