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In addition to written translations, interpreters are also provided, who not only require interpreters to have good language and language skills, but also additional advantages.

The peculiarity of the simultaneous interpreting offices, which move around the capital every day with simultaneous interpretations, emphasize that, due to the peculiarity of this type of translation, they are among the most important. The fact that they are caused orally, that is, we believe that oral translations are more distressing and require more stress and more control over stressors. In addition, there is the difficulty that we cannot defend ourselves with dictionaries, because then there is no place. During the translation, the translator performs the translation in parallel with the last one that the speaker is demonstrating. And so he calls that there is no gap for language gaps here.

What other functions does an interpreter-translator have to perform at the same time? The ability to divide attention must exist above people. On the one hand, the higher-level content is transmitted to the audience; on the other hand, the rest of the content to be translated is listened to. Another important value is of course the perfect memory. If it is difficult to focus and has content, it will not be translated in detail.

Who Uses Such Translations? This translation client is very popular in various types of business talks, negotiations or training courses, and even in lectures or international conferences. Most often they are made in the best prepared booths and equipped with the right equipment, which, of course, must be handled perfectly, and if you want a gift for a high translation, choose the translator that he will do to the last skill, not just knowledge .