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National Burrito Day Deals at Chipotle, Moe’s, Del Taco and more

National Burrito Day is today, April 1st, and several large restaurants are celebrating with delicious deals and offers - and who doesn't want a free burrito?

National Burrito Day is celebrated annually on the first Thursday in April and National Today describes the day as "the perfect opportunity to fill your hungry tummy with your favorite Mexican flavors".

Restaurants like Chipotle, Del Taco, and El Pollo Loco will remember the day by offering guests free or discounted burritos.

While the day falls on April Fool's Day this year, rest assured that these deals aren't going to be pranks. There are many ways to get cheap or free burritos, including buying a free offer so you can treat your friends and family, and there is even a chance to win bitcoin for free.

Find out which restaurants are offering free and discounted burritos for National Burrito Day below.

National Burrito Day Deals

  • Grandparents
  • Baja fresh
  • Chipotle
  • From the taco
  • Crazy Chicken
  • Moe's southwest grill


Celebrate with a 50 percent discount on Abuelo's Durango Burrito by ordering through the app.

Baja fresh

Join Baja Fresh Rewards and receive 50 bonus points that will be loaded into your account. Earn one point for every US dollar spent. Once you reach 100 points, you will receive a reward of $ 10. What better day to sign up and save up for a free burrito than a day devoted to the dish itself?


To celebrate National Burrito Day, Chipotle is giving away $ 100,000 in free burritos and $ 100,000 in Bitcoin. The giveaway will take the form of a new interactive game called "Burritos or Bitcoin" in which players will make 10 attempts to guess a six-digit code to win a free burrito or up to $ 25,000 in bitcoin.

The game will go live on April 1st at 12pm CET and will end later in the evening at 9pm CET. Ten thousand fans win a free burrito, 50 fans win $ 500 in Bitcoin, and three fans win $ 25,000 in Bitcoin.

Even if they lose, players may be surprised with a special offer from Chipotle. To enter, go to https://burritosorbitcoin.com/ when the competition is live.

From the taco

In addition to celebrating National Burrito Day, Del Taco is also celebrating the launch of its new Honey Chipotle BBQ menu with a Buy One Epic Burrito, Get One Free offer through the Del Taco app that is only valid on April 1st.

Crazy Chicken

Visit El Pollo Loco today to get the most out of buying a burrito and get two burritos when you buy one by taking advantage of the BOGO burrito offer on the El Pollo Loco app. The additional free burrito will be loaded onto your account in the app on April 2nd and can be redeemed at any time in April.

Moe's southwest grill

Moes Southwest Grill will be celebrating $ 5 burritos and bowls all day on April 1st. Options include sirloin steak, chicken, and organic tofu, available in-store or delivered through the Moe Rewards app.