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Kanye West for president? The rapper and his political ambitions

Kanye West wants to move into the White House instead of Donald Trump. His election chances are likely to be tiny. But if he's really serious, he could well influence the bottom line.

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He is now officially registered as a presidential candidate, his election motto is "Yes", his vice-president would be a Bible-based life coach: Kanye West wants to become president of the USA. The rapper reiterated that recently at an event in South Carolina that was supposed to be something of a prelude to his campaign.

West caused a stir there mainly because he burst into tears. But he has already achieved one thing for sure: He is being talked about extensively again.

The 43-year-old is a man with many interests and talents. He is known not only as the spouse of It-Girl Kim Kardashian, but above all as a rapper, fashion designer and successful producer who has significantly shaped the rap music of the past decades. In 2006 he was depicted with a crown of thorns on the cover of "Rolling Stone" and referred to himself as "Yeezus". "He wanted to be seen as the leader of American culture," said the news portal "Vox.com" in 2018.

Conspiracy theories

So now the step into politics. West has been drawing attention to itself for a long time with statements that range from controversial to confused. He claims to have contracted the corona virus himself in February. Fighting it is God's business, he recently told Forbes magazine. He does not believe in vaccinations: it is only about injecting chips into the citizens. He once described slavery as a conscious decision by blacks, but he does not yet have a foreign policy strategy.

In general, the African American is said to be closer to the Republicans than to the Democrats. "But his political views don't really fit into a left-right scheme," says David Jackson, political scientist at Bowling Green State University in the US state of Ohio, in an interview with our editorial team. "They are extremely weird and based in large part on conspiracy theories."

Kanye West: Break with Donald Trump

In 2018 rapper Donald Trump paid a memorable visit to the Oval Office. He extensively praised the president and even gave him "dragon energy".

In the meantime, however, there was a break with Trump. The reason is their attitude towards the "Black Lives Matter" demonstrations. Trump had expressed himself negatively to derogatory to the protests against racism and police violence. West, on the other hand, is said to have donated two million dollars to the survivors of George Floyd and other victims of police violence, according to "CNN".

Lots of money, a household name - but no strategy

In any case, West now wants to move into the White House in place of his former idol. Would he stand a chance? "A successful candidate needs money - he has it. He needs a household name - he has that too," says David Jackson. But then he restricts: "He lacks the organizational platform of a party." In addition, he appears politically unreliable because he has often changed his positions on political issues.

Maybe West just wanted to attract attention for his new album with his candidacy, it is said in the USA. In fact, chances are he's primarily looking to spruce up his brand, Jackson says. After all, the musician is late: In several states, it is no longer possible to run as a presidential candidate for the autumn election. So West could - if he is really serious - be on the ballot in some states. "It doesn't seem like a well-engineered plan," says Jackson.

US election: political effect possible

So West's chances may be tiny. However, he could influence the election result even with a small share of the vote. Theoretically, it is possible that he chases votes from both Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, says Jackson. Because West's view of politics and his susceptibility to conspiracy theories goes well with Trump - he could possibly steal one or two supporters from the president. At the same time, he could hope for votes from African Americans who would otherwise have voted for Biden.

Very few votes may be involved. But that too can make a difference for Trump and Biden. To become president, you have to win in particularly competitive states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. The races there were already extremely close in 2016 - they could be again this year.

Nader, Bush and Gore in the 2000 US election

The 2000 presidential election showed what third candidates can achieve in close races. At that time, Republican George W. Bush was just 537 votes ahead of Democrat Al Gore in Florida. If Gore had not had a prominent competitor in the left-wing liberal camp with the Green Ralph Nader, he might have won the election in Florida - and with it the entire presidential election.

The devout Kanye West regards his candidacy as a task from the very top: "God told me it was time for it," he told Forbes. However, the current hype seems to affect the rapper. In the past few days, the United States has mainly discussed his health: West, who claims to have bipolar disorder, has barricaded himself in his Wyoming property and unsettled his wife and family with confused tweets.

David Jackson is Professor of Political Science at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green / Ohio (USA). He is primarily concerned with the relationship between media and politics as well as with the effect of entertainment media on the political preferences of young people.

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According to media reports, Kanye West, who recently wanted to become US President, holed up in a bunker. For fear of his own wife Kim Kardashian and mother-in-law Kris Jenner.
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