What can we get from newspapers

Corona: what next? - "Can you get infected through newspapers from the mailbox?"

The following information and statements correspond to the state of knowledge during the implementation of the live chat. Current information on the corona pandemic can be found at srf.ch/coronavirus and in the SRF News app

Chat log

1. Belong to the risk group. If I meet someone and the distance is short, I hold my breath 3 m before until 3 m afterwards. Does this make sense. 2. The reduction of contacts is the central element. Is it enough to reduce the number of contacts by 50% or does it have to be a reduction to 80 or 90%? A small number of persistent contacts is likely to be irrelevant. How large is this number of contacts, which one can remain without affecting the course of the epidemic?

Stefan Langenegger: I ask myself such questions too. However, it should not be forgotten that infection is practically impossible when a person walks by, even if you do not keep a distance of two meters. No, you don't have to hold your breath unless you cough up directly. Regarding 2: Studies clearly state that if we want to keep the curve flat, it is best that you should reduce the contacts by 90%, or even better 99%. It is best that you only maintain contact with the people who live in your household, and do so at a distance as far as possible.

I live with a person who belongs to a risk group, how should I act if I felt flu?

Dieter Kissling: Keep a distance of 2 meters with the person. Be careful and the person picky about the personal hygiene measures. See your family doctor. They will tell you whether you are suspected of having a corona disease or not and how you should behave towards the person at risk in the household.

I am the mother of 2 children (9 and 12) and a risk patient myself (autoinflammatory disease, treatment with steroids and interleukin therapy). What can / must I do? At the moment we've all been home for 1 week, including my husband. We prevent any contact with other people. How long? When will my children be allowed to play with (selected, always the same 2) friends again, for example?

Eva Kaiser: Hello Ms. Frischknecht! Unfortunately, the reality is that high-risk patients like you cannot simply stay away from the risk of infection. The children have to learn how to keep the risk for their mother as low as possible, ie wash their hands after playing with others, stop touching each other's face, not have too close contact while playing ... If one of their children is contagious, the chances are high that you will get it too. We go to great lengths to treat all risk patients well.

Can I still go to my Rustico in Ticino for the weekend? It's out of the way and I can drive door to door.

Dieter Kissling: The question is always: Can I be infected or do I infect someone. If you have no contact with other people, your visit to Rustico is harmless. Nature does not spread viruses. But: No contact under 2 meters.

Today a man, 88 years old, apparently died of the corona virus in the hospital in AG. "The man had several diseases" - how can you say that he died of the virus?

Christian Rohrmann: It is always difficult to make a clinical assessment of an elderly patient with multiple illnesses. On the one hand, the patient was safely tested for Covid 19 and thus a clear diagnosis was made and, on the other hand, will have died from the typical complications of the disease. The other diagnoses would likely lead to other complications.

Grüezi, I am a self-employed real estate agent. The federal government has just clearly communicated that gatherings of more than 5 people are prohibited. When viewing, I strictly adhere to the BAG guidelines and the upper limit of 5 people. From your point of view, am I - also from a medical point of view - in the green?

Eva Kaiser: Yes! You should also make sure that the 5 people keep 2m apart.

Hello Are there any data / findings on what it is like to be infected while suffering from the flu or a bad cold? In this case, is one considered a risk patient?

Dieter Kissling: So far, I am not aware of any data on this from the scientific studies that have so far been published almost exclusively from China. If the flu caused pneumonia, there is certainly an increased risk.

I like to visit ladies of the night. Is this still possible or you would advise against it. LG.

Christian Rohrmann: I would advise against it! Physical proximity and especially mucus from the respiratory tract are a risk! Turn to virtual or cultural activities while observing the recommended rules of conduct!

In 50% of those infected, the first symptoms do not appear until 5 days after contact. How does it make sense to leave the isolation duration at 5 days?

Stefan Langenegger: With some people the symptoms appear on the 2nd day, with others only after 14 days. However, if someone has had close contact with a person who is sick with Covid-19, but shows no symptoms himself, the 5 days are already a very efficient weapon against the infection of others. You don't want to prolong this time unnecessarily so that people stick to it. And if symptoms occur within the 5 days of isolation, the isolation is extended accordingly by at least 10 days.

Are gatherings with the closest social contacts (family, girlfriend) still allowed in private rooms?

Stefan Langenegger: From a legal point of view, the same rules apply in private as outside. The question shouldn't be what is still allowed, but what makes sense. Therefore, all meetings in private should be avoided as much as possible.

Hello, how do I behave, I work as a bus driver in the OeV, my husband is 67 and retired, so a risk patient. My question, can I still hug my husband, kiss, sleep in the same room, etc.

Eva Kaiser: As a bus driver, you should actually be able to avoid COVID-19! You sit in front of you protected, have a distance from the passengers, should no longer accept cash, etc. Within families, transmission can hardly be avoided if someone is sick. The measures are not intended to completely prevent the virus from spreading, but rather to delay the spread.

I myself, immunosuppressed, 55 years old, live in the same household with my husband (social institution) and my daughter (hospital), both of whom are still working in their companies. Can we still live in the same household? Can my husband and I sleep in the same room? Thank you for your response

Christian Rohrmann: Would recommend separate bedrooms and a 2 meter safety distance as well as strict hygiene with separate bathroom and towels!

Why are all types of sports prohibited on the grounds at all times? With tennis, the distance would be more than maintained and the risk of infection would be lower than with table tennis, walking or eating.

Eva Kaiser: I didn't understand that either. I assume that certain activities will be released again as soon as the number of new infections begins to decrease.

I have a living will. It says there that no life-prolonging measures may be used. In the event of a corona emergency, can I rely on the fact that I will receive oxygen in an isolation ward, but if that does not help, no artificial respiration is used?

Christian Rohrmann: Yes, of course! It is important that all those involved, such as relatives / doctors / nursing staff, are informed in advance!

What are the comparative figures: people tested, infected and deaths in the last 10 years in terms of flu, global and CH? Did we do so many tests (or so few) with the last flu?

Dieter Kissling: The death rate from seasonal flu is significantly lower than from the coronavirus (on average 400-1000 people die from flu every year in Switzerland, very often very old people), as many people have developed a defense against flu viruses over the years . The death rate from the coronavirus is at least 10 times higher and the virus will infect many more people because people are not yet immune to it. The flu is relatively easy to diagnose and so tests are often not necessary. Only now does a virus come along that causes the same symptoms and infects more people than the flu. This makes the distinction difficult. So we should do a lot more testing in order to slow down the transmission chain.

Good day. In 2011 I had to have my spleen removed after a sports accident. In the beginning I had health problems due to my weakened immune system. For about 2-3 years this has at least felt normal again. Based on my medical history, am I still particularly at risk from the virus? Thank you in advance

Stefan Langenegger: At least in theory, there is a risk. With a splenectomy (removal of the spleen) one is more susceptible to bacterial infections, which is why the pneumococcal vaccination is recommended. If you are vaccinated you do not need to specifically worry.

Today it can safely have corona viruses on food (fruits, vegetables, etc.). If we cook such foods, it should be fine. But what does it look like when we eat salad or fruit? Are any viruses then rendered harmless by our gastric juices?

Christian Rohrmann: Of course I would always wash everything well! So far there is no evidence that this way of infection occurs!

I would like to know how long the coronavirus survives on money (banknotes and coins) and on newspapers. Many Thanks!

Eva Kaiser: We have to assume that it will stick to the cash for several hours (does not survive, it is just a protein!). It is therefore recommended to pay by card!

In the meantime, Coop and Migros also have entrance controls. In the shop you try to keep your distance. Nevertheless, it cannot be prevented that one comes very close to each other, e.g. when crossing in the shopping alleys. However, this is fine if the other person is not coughing or sneezing. Is this correct?

Eva Kaiser: The distance rule says: 2m distance if you are together for> 15 minutes. Walking through each other is ok.

What happens if you test positive? Stay in hospital or at home in your room?

Dieter Kissling: Basically, stay at home. Many corona diseases (approx. 80%) are easy and hospitalization is not necessary. If, in addition to a fever and cough, there is also shortness of breath or the general condition deteriorates, it is necessary to go to the hospital.

I am 26 years old and slightly overweight. My doctor diagnosed high blood pressure at an annual check-up 2 years ago, but because of my age he refrains from medication. However, he recommends losing weight in the long term in order to lower blood pressure. I am not aware of any other pre-existing conditions. With this constellation, would you assign me to the risk group?

Stefan Langenegger: Yes, you belong to the risk group and should be tested if you have severe symptoms of the disease.

How is an infected person treated with a mild course?

Christian Rohrmann: Above all, stay at home and don't infect anyone again! Self-isolation for at least 10 days and fever treated with paracetamol, cough syrup if necessary, rub in the chest and drink tea!

Am I (born in 1950) still allowed to go cycling, so to speak everywhere, or should I refrain from doing so out of solidarity, as I would need a hospital bed in the event of an accident? For me, omitting cycling means a very big limitation or the loss of valuable health training.

Dieter Kissling: yes, ride your bike - but alone. No stop for chatting, even if you haven't seen the person in a long time. The probability of having an accident right now is very small. Exercise is generally good for your health.

The BAG clearly demands that social distancing must be observed at workplaces. I work in the health service (Kt ZH) and we were advised by the health department via employers not to use protective masks in patient contact unless the patient shows symptoms (we as staff were not mentioned), as protective material has to be saved. How can that be represented in an age of social distancing ?!

Eva Kaiser: If your work requires a distance of less than 2 m from the client for more than 15 minutes, you should wear a mask. Often this distance can be kept or the contact can be kept short.

I am in the risk group over 65. I have not had any contact with any virus carriers for a few days and I am very likely not infected. When I go shopping, I keep my distance disinfecting my hands and before and after shopping. Should I still have my purchases done by a younger person who I have no idea whether he is a silent virus carrier. How long can a virus survive on packaging?

Stefan Langenegger: Nowadays you know that you don't get infected through objects or food. Nevertheless, it is possible to get infected after repeated contact of the hands with viruses and then touching the face. But this is only hypothetical. If you apply hand hygiene consistently, you have nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, I advise you to have the purchase done and instruct the person to bring the purchases to the apartment and then to leave immediately.

Should I currently refrain from visiting my girlfriend who lives 50km away from me? I could possibly rent a car to avoid public transport, but I'm still a bit undecided. We're both in our early 20s, but I'm more concerned with the spread than just our own health per se.

Eva Kaiser: You can visit her, but keep social distancing and wash your hands over and over again.

Due to data protection, the Federal Council refrains from using technical means to track location data. Would an app that enables this function on a voluntary basis and shares as little data as possible would be a sensible technological solution to keep the infection rate low?

Dieter Kissling: That doesn't fit into our culture. It would only make sense across the board and positive people would run a great risk of ostracism. Our culture is personal responsibility. If we all behave sensibly (keep our distance) and adhere to the hygiene rules, we can also interrupt the chain of transmission.

I went to my GP's office for a blood sample last week. The MPA sat less than a meter across from me, chattered the whole time and didn't wear a face mask! Isn't that negligent?

Dieter Kissling: This behavior is certainly suboptimal in the current phase of the pandemic, in which we are all talking about keeping our distance. I would point this out to your family doctor so that he can enforce the code of conduct in the practice.

The use of masks to prevent infection is controversial. It is different when it comes to protecting fellow human beings from an infected person. If everyone in the public space were to wear a mask, all infected people with mild or no people would automatically wear a mask. Does it make sense to encourage the population to wear masks made of cloth or paper in public? Such masks come relatively close to the filter quality of medical masks

Christian Rohrmann: That would be a good idea in and of itself! Porters or sick people could help reduce the number of infections! But the problems are the availability of masks in number and perhaps a more reckless behavior on the part of the potentially sick?

How does the coronavirus react when the heat increases, does the heat damage the virus? Can couples who live in different households still meet? (with compliance with the hygiene regulations, of course). Is the information regarding coronavirus / hygiene / rules of conduct also translated into Croatian / Serbian / Turkish or something like that, or is this pointed out? Many Thanks.

Stefan Langenegger: No, the warmth doesn't bother the virus, unless the virus is heated to temperatures that are no longer compatible with life, even for the body. But when it is warmer, it is assumed that people are less likely to catch colds and are therefore less susceptible to infections. On the other hand, they also go out into the open and among people. The BAG is responsible for the publication of the rules of conduct. You can download and print these out in various languages. https://www.bag.admin.ch/bag/de/home/krankheiten/ausbrueche-epidemien-pandemien/aktuelle-ausbrueche-epidemien/novel-cov/downloads-in-vieval-languages.html, the link opens in one new window

My pregnant daughter works in a group home with 8 people with disabilities. Together with the supervisors, 10 people are in a situation 24/7 in which the safety distances and hygiene measures cannot be observed at all. My daughter applied for another job in the company, which was rejected.What are your rights to insist on, although according to the BAG you do not belong to the risk group, but in many companies it does.

Eva Kaiser: Somebody has to look after these people! Pregnant women are not a risk group.

I'm 30 and have high blood pressure but stopped taking pills. Do I have a much greater risk?

Eva Kaiser: It looks like a well-controlled high blood pressure is hardly a risk.

With our previous illnesses, we belong to the high-risk group and we have the goods delivered to our home for daily use. How great is the risk of infection from food or parcels that are delivered (e.g. open sale of cheese, through the food itself or the packaging)?

Dieter Kissling: Even if there are studies that have proven the survival of the coronavirus on non-living surfaces for up to 9 days under laboratory conditions, no transmissions from touching surfaces have yet become known. So this form of contagion is not relevant in real life.

Hello, is it possible to have a cold and contract COVID-19 at the same time?

Dieter Kissling: yes this is possible

I work in nursing and live with a risk patient. Now I am afraid that if I get the Corona I will endanger this person's life. There is no way that the person will be looked after elsewhere. What should I do?

Christian Rohrmann: The person at risk could go into self-quarantine, which can be read in the BAG guidelines. So separate room, social distancing at home consequent and consequent hand and other hygiene!

I work in a small doctor's practice that in my opinion is not prepared for the coronavirus because we have neither protective clothing / goggles nor the right FFP masks to do the test in suspected cases. Please explain to me what the regulations / measures are for the doctor and staff if we had such a case. Many Thanks

Eva Kaiser: Patients should only come after having made an appointment by telephone. If the suspicion arises on the phone that it might be a Corona case, you can refer to the nearest hospital, which will clarify and treat such cases. Or your boss will cut short with his colleagues in the neighborhood to agree on how to proceed. Some practices are simply not set up for this situation, just because of the premises!

Good evening. What about the clothes? Can clothes carry the C virus and do I have to change clothes at home after shopping? Thank you very much!

Dieter Kissling: We have not yet known that viruses are transmitted from surfaces, even though we know that the virus can even survive on surfaces (such as fabric, paper, etc.) for days under laboratory conditions. The virus is destroyed by UV radiation. The infection takes place via droplets that are scattered by other people through coughing or sneezing.

My grandmother often goes to the doctor mostly for a normal check (blood pressure) now I'm afraid for her because she travels by public transport and is exposed to enough potential dangers at the doctor. Can you postpone the visit to the doctor until the corona crisis is over?

Eva Kaiser: Normal controls shouldn't be carried out at the moment. She can measure her values ​​herself at home and send the results to her doctor, who can then talk to her about them on the phone. At least that's how I do it at the moment with patients who don't want to do without controls.

My partner & I live in separate apartments (different places of residence) and usually see each other once during the week & spend the weekends together. Do you advise against further meetings for the time being?

Dieter Kissling: If you both adhere to the hygiene measures and the distance rules towards other people and do not maintain any further social closeness, you can safely continue to live your partnership.

Good evening. Should spouses sleep in separate beds now? Does that even make sense if you have a toddler with whom you cannot prevent close physical contact and who may therefore pass the disease on? Can I still give the child to someone to look after so I can work? Here, too, unfortunately, a distance less than 2 meters between adult and child cannot be avoided.

Eva Kaiser: You are right, it is not possible to keep your distance within families. But wash your hands! You are allowed to give your daughter to people who do not belong to any risk group to look after. Try to implement the measures as sensibly as possible! Unfortunately, transmissions cannot be avoided 100%.

Good day. I'm over 60 and haven't been feeling well for 2 weeks. I have a head and sore throat and a cough since yesterday. I suffer from allergic asthma and use Ventolin as needed. I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Should I see a doctor? Thank you thanks

Dieter Kissling: Since your illness has been going on for a long time, you should consult your family doctor. He will see with you whether further clarification is required. Allergic asthma is not an increased risk and is not a chronic lung disease.

If someone releases the virus by sneezing in the stairwell, for example, how long can it survive and is the stairwell a danger zone?

Dieter Kissling: The virus can survive on surfaces for up to 9 days in laboratory conditions. However, there is still no evidence of infection of the disease through contact with surfaces. The virus no longer floats in the stairwell but falls to the floor very quickly. This means that there is no danger in the stairwell.

Is it still reasonable to travel to work by means of public transport?

Eva Kaiser: Yes. Most of the trains are empty. If this is not the case and it is not possible to keep a distance of 2m, I would tie a scarf over my mouth. Since it is currently cold anyway, it makes sense to wear gloves. Or take hand disinfectant with me and use it whenever I had to touch something.

1. Should a (cut) wound be specially treated during Corona times? 2. Is it a problem if our mother wants to bake for her grandchildren at Easter, or should we not exchange baked goods? I also cook for my mother myself and put her portion in front of her door. Is that still possible?

Dieter Kissling: Cuts should not be treated any differently than before. The exchange of baked goods without contact (i.e. putting them in front of the door) is absolutely harmless and makes your mother happy ...

What is the situation with regard to public transport reduction? I depend on it for work. and now I have at least 0.5 hours longer per day and have to wait a long time at the train stations, which also increases the risk of infection. Aren't these measures also a punishment for those who still have to work? Others are rewarded with subscription refunds, more free time from home office or indirectly have more vacation

Eva Kaiser: The situation is difficult, it is simply not possible to do justice to everyone! You can keep the risk of infection low by strictly adhering to the measures: keep your distance, wash your hands or disinfect.

Good evening, I had normal flu at the end of February and was also tested for corona (negative). But I'm still coughing because I have sensitive bronchi. Do I belong to the risk group? Thank you very much for your answer. Anna Bless

Dieter Kissling: It is normal for you to cough for a long time after catching the flu. However, as a result, you do not have a chronic lung disease that would pose a risk for a severe course of corona disease.

My second question: There are YouTube videos circulating by doctors who are playing down the current pandemic. I report these videos to YouTube, but they are not removed. What else can I do about it? Will such doctors later be prosecuted for spreading disinformation?

Stefan Langenegger: Unfortunately that is the case. Report such content so that it can be reviewed. Unfortunately, fake news is very common. Therefore, do not share such content, because the less attention it gets, the less damage it will cause. Such doctors can be prosecuted if it can be shown that their theories risk human lives.

Hello, I'm divorced and haven't seen my daughter in 1 month. I drive the moped for almost 15 minutes to her place of residence. Now her birthday is on April 9th ​​and she will be 12 years old. I want to go to her on April 4th with my presents and "celebrate" a bit. that means at her home, eat my brought tuna salad (which she loves so much) and unpack her presents. I might want to stay 2 hours. I'm overweight - I'll be 60 years old. Am I allowed to do that?

Eva Kaiser: I think so. But I hardly know you. Just ask your family doctor! In any case: happy birthday to your daughter!

Due to my age, I belong to the risk group; live completely without outside contact at home. My only external contact is the post office and the daily newspapers. Can you also get infected through these contacts? What are any precautionary measures? Thank you very much!

Dieter Kissling: To date, there is no evidence of infection by viruses that have been on the surfaces of paper or cardboard. You do not have to take any protective measures when handling newspapers or mail.

What is the proportion of hospitalized coronavirus patients who need a ventilator and is their chance of survival greater in Switzerland than in Italy?

Christian Rohrmann: Difficult to say because we are currently at the beginning of the pandemic, numbers of 2 - 15% are given. Administering oxygen and being intubated and ventilated are not the same thing! In Italy, the intensive care units are overloaded with a large number of patients at the same time and there are capacity bottlenecks. Due to the longer preparation time with the expansion of the intensive care places and the hoped-for flattening of the infection curve through the measures ordered by the Federal Council, we hope for a better result in Switzerland!

Hello, I am actually aware of the rules that must be followed. But I have a specific question: my parents-in-law, over 70 years old (both belong to the risk group, as well as their age) depend on us cooking for them on Sundays, and ideally eating with them. If we now take the rules into account, i.e. keep a distance of more than 2m. do you think that's okay, or should we generally avoid any contact? Thank you in advance for your response

Dieter Kissling: Keep cooking for your parents, but don't eat with them anymore. Put the food in front of the door. In a few weeks the spook will be over and eating together will be even more wonderful.

Dear medical team, I wanted to ask whether it makes sense to cut the household (cleaning) at Spitex. My partner still works with public transport and I go shopping and cleaning for the elderly. I think the contagion is very big and one should look at the elderly now.

Eva Kaiser: The risk of infection when cleaning and shopping is not that bad if you stick to the measures: keep your distance and wash your hands! Stay healthy!

Two weeks ago you should have been infected if you were more than 15 minutes closer than a meter to a sick person. Today you can / should only pay cashless. What happened?

Stefan Langenegger: Right. If today humanity stops meeting or touching each other, e.g. with cash payments, the Covid-19 cases will continue to increase exponentially for another 10-14 days. Only after this time does a kink appear, but it is very impressive. It is difficult to restrict people's habits and freedoms, but one must always consider what the consequences of an act could be.

My 3 year old daughter has a slight fever, dry cough and is constantly tired. I work on the construction site in Liechtenstein, in my group I have a risk person over 60 with pre-existing respiratory diseases who does not stay at home! Do I have to go into quarantine to protect my employees or can I still go to work. I know the Federal Council decisions and the rules to be observed, they can hardly be implemented on the construction site, a lot of the work cannot be done alone.

Eva Kaiser: Have your daughter checked for COVID-19, you will have the result in 24 hours. I wouldn't work with the colleague in question that long.

If you have been following all the rules for 2 weeks, how big is the possibility of not being infected?

Dieter Kissling: If you have followed the distance rules and personal hygiene measures for 2 weeks, the probability of being infected is very small. The maximum time between infection and the onset of the disease is 14 days. Keep it going.

I belong to the risk group (COPD and 67 years old, single) and have the following question: Can I use the communal washing machine? Even if it was (possibly?) Used by an infected person? Many Thanks!

Stefan Langenegger: Yes, you can continue to use it. That's also a good change. To be on the safe side, run a wet wipe over the buttons and handles that they touch.

I live with my parents (born in 1960), work from home and have reduced my contacts outside of the household to zero. I only go out of the house for walks on my own / for shopping. This is how my parents are doing it now. From this week on, my friend will do it like me (home office, 0 social contacts, shopping). My parents, my boyfriend & I have no known risk factors. Can you still visit each other? I am mentally not very stable and he is a great support to me.

Stefan Langenegger: In principle, there is always the possibility of infection with every external contact, which can pose a risk to people aged 65 and over who live in the same household. In your situation it is important to adhere to the hygiene rules. You can also use social media or the phone to keep up your social contacts.

Can my son's girlfriend (22) visit us and stay the night?

Eva Kaiser: That would make her part of the family, wouldn't she? Then yes! Joking aside: the boys must also learn to carefully adhere to the measures that have been decided. Within a family, however, you cannot keep your distance, so you need to carefully weigh up the risk situations. You have to do this individually.

Good evening, how long will it go on with the Cornavirus and thank you very much for your efforts, G Böhler

Eva Kaiser: If we only knew. At the moment we are still waiting in our practices for things to really get going! It is said that the better you can and succeed in flattening the threatening wave, the longer it will last! Maybe into the summer vacation. Maybe longer. But we will get along with it better and better!

Hello, I would like to ask if I belong to the risk group. I am 41 years old, have asthma, scarring on the lungs from former pneumonia, underactive thyroid function, treated hepatitis C, valve defects. Who YES because of which of my illnesses ??? I work in the nursing home, nursing home with nursing department and Spitex apartments, can I continue to work or should I stay at home ???

Dieter Kissling: You should discuss this situation with your family doctor. He knows your state of health very well and knows whether you belong in the risk group or not. In the assessment, he should also include your work with people who clearly belong to the risk group in the decision work yes or no.

Hello, Protective masks could be used several times if they are treated with heat, sterilized, possibly even in the oven for laypeople. Thanks and best regards, Edith Brügger

Stefan Langenegger: You can use the protective masks several times, but if they are soaked through or have cracks you have to change them. I would not heat or dry them in the oven, because you would either have to use hot steam (approx. 80 °) or heat the mask in the oven in such a way that it is damaged.

How long do I have to be connected to shcon before a test shows POS? That means if I got infected yesterday evening, today at 10.00 if I do a test it would be pos. Show?? Why do people who have taken a test and become Neg. are not in total quarantine? because the person goes home and still gets infected hours afterwards. You could fill big warehouses in the mountains with neg. Tested children and teachers and they stay among themselves.

Christian Rohrmann: A test makes sense in sick patients (fever, cough) and is usually positive! Positive cases but also suspected cases should then go into self-isolation for at least 10 days, see also BAG guidelines. The incubation period, i.e. the time from infection to the first symptoms, varies in the range of a few days. In people without symptoms, testing too early can be negative and give false confidence. Testing people without symptoms only makes sense in special situations, mostly health workers. We currently have to test in a targeted manner with the limited test capacities.

We are a married couple aged 78. Since August 2019 we have been hosting an apprentice daughter who is training as a nurse at Tafers Hospital. It has a separate room and bathroom. However, she takes morning and dinner with us.She cannot live at home in Jaun (50 km away), because with the public transport she would have a journey time of 1 1/2 hours in the morning and in the evening and if she came to work an hour late in the morning, she could not make up for this hour

Stefan Langenegger: That's not a problem. In an apartment you can easily keep the distance, maybe you shouldn't stay together in the kitchen or living room and eat the meals separately.

Good day. Mr Koch said on Friday that masks don't protect us. In the same sentence he said that the masks are important for the staff in the hospital ... well does that honestly make no sense to me? What is the difference between wearing a mask at home / at Migros and the nurse in the hospital? Thanks.

Eva Kaiser: The health workers need the masks because they are less than 2 m away from the patient, usually much less! In public spaces it is enough to keep your distance.

My wife's mother (79 years old), my mother-in-law lives alone in the country, we visit her regularly and also go for walks with her. We pay great attention to hygiene and keep our distance from her. Are the three of us (you, my wife and I) still allowed to go for a walk with her when there is no contact? Leaving her completely alone for weeks would not make her mentally good because she is psychologically very unstable. It's about the psyche, physically she has no dangerous previous illnesses.

Eva Kaiser: You do it well! Keep it up!

Hello More and more often I come across the everyday thesis / idea / claim that coronaviruses remain contagious on normal clothing (e.g. jeans). And that hands are considered contaminated if I touch my sweater, which I've been wearing for two days and with which I was possibly sitting on the tram. Is there any truth in that?

Dieter Kissling: The thesis is correct but not important. Under laboratory conditions, the viruses survive a maximum of 9 days on non-living materials (fabric, paper, metal). But: So far there has not been a single case in which surfaces were infected by viruses. In addition, the virus is very sensitive to UV radiation. So: don't worry.

Many voices say you should test a lot. Question: How good is the test? One hears from China that the test incorrectly gives a negative result in a large number of cases. Then these people are not in quarantine even though they are infected. That scares me.

Stefan Langenegger: Yes, thank you for saying that. The test is very reliable, but only when the symptoms of the disease are present. There were false negative test results in China and the USA because the reagents were defective. However, if the test is done correctly, then the test is very, very reliable. Don't be afraid, we have very good tests.

I am 32 years old and in good health. I had performance asthma as a child / teenager. However, I haven't had any symptoms for 15 years, although I've been doing endurance sports without an inhaler for years. I also had severe pneumonia about 8 years ago (10 days in the hospital, ventilation assistance, 1 month recovery time afterwards). I don't feel any more of that today either. So am I potentially part of a risk group? Or can I see it as complete?

Eva Kaiser: No, you do not belong to the risk group. The pneumonia should be healed and mild asthma is not relevant if you do not have to inhale regularly.

I am 58 years old and clean the apartment of my 88 year old father who lives in another canton every 2 weeks. Otherwise he is fit and healthy and has no diseases etc. He just needs help with cleaning (especially toilet / kitchen). Can I do this now and help him? I would make sure that the distance is always guaranteed. That means he would never be in the same room as I clean. I am also a private housewife, so I don't have to work outside of the house and I strictly follow the rules at home.

Eva Kaiser: Yes, you can continue like this! Unless you get symptoms of the viral disease. But then you have to be self-quarantined and / or clarified anyway.

I work in the hospital, at the reception. My husband is 50 years old, has suffered from autoimmune disease (lupus) for 7 years and the affected organs are the heart and lungs. Does he belong to the risk group and can I, as his wife, stay at home?

Christian Rohrmann: Your husband is at increased risk, especially if he is still taking immunosuppressive medication! So he should go into self-isolation at home, as can be read in the BAG guidelines. So there is no risk on your part, you could get infected outside of the workplace! This only has to do indirectly with your work in the hospital, i.e. no leave of absence, but would of course observe the rules of social distancing at your workplace!

Some claim that every death is currently attributed to the Corona and that is why the number of cases is so high. Is that correct? Probably not. Where is there a source in which one can find counter arguments against such statements?

Dieter Kissling: That is definitely not true. Patients who are seriously ill with coronavirus are tested for the virus. Thus, a clear diagnosis is available and a clear cause of death is known. Since such claims are made out of thin air, I cannot give you a source. There should be some trust in our health system.

Hello - How long can the viruses survive on different materials: cloth, newspapers, smooth letter paper, envelopes, cardboard? Thanks.

Stefan Langenegger: Hours to a few days. The materials are less important. Absorbent materials, however, involve an increased risk because the contamination is less visible than on a (mirror) smooth surface.

Good day. I have had a slight, unchanged, dry cough for over two weeks. Otherwise I have no symptoms of illness and I feel fit. I was supposed to accompany my father, who belongs to a risk group, to the hospital next week. Can I do that, possibly with a hygienic mask? Basically, I would be interested in the maximum length of time a corona infection can last with a mild course. Can the infection drag on for weeks with mild symptoms?

Eva Kaiser: You should wear a mask when you accompany your father. And maybe let the cough clear up after all!

Can I still go to work if I have a man at home who has to take immunosuppressants?

Dieter Kissling: Yes, you can still go to work - but: You have to be meticulous about personal hygiene measures and distance rules.

Good day. I'm not sure if I can still ask the question. I would like to know if I belong in the risk group? I am 43 years old and am taking Marcumar due to 4 deep vein thrombosis. If so, should I stay at home?

Eva Kaiser: According to the FOPH list, you do not belong to a risk group.

I dined with someone 17 days ago. The other day, she was diagnosed with corona. I then prescribed isolation for 14 days. Now the question of what next? Have I been infected? If so, would I be all right now? If not, could I still get infected? Now I don't know whether I was infected or not. Without a test there remains a long uncertainty. You can't just get tested, can you?

Stefan Langenegger: You did very well. You will be fine again after 14 days. You can still get infected because the pathogen has not been detected in you. There are thousands of other viruses buzzing around, especially the flu virus, which is even more common at the moment.

Hello, I'm under medical treatment for an overactive thyroid. At the moment I'm taking Néo-Mercazole. Is there an increased risk for me in connection with Corona?

Eva Kaiser: According to the FOPH list, you do not belong to a risk group. NeoMerkazole does not reduce your immune system.

Hello. Do you belong to the risk group without a spleen?

Eva Kaiser: No.

There are many more people on the Vitaparcours than usual. Is there a risk of using the equipment (bars, rings, bars, benches)? Thank you for your response!

Dieter Kissling: The devices pose no risk, but the many people do. Keep the distance rules, do not have conversations and do not do the exercises if there are too many people in this place.

A year ago I was diagnosed with mild chronic bronchopathy, probably as a result of the pseudo-allergy histamine intolerance. I had two detailed examinations at the pulmonologist, all other values ​​were ok. Do I already belong to the risk group?

Stefan Langenegger: Yes, you belong to the risk group because you have a chronic disease of the bronchi. So stay healthy and avoid histamine.

What can people infected with COVID-19 do to prevent a severe course? What measures are there to survive an infection as well as possible? -> What should be inhaled with? What should be gargled with? Do hot beverages make sense in this context? What can people who are not yet infected do to prevent a possible severe course? What can people who currently live with potential risk patients do? THANK YOU!

Christian Rohrmann: The goal is very clear that there is no infection! It certainly makes sense to reduce / quit smoking, take the prescribed medication reliably and maintain good hygiene! Risk patients should consider self-isolation, as can be found in the BAG guidelines! In case of illness, eat and drink enough, symptomatic therapy with paracetamol and cough suppressants as well as gargle with the usual means and rest and of course quarantine!

I intend to work for a farmer family on an alp in July / August 2020. Should the virus still be "active" at this point in time, such cooperation can be considered ???? Many thanks in advance.

Stefan Langenegger: You have to watch the situation from week to week, nobody knows exactly when we will reach the peak. Scientists assume, however, that the time will come at the end of June and that the wave will be gone as soon as it came.

Good day. What about the risk of infection with vegetables and fruits in the open sale? Many different people come here. Is it enough to wash well with raw vegetables?

Dieter Kissling: Washing cold is not enough to kill existing viruses. Swallowing viruses is not dangerous as they are immediately killed in the stomach by the stomach acid. Pay attention to the personal hygiene measures with frequent hand washing with soap for 30 seconds or with frequent disinfection of the hands.

hello, how about reading magazines a second time. For better turning the pages, the finger is often moistened with saliva, is that dangerous for the next reader? Do you know how long viruses can survive like this? Perhaps, as a precaution, should one stop exchanging magazines? Thank you and best regards

Eva Kaiser: After a few hours, the protein that makes up the virus should have dried up on the paper. Delivering mail was also classified as harmless!

Should I (over 70) still eat unpackaged fruit from the supermarket? Fruit is very often "looked at" with the fingers. I don't understand that flowers have been banned, but that fruit is no longer at least only offered in packaged form. I can't disinfect fruit unless I cook it. Shouldn't you at least draw your attention to this with unpackaged fruit so that you are aware that you are taking away touched fruit?

Eva Kaiser: You have to wash fruit before you eat anyway! Otherwise you can catch completely different diseases!

I have an elevated blood pressure under control. I need ikervis eye drops to reduce the rejection of the implanted cornea. Plus, I take ozempic. I work in the retail trade at the cash register. How big is my risk if I were infected.

Stefan Langenegger: If you are infected, the risk is higher than with healthy people of the same age because of the high blood pressure. Under no circumstances should you stop taking your medication, as these will protect you from further problems or complications and do not pose any danger themselves.

My husband and I do not belong to the risk group (60 & 63) Can we look after our grandchildren? The grandchildren, including their parents, have been at home for 2 weeks because they all suffered from the flu. But now we are fit again. Or is it wiser to renounce?

Dieter Kissling: At the moment, all social contact with people who do not live in the same household should be avoided. Children often show no symptoms when infected with the coronavirus, but they can infect other people. With hats and family gatherings, wait until the haunted is over. Facetime meetings are not dangerous.

How many days after an infection can a virus test detect it? Only when symptoms appear or before?

Stefan Langenegger: Even before the phase of illness, maybe 1-2 days beforehand.

Could it be that I fell ill with the corona virus UNNOTICE between February 8 and 20, 2020 and maybe I healed myself? It was a relatively persistent flu - without a doctor's consultation - with only a slight fever, but a persistent cough and sore throat. And all of this despite the fact that I had the flu vaccinated last fall. - Many thanks and best regards, Alois Haefeli, Riehen / BS

Christian Rohrmann: Yes, that is theoretically conceivable but unlikely as only a few cases were described in north-western Switzerland at the time. The symptoms of mild courses last a few days and after 10 days of symptom-free quarantine you are considered cured. A test makes no sense due to the lack of therapeutic consequences.

Does the course of the disease and the severity of the disease differ depending on whether it breaks out after a short or long incubation period?

Stefan Langenegger: No, but if the incubation time is very long, the patient has more time to be infected several times and thus have been infected with a higher number of viruses, which can make the process more complex.

In my environment there is a person who has already gone through the disease: is this person cured, is he immune, does that mean that he can no longer get the virus and cannot be a "carrier" (infect third parties)? I am a herpes patient and it breaks out again and again - at different intervals. What is the difference?

Eva Kaiser: The healed person is now immune and no longer contagious. Herpes is a completely different disease, also a virus but against which you cannot become immune (unless you vaccinate against it before you get it for the first time).

I am 23 years old and have a weak immune system, constantly catching colds, the flu or other illnesses. Can the coronavirus be very dangerous for me?

Stefan Langenegger: You would have to find out whether you have an inherited immune deficiency or what the reason for the frequent infections are. However, unless the infections are severe, you are likely just having an excessive immune RESPONSE, which is not a bad thing in and of itself.

Good evening, I'm 75, got BK in 2005, tumorectomy, 25 radiation treatments, tamoxifen, no problems since then. Consider me healthy, ride my bike and like to hike. Now I am considering whether I really want to be intubated in the event of pneumonia. Now my question: what would death be like in this case? I live alone, no children around. Are there palliative measures to avoid suffering, would hospitalization still be necessary or also possible at home?

Eva Kaiser: You have to discuss this with your family doctor! Palliative treatment together with the Spitex would probably be possible. Or in a nursing home or hospital. But stay healthy !!

We live next to a Migros and a Denner and can follow the “flow of people” to these shops from our apartment. There are also many people among them who, like us, belong to the risk group. We haven't done any shopping for a while and are thinking of third parties to inquire about the errands, as we are more scared of the "Corona" point of view. ... which also annoys me about me, especially when I see the many older people who probably dare to go into the shops without worrying (... and we live right next to the shops above ... and don't go!). The authorities have not "forbidden" shopping for older people either. On the other hand, the risk group is urged to stay at home. How dangerous is shopping? Regarding the distance, the 2m regulation is not very clear to me in detail: It was once said that a distance of less than 2 meters would be dangerous in terms of infection if you were together for more than 15 minutes. Now generally speaking only of the 2m distance, but not of the dwell time. Especially when shopping, you are often closer than 2 meters to other people in the aisles, and in any case to the cashier at the checkout counter. Dangerous or not? Thank you in advance for your answer and all the best!

Dieter Kissling: If a corona carrier coughs you closer than 2 meters after 10 seconds, the viruses don't care that 15 minutes have passed. Carry on as before, it will keep you healthy. Unfortunately there is still a lot of irrationality.If you and / or your partner belong to a risk group and it is possible for you to do the shopping for you, you could be coughed on by an unreasonable person.

Can you already estimate whether the measures will go beyond April 19? What do you have to consider when shopping so that you don't get infected?

Stefan Langenegger: Yes, they will for sure. But until then - if we adhere to the recommendations of the BAG - there will not be more new infections per day than today.

Hello, we live in a rented apartment with minimum energy ventilation. We are unsure and ask ourselves whether this ventilation can spread the corona virus? We change the filters, according to the recommendation of the company, every three months. Is this enough or do we need others Make arrangements? Thank you for your feedback. Kind regards Jolanda Crippa

Eva Kaiser: The COVID-19 virus does not stay in the air for long but falls to the ground within a short time.

I am 75 years old and a self-employed electrician. So you have to go to the customer for repairs. Can you get infected through contact with furniture, doorknobs, taps, clothes, etc. if, on the other hand, the distance of at least 2m is uncompromisingly maintained?

Christian Rohrmann: Theoretically yes, even if it is rather unlikely in practice! Viruses could get on your hands from the surfaces and infect you! So wear good hand hygiene or gloves and do not touch your face!

Apparently there are already coronavirus mutations: the S-type and L-type. Can you get the other one if you were infected with one of them? Or are you immune to both?

Stefan Langenegger: Exactly. This can be. But then you are less seriously ill because there is already immunity. The two tribes are very, very similar to each other, which is why the immune system will have an easy game with the "Corona brother / sister".

Good evening. Can an infected person infect another person if they talk together for less than 3 minutes at a distance of 50 to 100 cm, without anyone coughing or sneezing or shaking hands, just talking? thanks

Dieter Kissling: Our language has a lot of sibilance, which leads to an increased flow of air when speaking. This airflow is enough to make viruses fly. Half a meter to a meter is not enough not to be infected even after 3 minutes. The iron rule of 2 meters must be adhered to.

When is the peak of the epidemic scheduled? Since there is no exit lock, does that mean you can jog alone?

Eva Kaiser: The top is not predictable. With our measures we try to contribute to the fact that there is no peak but only a flat wave. The specialists' assessments differ as to how long it will take. Jogging alone is allowed!

Good evening. I am 75 years (w) old. Have had MS for 20 years. Have been treated with Ocrevus since January 2019. Before starting this therapy, I was vaccinated against pneumonia. How long is such a vaccination effective and would it also be of use in the event of infection? Thanks for your answer

Christian Rohrmann: The vaccination against pneumonia helps with bacteria (mostly pneumococci, usually 5 years protection, after the 2nd vaccination longer) but unfortunately not against viruses like COVID 19, so no protection in this regard!

It is said that while face masks do not protect the wearer, they do protect those around them. Does this also apply to face covering with towels, as is practiced in the Czech Republic, for example?

Stefan Langenegger: That is correct. Face masks only provide the wearer with negligible protection and, if used incorrectly, can even be harmful. This also applies to face covers or fashionable textile masks - as soon as these have been worn for more than 15 minutes, they are a spinner.

Good evening, how do you deal with the newspaper in the mailbox when you have the feeling that the newspaper delivery person doesn't pay so much attention to hygiene? And what about the post office? Can viruses be transported there? Kind regards Dora Aeschimann

Eva Kaiser: Post is classified as harmless. But the postman should also adhere to the hygiene measures!

Do people (children and adults) with pollen allergy (currently birch) without any other illnesses also belong to the endangered group of people?

Eva Kaiser: No.

Good evening, I have observed several times while jogging that certain joggers "sniff" outdoors, that is, into the air, that is, close one side of the nose with a finger and then poke it out. Is that a risk of infection for walkers and other joggers who cross the same place after a few seconds? thanks

Dieter Kissling: The virus falls to the ground very quickly and flies a maximum of 2 meters. Thus, the risk is very low, because you will notice that these people are sniffing and will automatically make a big bow. I don't need to mention that such behavior is not only unsavory, but also extremely inappropriate in the current situation.

Last week I had some breathing problems and a slight cough for three days and also felt a bit tired. Now I feel good again. All symptoms are gone. How big is the probability that I had Corona. I'm vaccinated against the flu.

Eva Kaiser: That must have been a simple cold virus! But it is not entirely impossible that it was COVID-19. We can't test it at the moment.

Hello, 2 1/2 years ago I received the following diagnosis from the pulmonologist: Eosinophilic bronchial asthma and severe bronchial hyperreactivity (methacholine test). X-ray was good. I work in a workshop, cabinet making. Distance not always possible. Am I a risk patient?

Eva Kaiser: Only if you have to inhale steroids regularly.

is eating salad unthinkable?

Eva Kaiser: If you wash it: yes!

Can the coronavirus ever be completely eradicated or will there just be fewer and fewer cases?

Stefan Langenegger: No, it probably can't. There are many different coronaviruses, Corona is a group of viruses and these have been around for years. One would have to exterminate all strains: 229E (alpha coronavirus) NL63 (alpha coronavirus) OC43 (beta coronavirus) HKU1 (beta coronavirus) MERS-CoV SARS-CoV SARS-CoV-2 (which causes COVID-19)

Good day. My husband has acute toothache including severe swelling. His dentist said he was not treating him because my husband is a risk patient (heart / lung disease) and the dental practice does not have any special protective clothing. What can we do? Do you need special clothes? My husband is not sick (Corona). And where do we get protective masks from? Family doctor says he can't order anything and the hospital doesn't give us any! My husband is a risk patient !! Many thanks for your help

Christian Rohrmann: It is best to contact a university dental institute, e.g. Zurich. On the one hand it is about the protection of the dental staff (protective goggles / breathing mask / apron) and on the other hand about the protection of your husband, primarily with a mask and glasses. I wish you a speedy recovery!

Good evening. As a pregnant woman (now 35 weeks gestation), do I belong to the risk group? Can my employer ask me to still work in the office?

Eva Kaiser: You do not belong to the risk group according to the FOPH list!

Virus detection tests: One should communicate more in the media that avoiding any risk of infection (distance, washing hands, minimizing contacts) IS a GOOD TEST! Because if you consistently protected yourself in the last 10 days and have no symptoms to this day, you can assume with a high degree of probability that you or he was not infected. And if she or he rules out the risk of infection in the coming weeks, then it should be fine. Or?

Dieter Kissling: Your question includes 2 aspects: firstly, 10 days -> The maximum time between infection and illness is 14 days. After 10 days, most of the infected people have already broken out. So you are on the safe side. If you implement personal hygiene measures and keep the distance rule, there is effectively a very small risk of infection.

Can corona viruses be broken down with vinegar or high percentage alcohol on surfaces or in the body? Or what about vinegar-based disinfectants?

Stefan Langenegger: Soap and water are enough to destroy the virus's shell and inactivate the virus. However, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds so that it hits all viruses.

I have chronic juwenile polyatritis. Am i a high risk patient? Got medis olfen and spiricord

Stefan Langenegger: Yes, you are a risk patient, which does not mean that you are more susceptible because of the medication. In some situations, steroids (Spiricort, a cortisone derivative) even help to weaken the course of Covid-19.

What I have not yet understood is the following: If the restrictive measures are lifted and everyday life returns to normal, won't a new wave of infection follow after a short time because the corona virus is spreading again? I suppose no longer as strong as the first time, but then measures are needed again and then, if there is loosening, another wave follows until enough people are infected and thus are probably immune, etc. Is that so or why not? Merci

Christian Rohrmann: Yes, that is indeed a possible problem! The virus will likely stay with us! Let's hope for an early vaccination or a so-called herd immunity (i.e. enough immune) so that the virus can no longer cause pandemics!

The child care professionals are fully exposed to the virus and cannot protect themselves enough! Is this still responsible?

Eva Kaiser: Yes. They are usually healthy people who will get through the infection well and are immune afterwards!

How recommendable is it now to work at the cash register at Migros regarding the risk of infection? The measures taken seem to me to be inadequate for the employees (protective screen that is much too narrow, no face mask, no gloves, close proximity to other cashiers, back to back)

Dieter Kissling: Working back to back is not a risk, as the droplets are spread forward by people. On the other hand, being close to customers is a risk. I would contact the safety and health protection officers at your Migros Cooperative and ask them to carry out a risk analysis of your workplace. Your safety in the workplace must be guaranteed.

If I had already survived the coronavirus, would the immunity be seen in the test? thanks

Eva Kaiser: If you get through the disease you will be immune for at least a few months. This is currently not being tested!

How do the hospitals deal with corona patients who have an advance directive.

Stefan Langenegger: Good question, everyone should ask themselves that - especially those over 65 among us. And everyone else should talk to their parents or grandparents about it. Doctors are not interested in ventilating someone who does not actually want to be ventilated, especially if this means that intensive care beds are blocked for several weeks. The hospitals require a living will; nobody is admitted if they don't have one. If necessary, this must then be recorded in the emergency room together with the relatives, which is time-consuming and stressful - and ties up valuable resources. You should therefore speak to your relatives and your family doctor about this topic.

Our son currently lives in a small three-room apartment with his wife and a toddler. We ourselves live in a house with a garden. We are both over 65. Can all three of us stay with us until the spook is over.? Thank you very much!

Stefan Langenegger: Yes, everyone can live with you. Which, however, would not be good if the toddler were still looked after by a babysitter who in turn looks after other children. It is more the mix of contact persons among small residential groups that is problematic. But always keep your distance and do not go shopping yourself.

Why don't we disinfect trains, buses and large train stations?

Eva Kaiser: The virus cannot spread as widely as it is disinfected there. Disinfecting your hands makes much more sense!

It is said that the chronically ill and the old are the risk group. Does an underactive thyroid also count?

Eva Kaiser: No.

I have a question about the tests: According to a report this morning, Switzerland has the second highest test rate in the world with around 5 "800 tests per day. South Korea is at the top with 6" 150 tests per day. However, South Korea claims they tested all 51.5 million residents. With 6,150 evaluations per day, it would take around 23 years to evaluate all the tests. What exactly is a test? In Switzerland, I understand that it is a result. And elsewhere? Just "sampled"?

Christian Rohrmann: Yes, the numbers can't be right, the good old rule of three says hello! In Switzerland, a smear is taken, to put it bluntly, a rather sensitive genetic test with quick results shortly after infection, expensive. In South Korea, a blood test is often done with the detection of antibodies IG M and IG G in the blood, takes a few days until a positive result, relatively cheap!

Are you immune after being infected with the corona virus? Are there already facts?

Eva Kaiser: Yes, you are then immune! But we don't know how long. It is assumed that it will take at least a few months.

Something different is being said everywhere. How at risk are you with mild asthma? Many thanks for the answer.

Dieter Kissling: Mild asthma (e.g. allergic pollen asthma) is not an increased risk if it is not an expression of a chronic lung disease. People with chronic lung diseases and smokers are at increased risk.

Do we over 65 year olds with mild pre-existing illnesses even have a chance of surviving a coronar virus disease?

Stefan Langenegger: Definitely! Think positively. But you still have to protect yourself from infection. And if you get sick you should think twice about whether you would agree to artificial respiration. The chances of survival of older people with previous illnesses are - should it come to an intensive care obligation with artificial ventilation - very low.

My husband (61) has only had one kidney since he was born. Does he work normally and has no complaints? Except for uric acid tablets, he does not take any medication. Does he still belong to the risk group? Should he stay at home?

Dieter Kissling: No, he has no increased risk. The coronavirus mainly affects the lungs and not the kidneys. I suppose your husband's kidney will work as well as two kidneys together.

I've been lying flat since Friday, so my question is: From what symptoms does it make sense to call a doctor? (e.g. only after breathing difficulties or before?) When do you need a doctor's certificate now? Thanks for answering.

Eva Kaiser: If it worsens with shortness of breath, you should go to the hospital! You can ask for a doctor's certificate by telephone from your family doctor, who can also advise you on symptomatic treatment.

Taxi rides are allowed. Driving school not. As a private person, can I take people with me in my car (e.g. car pool to work)? If so, how many people and what precautions (face mask, etc.) have to be taken?

Stefan Langenegger: When driving a taxi, the driver can protect himself from infection with a plexiglass pane and - if the distance is too short - he wears a face mask because he does not want to infect anyone in the event of illness. He even risks his own life for his customers. Therefore, you should avoid non-urgent and absolutely necessary taxi rides.

Good evening, it's my birthday next Saturday and I very much wish to see my mother, sister and cats that day (they live in the same apartment). I have been alone in my apartment since Thursday (without any contact, before that I already adhered to the measures), my family also adheres to the measures. None of us have had any symptoms so far. Can I visit them (by car)?

Stefan Langenegger: Well, I would do without. This is the only way the virus cannot jump from you or to you. But if you can't do without you should keep enough distance from each other, ventilate regularly and clean your hands / surfaces regularly.

Good evening. Is a Hashimoto and Corona a problematic combination or is the Hashimoto irrelevant? Many Thanks!

Stefan Langenegger: No, that's not a problematic combination.

Good evening. I have a disease related to vasculitis (Behçet). I have been taking 100mg Imurek daily for 3 years and Humira injection every 2 weeks since December. How at risk am I? Is the immune system only slightly reduced with the amount of Imurek, right?

Eva Kaiser: In my opinion, you belong to the risk group with these drugs. But there are arguably higher risks.

Grüezi, I would like to know whether you actually know at what temperatures the virus dies?

Stefan Langenegger: Yes, as soon as the proteins denature it becomes uncomfortable for the viruses: around 43-44 degrees. But long enough, for sure 20-30 minutes.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to ask, I had tuberculosis disease 15 years ago, am I in a risk group? Thank you for your response

Eva Kaiser: If the tuberculosis has healed and you are now healthy: no!

At the beginning of February I had exactly the same symptoms as those with the coronavirus. Very strong cough, with which the cough suppressants, which otherwise always helped, were of no use. Fever flare-ups of 1.5 degrees up and down throughout the day. Circulatory problems ... but strangely enough, neither a runny nose nor a sore throat ... I usually have such diseases. Is it possible that Corona has been with us a lot longer and we just didn't have it on our radar?

Dieter Kissling: The symptoms you described can very well apply to seasonal flu. Neither the flu nor the coronavirus have a common cold. Likewise, the cough is persistent in both diseases. The coronavirus is unlikely to have been in Switzerland at that time, as 20% of all corona diseases are more severe and are seen by a doctor. We doctors have known the coronavirus and its symptoms from reports and studies from China since January. Thus, such disease courses would have been discovered in Switzerland at the beginning of February.

My cat is also very affectionate to strangers and can often be petted intensively by them. Can the virus be passed on to me like this?

Christian Rohrmann: That seems very unlikely to me, but always remember to wash your hands!

How are the patients who have been healed after intubated ventilation? Do you have permanent pulmonary restrictions or is there a restitutio ad integrum. How high is the mortality in ventilated patients.

Eva Kaiser: No, there is no consequential damage. The mortality of ventilated people is currently estimated at 50-60%.

Can the virus also be spread via hand sweat, for example on a door latch and so on, and can the virus get into the body through the skin, for example via the unprotected hand on the handle of a shopping trolley - thank you very much!

Stefan Langenegger: Corona is transmitted by droplets, not by drops of sweat. The skin is a good barrier for viruses. So no two.

Do people with disabilities no longer need to be protected?

Christian Rohrmann: The risk groups are clearly defined, see also the list of the BAG, people with disabilities do not necessarily belong!

Hello, I (m62) had a heart attack years ago and have to take medication (Atozet / Cardio 100). One hears a lot that heart medication could make a course even worse. Is that why I am considered a risk patient?

Eva Kaiser: Your risk does not come from the medication, but from your heart disease! Good drug treatment tends to reduce the risk! So please keep taking all medication!

I received a video from Buenos Aires. A doctor says that the coronavirus cannot survive if you inhale with boiling water several times a day. Is that correct? Thank you very much!

Stefan Langenegger: That is nonsense and has already been refuted several times. Fakenews are a big problem because they give a false security. Frequent drinking doesn't help either. What is useful, however, is social distancing and not touching your face with your hands.

Good evening, am I as an hiv + patient who is particularly at risk below the detection limit?

Eva Kaiser: I would include you in the risk group.

Why is fever no longer measured in Switzerland as in China when people go to the streets or to work? China doesn't make this fun?

Dieter Kissling: Fever often only appears in the course of the illness. A study from China shows the following figures: 44% of the patients who were hospitalized had less than 37.5 ° Celsius. But 89% of these patients developed a high fever during the course of their hospitalization. Thus, the fever measurement is not a reliable parameter for ruling out a disease. However, there is nothing against taking fever measurements.

How long does it take to develop a test that shows whether a person has had the disease and is therefore immune. And are such tests then carried out at the border?

Christian Rohrmann: These tests already exist, including in South Korea. The problem is the time gap of a few days until these tests are positive! The smears are much faster and it doesn't really make sense to test recovered patients after self-isolation has expired!

I'm 46 m, have chronic pancreatitis. Am I a risk patient? thanks

Christian Rohrmann: Yes!

So far, what can be said about whether there is immunity after illness and how long it will last? Is there a possibility of a violent (auto) immune reaction in the event of a later reinfection?

Eva Kaiser: The disease leaves an immunity behind. How long this will take is not yet known.

Good evening. I'm at the end of 7 months pregnant. As the whole situation is getting worse and worse, I am also more worried about my own and the health of my unborn child. Are we pregnant more endangered?

Stefan Langenegger: We don't know that 100%. However, there is no evidence that this is the case. So if you get Corona, you have nothing to worry about. The virus does not reach the fetus through the placenta, but the mother can infect the child after birth. But even then this does not lead to any risk for the newborn. However, fever is a risk factor, which is why we recommend acetaminophen should you develop a fever.