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Virtual reality for forensics and security planning

Faro, provider of 3D measurement and imaging technology for manufacturing metrology and public safety / forensics, is launching Faro Zone 3D in 2018, making it the first VR-enabled software solution specifically for investigators and security experts.

With Zone 3D 2018, Faro provides a comprehensive platform for law enforcement and forensic experts with which accident or crime scenes can be documented, analyzed and reconstructed. It offers powerful tools for forensic analysis and for creating 3D graphics and animations. In addition to recording accident or crime scenes and taking evidence, the software facilitates documentation, reconstruction and analysis in the context of crimes, accidents, fires or security incidents. In addition, it can provide high-quality examination results.

Thanks to integrated virtual reality technology, Faro Zone 3D 2018 enables users to take a completely immersive first-person perspective. You can visit and commit to accident or crime scenes as often as you like, analyze the respective chain of events and create fully animated reconstructions of the scene - almost as if you were there yourself at the time of the incident. With the help of the advanced virtual reality analysis functions, law enforcement officers and forensic experts can turn any location into a realistic virtual backdrop, which can then be used for training purposes. This creates a valuable archive of training scenarios.

Convincing animations

In addition, the new platform can be used to generate detailed diagrams and convincing animations with an impressive visual effect, for example to show the development of smoke and fire or the course of an explosion, including shadows, rolling wheels and trailers. The Total View presentation tool can be used to create dynamic videos for flyover animations or virtual site inspections, which are suitable for demonstrations in court, face-to-face training or debriefing after security operations.

Smart tools for advanced analysis

The integrated smart tools increase productivity considerably - for example the optimized Blood Spatter Analysis Smart Tool for blood spatter analysis. The tool enables the angle of occurrence of blood drops to be measured and automatically calculates the corresponding trajectories using Faro Zone 3D's own artificial intelligence. In addition, when using the advanced Bullet Trajectory Smart Tool to calculate bullet trajectories, judicial reports can be generated automatically. These reports now also contain elliptical trajectory cones and offer the possibility of calculating trajectories beyond the impact level and of displaying each trajectory in detail. The analysis of bullet trajectories is easier than ever.

Training offers support users in exploiting the full potential of Faro Zone 3D. For this purpose, users have access to the Faro Academy learning management system. Its content is available both in live online training courses with guidance from an instructor and as part of training modules for self-study.

The new free and standalone application Faro Zone Viewer can be used to simplify collaboration and information exchange. This allows 2D and 3D data as well as 3D point cloud views and videos to be presented particularly conveniently - whether in the courtroom next door or on the other side of the world.

"Faro Zone 3D is another step in our journey to providing comprehensive solutions for investigators dealing with crime, accidents, fire or security incidents," said Jeff Ruiz, vice president of public safety and forensics. "With the integrated virtual reality functions, investigators can now carry out stronger, more convincing and more realistic analyzes than ever before."

Above: Illustrative animations show the development of fire and smoke during fires.