What is a developer in hair dye products

How strong should the developer (peroxide) choose for the hair color?

You already have the hair color. But how strong should the developer choose? Sometimes it is difficult to choose the right percentage of peroxide concentration to achieve your dreamed hair color. We advise you not to be wrong when choosing a developer.

Plan to have your hair in the comfort of your home from coloring? To dye with professional hairdressing paint must also a developer buy (sometimes called Oxidizing agent, activator, peroxide developer called). Although it is often sold in large packaging in hairdressing salons, manufacturers have recently also offered it in a smaller package (e.g. Wella Welloxon Perfect or Schwarzkopf Igora).

The developer plays an essential role in coloring hair, especially permanent colors. The hair color and the developer mix in a certain ratio in order to a mix of colors which is then applied to the hair. They are usually mixed in a ratio of 1: 1, 1: 1.5, or 1: 2 for significant lightening.

Only thanks to the developer, the dark-haired girls can feel like a platinum blonde.

What is the developer and why is it important to use it?

Oxidation creams and developers contain hydrogen peroxide, the the hair cuticle opens. Thanks to this process, the color pigments can penetrate deeply into the hair fiber and color it. Without the developer, you would never have achieved any significant hair color change, the color would not penetrate the hair, and the hair would not be colored.

The advantages of the developer

  • Activates the color - until the color and developer mix, the hair color is active and has coloring effects.

  • It colors and brightens - without the developer, you will never achieve a lightening of your hair and even a dream platinum blonde.

  • Improves the consistency - thanks to the creamy consistency of the developer, the dye does not drip, you will be applied better, and the applied color will be more accurate and even.

  • The color intensity - the color tone becomes more distinctive, radiant and more permanent.

If you want the best results, it is important that you the right concentration of developer use for hair color. The choice of strength of the developer not only influences the degree of brightener required and the kind of color, but also the type or quality of hair.

How strong should the developer / peroxide be?

The strength or concentration of the developer is in % or Vol. specified. Basically, this number indicates the amount of peroxide that is contained in the developer. The higher the number, the stronger the developer and the hair is lightened.

1) Selecting the developer according to the type of color

The choice of developer also depends on the type of professional paint:

  • The washable colors - one day washable colors work separately, it is no developer required.

  • The tint - semi- / demi-permanent colors become with less (up to 6%) or mixed without peroxide.

  • The permanent colors - the medium strength of the developer is most common at 6% or 9% used.

  • Lightening and highlights - with stronger oxidizing agents 9% or 12% must be used with the decolorizer.

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2) The choice of developer according to the degree of lightening / darkening

The concentration the developer selects according to how you want to achieve the desired lightening. Mostly, with every 3% developer, you lighten up to 1 tone. If you want to keep your tone (darkness / lightness) and revive it, use a 3% developer.

3% oxidation emulsion (10 vol.)

  • Dyeing without lightening, darkening of a maximum of 1 tone.
  • Ideal for dyeing tone in tone, on darker tone or lightened hair.
  • The hair does not lighten, it just adds a hue. It is often mixed with tints.

6% oxidation emulsion (20 vol.)

  • The lightening around 1-2 tones.
  • This is the most commonly used strength of the permanent color developer.
  • It is suitable for dyeing and bleaching hair and for 100% the white coverage.

9% oxidation emulsion (30 vol.)

12% oxidation emulsion (40 vol.)

  • It mixes with brighteners for extra hair lightening up to 8 tones.
  • The best choice for brunettes who a platinum blonde want to have.
  • Least gentle on the hair and scalp, it is necessary to be careful when dyeing to prevent hair from burning.
  • We recommend staining in this concentration leave to the experts.

This is a general recommendation, but always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

3) The choice of developer according to the type of hair

The hair type can also influence the coloring result. That is why you should take this parameter into account when choosing an oxidizing cream. Different hair types react differently to color. Fine hair is slightly lightened and the color penetrates the hair faster. While thicker or whiter hair may be more resistant to dyeing.

Fine hair

  • The lightening becomes light, the color easily penetrates hair.
  • If they are dark, they can get darker than necessary. Choose a lighter shade.
  • use a lower peroxide than recommended or reduce the exposure time.

Normal hair

  • They have a normal reaction to lightening and darkening well.
  • use the recommended% peroxide.

Strong hair

  • They are bad brighteners and darkers.
  • In the dark, the color output can be a little lighter.
  • use a higher peroxide or increase the color time.
  • Very gray and white hair is also very resilient.

4) Choosing the developer according to hair quality

The hair quality also influences the color effect. It is also very common that the hair of different quality appear on a head. For example, normal hair with dry and damaged ends.

The porous hair

  • The brightening is easy and absorb the paint very wellbut it fades faster and
  • The lightening: It is possible, a weaker developer than recommended or shorter to use.
  • The dark: It is better, a stronger developer to be used to ensure better penetration of color pigments.
  • Tip! Reduce the duration of the color on the ends of the hair, apply it for the last 5-15 minutes.

The healthy hair

  • They have a normal whitening reaction and a good color pigment.
  • Follow these guidelines when choosing a developer after the applications.

The glamot tips and advice before dyeing

  • Women feel their hair color is getting darker than what it really is. So, if you hesitate between two shades, always choose a lighter shade.

  • To ensure the penetration of paint and better paint coverage, apply a mixture immediately after mixing out of paint and developer. The coloring mixture is effective only 60 minutes after mixing.

  • If you have more than 60% gray or white hair, choose a 1-tone color that is darker than the color you want.

  • Remember! Always use the professional hair color for a developer who is from the same product line or brand.

  • Also note frequent use from higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, which lead to significant damage to the hair shaft. Don't forget during and after dyeing protective care (e.g. Olaplex, Fibreplex or Smartbond).

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