Can someone give me some advice 4

Can somebody give me advise?

Hello my dears.

I don't know what to do next and of course on the holidays 😣
My story of suffering so far:
11/15 rule

17.12. Appointment at the gynecologist, SST urine negative, he said that ovulation probably had not occurred and that this black spot could also be an outgoing cyst. He sees a highly built-up mucous membrane. There would have to be a lot going on within the next switch.

December 18 SST slightly positive at home

December 20 Abdominal pain with bleeding and tissue loss or clotted blood
SST positive in the evening

December 21 the same as on the 20th

22.12. Bleeding will decrease
SST positive in the evening

23.12. Spotting

Since December 24th I have pressure in the lower abdomen and the pressure on the bladder is also increased.

25.12. Extreme stinging in the evening and pulling on the right side up to the back - very painful - over at night

26.12. all day long pain on the right side up to the back

In general, I can take it, although I still don't know what to think of it.
Am i pregnant
Or does it take so long until the value is down? But why is the pressure so strong then?
Is there an ectopic pregnancy, wouldn't it be accompanied by a fever?
Was that an exit and is there still something left in it?

Does anyone know? The fear is slowly increasing.

best regards