How good is it to do 150 squats a day

This is what happens when you do squats every day: My 30 Day Squat Challenge

Time for a new challenge! I am taking on the 30 day squat challenge. At least 40 squats every day in the office. This is how the body changes after 4 weeks of squats.

Do you know that? Too tired to train in the morning, too late to come home in the evening. And meanwhile, a lot of stress at work.

I know this only too well! Even if I take it on myself, there is often little time left for training.

And then also the winter days with icy cold and darkness - that can be a bother.

You can find out in this post

But not anymore! I've prescribed a challenge for myself: The 30 day squat challenge. In the office! So no more excuses :)

Why I chose the office as a training location

Well this is where I spend a lot of time. Here I can divide up the squat challenge without any additional effort.

There are many office exercises that can be done easily and without equipment. From simple stretching exercises to slightly more complex body weight exercises.

You have to get used to this idea at first. A 30 day squat challenge in the office? Yes, of course! Why not? Perhaps this will motivate one or the other colleague to take part. :)

Because let's be honest: we sit way too much anyway. This is terribly bad for our body and our posture. By the way, you can easily work on the posture with a standing desk.

The timing for the squat challenge

The starting shot has been fired. It started on December 9th at 11:30 a.m.

So that the challenge becomes routine developed, I'll try one fixed point in time to find.

I choose lunch. And for good reason: I'm not a morning person and certainly not someone who trains after getting up. :) In the early morning I have to collect myself first and get into the workflow. I don't want to wait until the evening with my training.

So: just before dinner is perfect! Then I've earned lunch :) Every day there are two rounds.

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Daily at 11:30 and 13:30 I do my squat challenge. I imagine a memory. So I can't miss the time.

The number of squats

Of course, the number of squat repetitions changes. After all, you get fitter after a while :)

My plan for the squat challenge:

  1. Week: 20 squats, twice a day
  2. Week: 25 squats, twice a day
  3. Week: 30 squats, twice a day
  4. Week: 35 squats, twice a day

The plan, time and place are in place. Then off to the Squat Challenge!

Weeks 1 and 2 of the 30 day squat challenge

20 squats per break in the first week hardly show any effects. I don't even have sore muscles. The exercises are relaxed and easy.

Boredom spreads quickly. So I started doing squat variations.

By the way, one-legged squats are really not for beginners. Fortunately, I had my desk in front of my nose during every exercise. He made me feel safe. Especially at first when I was afraid I wouldn't come back up.

Of course there is also squatting on the weekend!

In the second week it gets a little more difficult. I increase the number of squats per day to 50. But it still works without any problems. Mainly because there are two hours in between.

Have you heard of sumo squats?

Week 3 to 4 of the 30 Day Squat Challenge

Yeah, now it's over with me just The 70 squats a day I can feel it properly. And that although I slowly increased the number.

Also in weeks 3 and 4 I try different variations.

Incidentally, the passage before dinner is very easy for me. I've got used to it quite well. In the afternoon, however, it is a little more difficult. The stomach is full, the motivation is not too high. However, squats after eating have the advantage that you can easily overcome the midday low.

The circulation is stimulated again and tiredness cannot spread in the first place.

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What changed during my 30 day squat challenge

A lot has happened there. Much more than I initially thought.

I've discovered my weak point

Even if you train regularly, you have weaknesses. I had to experience that on my own body during the challenge.

Of course I knew I was going to have sore muscles. On the buttocks and thighs - quite logical, right? But I was really surprised at how many other muscles squat works.

Especially when I started to vary the squats exercises, the sore muscles got worse. From the hips to the calves to the shins I suddenly felt a whole lot of muscles :)

I feel stronger and more confident

A lot has happened in the last week. Especially in the head. Somehow I actually enjoy the challenge now. Seeing that I can squat more every day is what motivates me.

Noticing that Kristina, Lisa and Sophie take turns taking turns makes the challenge fun.

The 30 day squat challenge will become an integral part of my work day. It's even on my to-do list. And I love ticking off completed to-dos, which motivates me even more :)

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My body has changed

Of course, you shouldn't expect the huge change after just 30 days of squats. I didn't get a big crack butt like a fitness model.

But I actually have to admit: my bottom feels more trained and crisp. My thighs have also gained muscle. I can tense the muscles much more consciously and somehow my legs and buttocks seem more trained. At least that's what I imagine.

I am completely satisfied and would like to continue the challenge. :) Or just start all over again in a few months.

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My technique

Admittedly, it was actually a little weird to start squatting while the others were working. But for us it's always a bit haywire anyway.

So it wasn't an issue when I asked Lisa to take pictures of me. First, quickly tidy up the desk a little and then off you go.

My tip: You should also take photos of your squats. Or you have a mirror at hand. Because this way you can better analyze the movement sequences and adjust them if necessary.

The technique improves all by itself. For example, I learned how to do deeper squats.

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A little tip at the end: The easiest and most even way to do squats is to take off your shoes or wear comfortable sneakers.

Our conclusion

If you take on a 30 day squat challenge, you can quickly see good results. It is important that you do not stop after the first sore muscles, but continue to train hard.