What does the Holy Spirit mean on you

Symbols for the Holy Spirit

There are several symbols for the Holy Spirit: In addition to the most famous image of the white dove, fire and wind are also among the biblical images for the Spirit of God.


Even in ancient times, the dove was a symbol of love, peace and meekness. Because: pigeons do not have a gallbladder. From this people concluded that they were free from bitter and evil. In the Bible, the dove appears when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan. "And John testified, I saw that the Spirit came down from heaven like a dove and stayed on him.“(Jn 1:32) The dove also plays a role in the Old Testament story of the Flood. A pigeon returns with a fresh olive branch in its beak after Noah sent it off the ark on a scouting flight. "Noah then knew that the water on earth had decreased.“(Gen 8:11) The dove is a symbol of reconciliation with God.

The Holy Spirit has been represented as a dove in the Catholic Church since the Council of Nicaea (325). A famous depiction of a dove as the Holy Spirit in Christian art is by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. For St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, the baroque artist designed the large glass window picture with a dove in the middle. In some Gothic churches a so-called Heiliggeistloch can be found in the vaulted ceiling. A wooden dove was symbolically lowered into the church through this opening at Pentecost.


And tongues of fire appeared to them, and they were dispersed; one perched on each of them“(Acts 2,3), it says in the Acts of the Apostles. Fire - a symbol of enlightenment through the Holy Spirit as well as of the inner fire that burned in the disciples and made them preach the Gospel with igniting enthusiasm. The spark has jumped. Fire makes you glow, it releases energy. And: someone can "fire and flame“Be for one thing, like the apostles then. Others have also been infected by their enthusiasm. That was the beginning - the "birthday" - the church.


The Pentecost narrative describes the descent of the Holy Spirit as follows: “Suddenly there was a roar from heaven, as if a violent storm was driving by, and it filled the whole house in which they were sitting.“(Acts 2,2) The apostles felt the wind of the Spirit. He sets in motion. But the Holy Spirit does not only show itself in a stormy roar, rather the voice of God reveals itself in various facets. For example, the prophet Elijah proclaimed that the Holy Spirit does not come in a loud storm, but in a soft and gentle whisper - almost overheard, but he is there (1 Kings 19:12). In addition, in the Bible is also of "breath"Or"(Wind) breath" the speech. A fresh wind is good. It inspires something new and brings momentum to other perspectives. Inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are called upon to "witty“To live and act.