How have cell phones contributed to ADHD

ADHD: Smartphones can cause ADHD symptoms

A low beep or vibration is enough - and some people leave everything where they are to look at their smartphone. Scientists from the University of Virginia (USA) and the University of British Columbia examined precisely this behavior in a study.

They found out that the constant interruptions caused by our smartphones can lead to inattentiveness and hyperactivity - that is, to symptoms similar to those of ADHD.

ADHD symptoms from constant smartphone messages

The head of the study, Kostadin Kushlev, reports that more and more smartphone users pick up their cell phone when it rings or vibrates, even when meeting friends or at work. Every tenth person even looks at their smartphone during sex, says Kushlev, referring to past surveys.

Together with a research team, Kushlev examined the behavior of 221 students in a two-week study. First of all, the students should switch on the alarm signal (ringtone or vibration) on their smartphone and always carry their smartphone with them. In a second investigation, they were then asked to turn off the alarm signal and not have it with them.

Smartphone: ADHD symptoms such as difficulty concentrating and hyperacivity

As expected, the results showed that the students showed significantly higher signs of inattentiveness after turning on the ringer or vibration of their smartphone. Even ADHD-like symptoms, such as difficulty concentrating, hyperacivity and problems sitting still, appeared in the students examined. “Smartphones can contribute to these symptoms because they are a quick and easy source of distraction,” explains Kushlev.

This is by no means intended to mean that the use of smartphones can lead to ADHD, he continues. However, the ongoing disruption from digital devices in our society today seems to affect and negatively affect our attention. AZ