How do kumis taste

Kimis® is original Kumys from Zollmann - a strong drink

Fermented horse milk tooKumys orAirag called is one of the most valued sour milk drinks of mankind. Famous as a drink of health and longevity. Genghis Kan also drew strength and strength from Kumy's. This drink rich in vital substances develops from the unique mare's milk and its double fermentation with lactic acid bacteria and yeasts -the elixir of life of Euro-Asian steppe peoples.

Our family has been producing horse milk in Germany since 1959. To distinguish Zollmann Kumys from others, our Kumys has the brand name Kimis®. We can get more and more people in Germany excited about Kimis®. The great popularity of people who already know Kumys from their homeland confirms the quality of our Kimis®. We produce our Kimis® in the Odenwald region, where our mares can graze on spacious pastures away from industry. For many of our visitors, Kumy's memory of the vastness of the steppe and freedom.

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Kimis® - 200 ml bottle

Individually or in a cure pack with 25 bottles. Shelf life 6-8 weeks

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Kimis®- 1 liter bottle

Organic Kimis in 1 liter PET bottle. Shelf life 4 weeks

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Kimis® capsules

60 capsules. With 100% fermented organic mare's milk Kimis.

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Kimis® powder

Organic Kimis powder with oats, spelled or rice. Shelf life 6 months.

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No party without Kimis® is our motto. Let our Kimis® deliver to your party. For years we have been supplying special occasions, family celebrations and receptions throughout Germany and Europe with our Kimis®. Small quantities as well as larger quantities are no problem for us. Ask us about it, we will be happy to advise you.

Is our Kimis® available here?

You can purchase our original Kumys in different whites. Either you visit us directly in our farm shop or you order Kimis® in our online shop or you buy from one of our Kimis® partners.

With us at the stud

You can pick up our Bio-Kimis® directly from us at the stud. We would also be happy to fill you our Bio-Kimis® in your own containers.

In our online shop

Order our Bio-Kimis® via our online shop and we will send your order directly to your home.

At retail

Our Bio-Kimis® is available in the stores of our Kimis® partners. Do you want to offer kumys in your shop? Become a Kimis® partner. Contact us!

We also offer Russian and Asian specialties such as Kazy / Schuschuk and Beshbarmak.

In our farm shop we also offer Kazy / Schuschuk, Beshbarmak and meat packages. Made according to Kazakh and Kyrgyz recipes. Available fresh, frozen or preserved in our farm shop. Only while supplies last! Ask us about it, we will be happy to advise you.

Kazy / Schuschuk

Kazy and Shushuk made with fresh garlic according to a Kazakh recipe.

Beshbarmak and Plov

Original Beshbarmak and Plov available fresh at our Kimis Spring Festival on May 23rd and 24th.

Meat parcels

We put together special meat packages for you. For example 12 kg package with roasts, boiled meat, steaks, minced meat and bones.

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