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Want to know more about the different welding techniques?

There are all kinds of welding techniques, and sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. After all, the welding technique used is usually not the user's preference, but the material and purpose of the work. In this article we will cover the different welding techniques.

What are the different welding techniques?

MIG and MAG welding

MIG and MAG welding are always mentioned together, as the difference lies in the type of shielding gas used. The I in MIG stands for Inert, and the A in MAG stands for Active. The welding process is the same for both techniques, which is why we name them under one heading. MIG / MAG welding is quick and easy, which makes it a good technique for large welding jobs.

With MIG / MAG welding it is not necessary to look at the filler material. The wire spool is placed in the welder and you determine the welding speed. You can weld large areas in a short time. This technique is therefore often used in the metal industry. MIG / MAG welding is also often carried out by welding robots.

The gas (inert) used in MIG welding is often argon or a mixture of argon and helium or hydrogen gas. CO2 is often used in MAG (active) welding. It is also possible to choose a gas-filled welding wire so that it is not necessary to use a gas cylinder.

MIG / MAG welding can be carried out on many different types of steel in different thicknesses. It cannot be done outdoors as the gas will evaporate quickly. It is also advisable to wear good PPE when MIG / MAG welding as a lot of spatter is released.

TIG welding

For visible and decorative welding work, TIG welding is the best technique, but at the same time it is also the most difficult. TIG stands for tungsten inert gas. You add the filler material manually, so you always need two hands when doing TIG welding. That makes it a tricky move to master and certainly not suitable for the novice sweat operator. TIG welding is time consuming and a precise job, but it results in high quality welded joints.

You can use this technique to weld all types of metal, and it is also possible to weld very thin sheets. It's often used in cars and furniture, for example, because they need a high-quality weld that also looks good. Nowadays it is also possible to do TIG welding with a robot, which makes this technique much easier to carry out. In Germany, TIG welding is called TIG welding.

No splashes or sparks are released during TIG welding, but care must be taken to ensure that the (invisible) welding fumes are properly extracted as they are toxic. Because it is a slow and expensive process, it is not suitable for large welding jobs.

Electrode hand welding

Electrode welding is also known as electric welding or arc welding. The coated electrodes serve as welding filler material and melt from the torch onto the material. Since the slag needs to be removed with a biking hammer after cooling, this is a slow type of welding.

Electric fusion welding is used for all types of steel and stainless steel, but not for aluminum. The electrode determines which material can be welded. The coating of the electrode ensures that no separate protective gas is required. This means that you can also weld in the open air. You can perform this technique from any position. The welder is also portable as it does not use a separate gas tank. That makes it easy to do on-site.

The disadvantage of electrode welding is that the weld seam looks coarse-grained. It is therefore not really suitable for visible work and certainly not for decorative purposes or thin materials. Since the slag needs to be removed after welding, this is also a slow way to work.

Electrode welding is an ideal technique for quick repairs or maintenance work. Because the welder is easy to carry around, it is a good technique for freelancers and contractors who regularly need to do small welding jobs on site.

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