Harvard has a business school for students

Full-time MBA from Harvard Business School (HBS)

A German MBA graduate reports on his experiences at Harvard Business School and gives tips for MBA applicants from Germany who want to study at an American business school.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​doing an MBA?

I wanted a practice-oriented training: After completing a German university course, I consider an MBA to be an ideal addition, as emphasis is placed above all on pragmatic approaches that will help in later professional life.
Networking: Within the two years I got to know around 400 people from all over the world. Important contacts that will certainly help me, especially if I should start doing business.
Future: The MBA is becoming more important against the backdrop of the Bologna Process. The typical Dr. will probably be more scientific and the Ph.D. aligned, so in my opinion the MBA will be the more relevant degree in 10 years' time.

What other business schools were you interested in?

Without approval, I would have done a German doctorate. My applications were focused on the American area: Stanford, Wharton, Harvard. Even if you can find important information on the Internet, the most important thing is to talk directly to previously successful applicants. Here you can find out tips and tricks that you cannot find on the Internet.

Why did you ultimately choose Harvard Business School (HBS)?

The academic offering, the scope of the class (900 students), the opportunity to interact with experienced people from the business world and the general reputation of the school convinced me of Harvard Business School.

What did the application process consist of?

I had to take a GMAT and the TOEFL test. Essays, letters of reference, curriculum vitae, letters of motivation, personal interviews, telephone interviews and certificates were also part of my application to the HBS.