What does an ENTP love

Don Quixote - the hero of the novel of the same name (1605/15) by the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616).

1. Future orientation. An ENTp excellently recognizes existing perspectives and possibilities. What has already been done, on the other hand, seems to him of little importance compared to the opportunities that open up, which one cannot do without and which seem inexhaustible. A “Don Quixote” does not allow scientific work to be published for a long time because he believes the main results are still to come. The "inventor" lives for the sake of the future, so the lack of recognition does not leave him in despair at first. It is concerned with what is interesting, not what is profitable or profitable.

2. Constant energy demand. An "inventor" needs constant emotional upswing because he is a gambler. An uninterrupted sensory-emotional "inflation" serves him for this purpose. Since he cannot provide this energy supply independently, he depends heavily on his environment. If there is no dual of the “Dumas” type around him who feeds him with impressions and positive emotions, an ENTp will bring mopping down, lose work ability and lose interest in life. Sometimes a "Don Quixote" maintains contacts with several friends instead of just using his dual "Dumas", engages in an active social activity and organizes clubs or scientific events.

3. A leader. An ENTj is a good organizer because he sees the potential of people and situations. He needs a justification for the fact that he of all people is in power: a critical situation that no one else can cope with, the choice made by the subordinates themselves or the appointment from above. He begins by examining and discussing the interests of his employees and strives to do everything for them. Only then does he make his demands on her.

4. A servant in everyday matters. The dependence on the emotional field of other people is expressed in the utter indulgence of the "inventor" when it comes to small things and daily life. This helps him to direct his released attention to his favorite pastime, namely to get to the bottom of things and to understand their essence. He does not divide people into ours and strangers, but tries to be equally useful for everyone.

5. Undifferentiated feelings. An ENTp means that all people are good and that everyone loves one another. When a situation requires the expression of his feelings, act quite ridiculous, as that is just not his business.

6. Conduct in dangerous situations. Violent, sharp sensations charge an "inventor" just as much as good emotions in his environment. The more emotions and panic there is around, the more active and safer he is. It is impossible to intimidate a "Don Quixote" because such attempts lead to exactly the opposite effect. In critical situations he willingly takes responsibility, while in peaceful, calm conditions he begins to doubt his right to hold a responsible post. Since he does not tolerate competition, he prefers to step off the stage.

7. Freedom in dealing. An ENTp loves excessive confidentiality. However, he does not show his own initiative, because he rather expects it from the others.

Your dual / complementary type (the best partner in marriage, friendship, work): Dumas (the mediator) (the sensory-ethical introvert).

If this characteristic does not suit you, we suggest that you look for your description under the "neighbor types":

Maybe I'm not just as level-headed, I'm not so good at drawing logical conclusions, but I find it easy to interact with other people


I'm not that dreamy, but a lot more practical; when i need something i get it


I am not as sociable, but also not as hasty in my deductions, more accurate and precautionary


I am good at planning my actions, and for that I am not impulsive and more properly


My knowledge is perhaps just as broad and I have similar problems with solving problems of home life on my own, but I am more initiative-oriented, it is easier for me to choose the useful and reject the useless


I get along much better with people, and I also pay more attention to traditions


I am more accurate, more attentive to details, more energetic