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PDF layers

You can select or copy the contents of a layered PDF document with the Selection tool or Snapshot tool. (In Acrobat Reader, the PDF must have usage rights.) In Acrobat, you can edit content with the "Edit Text & Images" tool. These tools recognize and select visible content. It does not matter whether the content is on a selected level.

In Acrobat, the content of the layer reflects the change if the content you edited or deleted is related to a layer. If the content that you are editing or deleting is linked to multiple layers, the content of all layers will reflect the change. For example, if you want to change the title and author name that appear on the same line on the first page of a document, but the title and author name are on two different visible levels, editing the content of one layer will change the content on both layers changed.

Like any other PDF document, you can add content such as comments, stamps, or form fields to layered documents. However, this does not add the content to a specific layer, even if the layer is selected when the content was added. Instead, the content is added to the entire document.

In Acrobat, you can use the Combine Files Into A Single PDF command to combine PDF documents that contain layers. The layers of each document are grouped under their own heading in the "Layers" pane of the navigation pane. You expand and collapse the group by clicking the icon in the group's title bar.