Is CRM good or bad

CRM systemsAn added value for the whole company

Of course not. Those who have to pretend that they are using the new, efficiency-increasing software are not satisfied because they have more effort, pressure and stress, but no personal benefit. The management lulls itself into deceptive security, because even if reports are generated from the CRM system, they do not reflect the actual situation, on the contrary. In this way, the company management takes the opportunity to recognize true tendencies and will no longer be able to react in time if the worst comes to the worst. Even the finance department will only notice this in highly project-oriented companies when it is too late and sales fail to materialize.

This example shows one thing: Customer relationship management must not be viewed in isolation, but - just like sales per se - as an integral part of the whole. Both the sales concept and the customer orientation must run like a red thread through the entire company and be lived as a company philosophy if you want to be successful in the long term. The CRM system is not an isolated solution, but ideally represents the company's attitude towards sales and customers. And this can be seen from two factors: which departments are connected to the CRM tool and how individual employees and Areas actually use the solution.

The first requirement for the profitable use of a CRM tool is that acceptance the employee. And this can only be achieved if the individual also has an advantage through the CRM system - and not just in monetary terms, but also personally, for example by noticeably simplifying work or finishing work on time. The important thing is also Communication with employeesthat provides quick information about how each individual works in reality. Because absolutely everyone in the company has the potential to actively contribute to improving internal and external communication, especially with customers. Provided he is asked.

After all, the real value of a CRM system comes from the use and through the activitieswhich are documented and logged in it. So that the system can support and optimize existing sales processes, the first thing that counts is the relationship and the Communication between sales and the other departments to intensify and improve the company. Only then can customer relationship management, i.e. customer support, be optimized. First of all, the CRM solution should be a platform where the different departments can meet and exchange ideas - without changing existing processes. That's the first step for one sales-oriented mentality of a company and the promotion of teamwork with a focus on the customer.

Conclusion: Only when all employees and company departments are involved does a CRM system actually bring added value - not only for sales, but also for other company departments as well as for customers and business partners.