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COMPUTER BILD reveals what satellite TV does and how you can get everything out of the bowl.

A satellite dish on the roof is no longer modern in the age of Internet TV? Not correct! Today almost 50 percent of all German households use satellite TV, and the trend is rising - the good price-performance ratio makes the dish attractive. But what possibilities are actually in satellite television? COMPUTER BILD shows you which crisp HD and erotic channels you can freely receive, how to align your satellite dish correctly and how you can get TV in the whole house with satellite IP.

The advantages and disadvantages of satellite television

Set the satellite dish - this is how it works

The most important thing about satellite reception is the correct assembly and alignment of the dish - if something goes wrong here, TV fun doesn't even begin. It is not only important that the antenna is installed in the right place on the house, it must also point in the right direction. Don't panic when buying a satellite dish: nothing can go wrong with the following tips and tricks from COMPUTER BILD.

»Aligning the satellite dish: tips and tricks for top reception

HD channels - these channels are freely receivable

Once the dish is correctly aligned, the question quickly arises: Which channels can I receive? SES launched the first HD channel on Astra in 2004, and today viewers can choose between 50 high-resolution channels, including numerous public broadcasters such as ARD and ZDF. Although private channels such as RTL, ProSieben and Sat.1 can also be received via satellite, you need an HD + card for the HD versions. It costs around 60 euros for a year and provides you with a package of various high-resolution channels. COMPUTER BILD has put together an overview for you with all free-to-air HD channels including satellite frequencies. Click through the overview.

»HD + card for 12 months at idealo.de

Free-to-air HD channels in Germany

Sensual and exciting - receive erotic channels

If you have a satellite dish on the roof, there are also opportunities for hot evening entertainment apart from the established channels: Numerous channels such as Babestation24, Eurotic TV and Visit X TV offer eroticism in a continuous loop from 10 p.m. - some also unencrypted. For the encrypted channels you need a suitable digital receiver or a so-called CI module on the television that accepts the subscription card of the adult entertainment provider. COMPUTER BILD shows which channels you receive for that hot kick in the evening, what they cost and what frequency they run on.

You can get these erotic channels via satellite and digital cable

TV throughout the house with satellite IP

Large range of programs, low costs - satellite TV has many advantages. But there are also disadvantages: If you want to watch TV in several rooms, you have to run a cable from the distributor on the satellite dish to each TV set or receiver. The solution to the problem is called Sat-IP: With the technology you send the signal via your home network to the television, notebook, tablet. COMPUTER BILD tells you how it works and what you need.

»Sat-IP: Satellite TV throughout the house

Reception anywhere: mobile satellite systems

Do you like going on vacation or camping trips? Annoying when you have to do without your favorite TV show or an important soccer game while traveling. It's good that there are mobile satellite dishes that you can use to watch TV outside of your own four walls. Before buying, you should find out how to mount the antenna on the respective model - and whether you can find a suitable way of mounting it on vacation. Some small satellite antennas offer a simple stand or can be attached to a beverage crate. COMPUTER BILD has selected 20 mobile systems under 150 euros for you.

Amazon: The ten most popular camping satellite systems

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