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Kulturcampus scholarships for the first time / Federal government doubles donations

Regional companies and foundations support students on their educational path with a "Germany Scholarship". You pay 150 euros per month per scholarship. The federal government doubles the amount to 300 euros - a scholarship holder thus receives 3,600 euros a year. In the 2012/13 winter semester, the University of Hildesheim was able to award 33 scholarships. For the 2013/14 winter semester, there are already 270 applications from students from all four departments. The university is therefore still looking for supporters.

Members of the Executive Committee also take part in the program. “Half and half - that's a good initiative. I give 150 euros a month and the federal government will double my contribution, ”explains Vice President Prof. Dr. Martin Schreiner his decision. “I have three children myself, two of them are studying, and I experience everything that goes with everyday study. Students who are funded in the program tell me that they receive much more than just money. The scholarship is an incentive and appreciation for them. Often, there are also close contacts with the grant recipients. ”University President Prof. Dr. Wolfgang-Friedrich also participates with a scholarship, which he leaves to the selection committee for awarding. Both hope that other - current and former - university members and private individuals will support students in this way.

Hildesheim citizens are increasingly donating. One of them is Dr. h.c. Lore Auerbach. The honorary chairwoman of the university society wants to support student teachers in the artistic subjects. "Since music lessons in schools, for example, are given such minor priority, I support young people who are committed to arts education in primary schools," says Auerbach.

For the first time, the University of Hildesheim will also be awarding Kulturcampus scholarships from the winter semester. From now on, private donors can support students from the Faculty of Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Communication. There is also this model: three donors each give 600 euros per year (3 x 600 euros = 1800 euros from private, the state doubles the contribution to a total of 3600 euros).

Graduates of Hildesheim cultural studies are active nationwide and across Europe in theaters, literature houses, publishing houses, cultural institutions, Goethe institutes, schools and independent cultural projects. “Those who give a Kulturcampus scholarship support these talented students who are indispensable in the cultural scene,” says fundraiser Markus Langer.

If you want to donate a scholarship, you can contact Markus Langer at 0151.12215698 or [email protected] The selection committees of the university's departments decide on the award of the scholarships. An accompanying program of ideas supports students and scholarship providers in getting in touch and staying in touch with one another.

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Prepared by the press office, Isa Lange