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In the spring of 1996 a song from Pforzheim, on the edge of the Black Forest, went around the world. Nowadays, Fools Garden's "Lemon Tree" is even sung in music lessons in schools. Singer Peter Freudenthaler told MDR television some time ago how he came across "Lemon Tree" in 1995. "It was the way the song begins. It was Sunday afternoon, I was sitting in my bedroom at the time, where there was also the keyboard and a piano. And I was waiting for my girlfriend at the time, and she just didn't come!"

The yellow lemon tree

A catchy melody with catchy lyrics centered on a lemon tree. But why a lemon tree in particular? Peter Freudenthaler asked himself that at the time: "It sounds good, but what should I write about a lemon tree? But that just happened, and then at some point I thought 'Oh, leave it that way!'" He put the song on his Band Fools Garden. By now she had at least managed to have one of her songs featured in a TV commercial. But nothing more. "We never got out of the Pforzheim orbit until 1995. The greatest feeling was when we played in front of 20 people in Munich."

Number one on the charts

But with "Lemon Tree" that changed suddenly. The boys were suddenly number one on the German charts and easily filled the largest halls. Not just in Pforzheim or Munich, but all over the world. Overnight Peter, Volker, Ralf and Thomas had become superstars. "That was of course a great feeling. Although today I have to say: We weren't up to the whole situation back then. When I watch videos of TV appearances or something today! But that may have contributed to our success. People saw: The boys are so green behind the ears, they have no idea about boobs and bubbles. We really didn't know anything about this business, "recalls singer Peter Freudenthaler. His band did not want to achieve another hit. But Fools Garden is still there. And "Lemon Tree" ensures that Peter Freudenthaler and Co. can live from music to this day: "We enjoy what we have now. We would of course be happy if we had such a big hit again can never give a hit like 'Lemon Tree' because it just deflowered us back then. "

The story was a hit

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