Where can I buy massage oil

Buy massage oil - choose the right one and save money

Massage oil is as important for the massage as the butter on bread. You can only massage effectively with massage oil in one flowing movement. (1)

  • Where can you get the right oil?
  • How Can You Save Money On Buying Massage Oil?

We have the answers.

Finding the right provider is not difficult

Good massage oil can be bought in pharmacies, drug stores, specialist shops or online. Popular brands are e.g. B. Schupp, Weleda, Spitzner, frei and Kneipp. But there are many other reputable manufacturers and dealers who offer cheaper.

From a qualitative point of view, the purchase is in the pharmacy unnecessary. There massage oils from Weleda are mainly offered. B. can be sold online in the same quality - but sometimes much cheaper!

Also Drugstores like Rossmann and Schlecker only offer branded oils. These are very good in terms of quality but have a not quite as good price / performance ratio - as is usual with well-known branded goods, the customer is "milked".

The Specialized trade mainly serves larger wellness facilities such as hotels and massage studios. The massage oils are often offered through agents or catalogs. In some cases there is also a well-functioning online shop. However, the container sizes are usually not suitable for private users.

Some distributors import massage oil from other countries, e.g. B. Thailand, China or India. It is not forbidden. However, the necessary dermatological tests are often not carried out for reasons of cost. The oils could contain too high a proportion of toxic substances and / or cause allergic reactions.

On-line There are a number of shops (e.g. Massage-Expert.de) and shopping portals (e.g. Amazon, eBay) that offer massage oil. Well-known and less well-known branded massage oils, oils from specialist shops and non-name massage oils are sold. The following points provide assistance with online purchases. In this way you avoid the less trustworthy dealers.

  • Is it a known one? Branded oil? If so, you can trust the oil. You don't necessarily save a lot of money, but you are on the safe side.
  • Which Corporate form does the provider? You should not buy massage oil from an unknown private person! New and still quite small companies usually have less competence in dealing with massage oil. Important questions like positioning and dermatological tests may not play an appropriate role.
  • Which one range is being offered? As a rule, the more different the products on offer, the less familiar the provider is with massage oil. Therefore, it is better to look for a provider who offers massage oil in different types and containers.

Saving Money When Buying Massage Oil - 3 Valuable Tips

Who doesn't want that: Buy a good quality massage oil at a fair price - we give you three valuable tips and decision-making aids to save money.

Stationary vs. online

If you want personal advice, you should buy stationary. Anyone who can live with advice on the phone or on the basis of texts, an online shot is an option.

Organic massage oil | Massage Expert Shop

Online shops usually have fewer of their own staff and no expensive retail store. This advantage lowers product prices. This is offset by the shipping costs.

So you should weigh up between advice, trust and purchase volume in order to decide between stationary and online providers.

Well-known brand vs. other oils

Why are some brands well known and others not? A lot of money has gone into marketing. The money has to be earned, of course, and that is reflected in the price. So if you have enough time, look for a reputable provider - who spends less money on marketing but is cheaper.

Best before date and container size

The lower the remaining shelf life and the larger the container, the lower the price. As a private user, you need a maximum of 50 ml massage oil for a full body massage - with a rich oil.

Estimate the frequency of massaging and then decide on the largest possible container size. And a tip: the best before date is always stated. As a rule, massage oil can also be used without any worries.

So if, for example, you massage your partner extensively 4 times a year (she will say that this is not enough ;-)), you will need approx. 4 x 50 ml = 200 ml massage oil. Massage oil usually has a shelf life of at least 12 months. So feel free to buy a bottle of 250 or even a little more massage oil.


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Author: MH