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There are a few basic insights that should be carefully considered. One of them is: never celebrate one
Promotion until you have it in front of you in black and white. Unfortunately god takes himself bon vivant and chief macho Nick
Marshall (Mel Gibson) doesn't take this advice to heart, because he swells as soon as he has entered the office that
Chest. Today is his big day. He is to be promoted to Creative Director at the advertising agency he works for
become. So he is particularly generous with supposedly brisk sayings and lewd jokes. But then comes
the bad news colder than a bucket of water over him. His boss tells him that he won't get the job
but someone from outside. And this someone is - to make matters worse - a woman too, namely Darcy Mc
Guire (Helen Hunt). She aims to bring the advertising company back to the top of Chicago with the help of women-specific advertising
bring. As an introductory job, all employees receive a box with products for women who start a new advertising agency
search. The furious Nick wants to really show Darcy and give her some really good ones the next day
Presenting women-specific advertising slogans to show her who really deserves the position she has now occupied. Uninhibited at home by enjoying a lot of red wine, Nick comes up with the weird idea to try the products - from mascara to hair wax - on himself. But unfortunately he is caught by his daughter Alexandra (Ashley Johnson) and her boyfriend. Completely dissolved after this encounter, Nick slips on an overturned can of bath pearls and ends up in the bathtub with a hairdryer in his hand. As if by a miracle, the bon vivant survived the enormous electric shock, but from now on he can hear what women do
think. At first Nick gets almost panicked about this ability, but then he discovers how to take advantage of the situation for himself. He takes revenge on Darcy by stealing her ideas for the advertising campaign. In addition, he finally manages to get into the with Lola (Marisa Tomei), a girl from the coffee shop around the corner
Box to come. After a few initial difficulties, he gives her the sex of her life - after all, he can
much more than reading every wish from her lips. Actually everything would be great and Nick could well
become the most successful macho of all time - if his conscience would not come forward. For one, it will be him
finally realized how little he actually cared about his daughter - after all, her thoughts are hard to
ignore - on the other hand, he begins to fall in love with Darcy ...

In the absolute marriage of comedies à la "American Pie" or "Scary Movie", "What women want" comes along
almost touchingly old-fashioned. Every now and then there is frogging about sex and there are maybe 1-2
Suggestions, but all in all the flick is a classic screwball comedy. This reference to
The director Nancy Meyers evidently cultivates comedies of the 60s through details such as timeless ones
Frank Sinatra soundtrack and also in the imagery. Such is the dress that Alexandra wears to her prom
a very conscious reference to the swinging sixties. Of course, the flick is also a really big one man show
for Mel Gibson, who is allowed to show his comedic talent to the full here. Sure, Helen Hunt likes hers
Embodiment of the not so tough Darcy Mc Guire, but it always remains clear that she - ironically - in "Was
Frauen Wollen "plays second fiddle. Especially in the middle section, the film develops a downright gorgeous one
anarchic humor. For example, if Nick utters the thought of a female colleague in a meeting,
you could advertise a migraine drug by selling women that this drug was so mild
be it, it would even work if you just fake the migraine - in order not to have sex - then that's fine
wonderfully staged. And just the scenes in which "Mr. Lover Lover" Mel Gibson at least in the mind of the
Women really get their fat off - and with it the whole world of men, of course - are sure to be at the
very popular with female audiences. But Hollywood wouldn't be Hollywood if it didn't work out that
to reduce promising approaches to a healthy mediocrity. Because the last third in which Nick
of course, decides to become a better person, drops significantly in both pace and quality. It
is getting thinner and thinner and the kitsch oozes from all corners. If then in the final Nick is with the meanwhile to
love mutated Darcy wordily apologized for his devious behavior, it is almost unbearable -
with the result that numerous viewers - not just the men - have their clothes here
packed up and left the cinema - it didn't get any more interesting. What remains is a nice one
Comedy, which is way too long, and the numerous really funny approaches from the middle section for
a kitsch end of the shelf given away.