Are you afraid to live alone

The thought of living alone scares many people. You feel abandoned, insecure and cannot find support. What can we do to deal with this situation? “A first step has to be to concretise the fear: What is the bad thing for me about living alone? Often there is something behind it, ”says Mag. Martin Berger, consultant at the ANANAS association in Gänserndorf. "It can be the fear of losing habits, of changes or a lack of support."

The first step is to work on this topic in a consultation. It will be discussed what possibilities there are to deal with the new life situation in the best possible way. "An unhappy partnership that you only lead in order not to be single is problematic and usually does not go well," says Berger.

It is better to develop strategies to cope with being alone. “The pressure of suffering arises when we have too little self-confidence and feel unable to cope with it.” In this context, childhood often also plays an important role and the strategies that one has learned to stand up to one's husband / wife. If you haven't noticed enough of this, the counseling starts to build trust in yourself. "If we have this trust, we do each other easier in a possible new partnership, because we can then cling less, let go better and are no longer afraid," explains the expert.

A life without a relationship can be very fulfilling if you learn to use your opportunities: Self-determination, freedom and the possibilities of a single life can be viewed very positively. As always, it depends on the individual approach.

Mag. Martin Berger is a clinical psychologist and advisor at the ANANAS family counseling center, the association for promoting the educational skills of families in Gänserndorf. The advisors at the Austrian family counseling centers will also provide information and support on the subject.