How does Maine lobster taste

What Makes the Difference Between Maine and Canadian Lobsters?

As a lobster fisherman in Nova Scotia, I can say that Chef Ramsay is full of himself. He should never comment on something that he has no idea what he is talking about. If you're at a Florida restaurant and you're served a Maine lobster, you have an 80% chance of getting a Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or Prince Edward Island lobster, although this is less common than the other two. There are no differences between them except sometimes water temperature and season of the year. This can result in clams with very little meat, soft clams, or hard clams that are very meaty. A lobster caught here in March, April or May, for example, is very rich in meat and has an intense taste compared to a lobster caught in October or November. Not to say, some that were caught in October or November aren't, but generally they are.

The idea behind all the lobster fuss in Maine is more of an American deal. If you are a US citizen, you are more likely to support your US fishermen. But you have to remember that I may be in Nova Scotia, but when I leave my port, I am in what is called the Gulf of Maine. So couldn't you name my catch Maine Lobsters and be correct? Now if you are further up in Bay Of Fundy or disembarking on the Atlantic side of Nova Scotia in the Atlantic, this may not fly. But as in any of the other answers above, when you see Maine lobster you instantly know what it is. This could possibly be the best reason for the Maine name.

Mitch P.

Also, I have to add that here they are tagging lobsters with scientific purposes to learn more about them. They marked lobsters here that I believe were caught in the mess. There are a number of lobsters that migrate up and down the Atlantic coast each year. You seem to have no idea where the line is. LOL