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Can a drunk passenger justify a fine?

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Drunk as a passenger: is there a penalty?

Are there any problems with the Passenger drunkbut the driver is sober? This question must be dealt with in particular by those who didn't drink anything at a party to be able to drive the drinking friends and relatives home safely. This way of dealing with alcohol and vehicles is, of course, responsible not without pitfalls.

Because a drunk passenger can get in more ways than one meddle in the ride. Therefore, the question of whether a drunk passenger can bring in a fine is definitely relevant. But you should too know and pay attention to some factswhen you are drunk as a passenger.

In this guide we would like you to give some pointershow you as a driver can deal with drunk passengers to a safe and fine-free journey to enable. In addition, you can find out here which are often unexpected and potentially dangerous situations a drunk passenger can trigger it.

FAQ: Drunk passenger

Do passengers have to be sober as a matter of principle?

No, as you are not driving yourself, it is not forbidden for passengers to drink alcohol. But it can make sense to move them to the back seat.

What is the situation like in the event of an accident?

In the event of an accident, the situation can be very different. Because a drunk passenger can be an avoidable risk. Then the question of guilt must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Are there any co-drivers who have to stay sober?

Yes, at least in a way. Novice drivers who have opted for accompanied driving must take care of their companion: if they have a blood alcohol level of 0.5 or more per mille, they are no longer allowed to accompany the new driver.

Is a drunk passenger illegal?

Generally it is not subject to a penaltyto be drunk as a passenger. As a rule, the driver does not have to fear any sanctions either an alcoholic in the passenger seat has taken place. But it looks different when an accident happens and the question of guilt needs to be clarified.

Then it is quite relevant whether the Passenger drunk and the driver were sober. Because if a Damage to people or property has arisen, it must be borne by the polluter be replaced. Then it gets interesting what is going on in the Passenger compartment of the offending vehicle has played.

The driver has to ensurethat him while driving no avoidable disturbance distracts from driving. Clear rules can help the passengers seriousness of the situation to clarify.

In the simplest case, the accident is the consequence of a unavoidable traffic situation. If both insurance companies come to this conclusion, the damage will usually be reimbursed. However, it becomes problematic if it turns out that a drunken passenger is responsible for the causal driving error was.

Risks posed by drunk passengers

If you're driving with drunk passengers, that can be one special effort for concentration be. In the best case, the drunks fall asleep quickly and thus make one possible calm and relaxed ride. However, it can also work the other way around.

In contrast to the Drink driving the danger of drunk passengers is different. The alcohol causes Consequences not adequately considered and so there is a real risk of a drunk passenger while driving grabs the steering wheel. The consequences are potentially devastating.

Ways to make the journey safer:

  • Drunk passenger on the back seat
  • Preparation for alcohol reactions (bag, water, handkerchiefs)
  • Activate child lock

But even without one invasive act take risks from drunk riders. So can Disorientation of drunkards cause them to try to leave the vehicle at full speed. Spontaneous physical reactions such as vomiting or claustrophobia can also occur in a moving car incalculable consequences to have.

The legal consequences of drunk passengers

Generally forbids no lawthat a drunk is being driven by you as a passenger. You just have to to ensurethat this cannot result in spontaneous problems. If they unsure whether it is a good idea to ride with a drunk person in the passenger seat, they should another variant consider.

So can a drunk passenger on the back seat be set. Even a lively passenger cannot do this so easily collide with the driver. But you should also keep in mind that from the back seat too massive disruptions can take place. If such a situation cannot be ruled out, it should stopped the trip become.

The potential interference with the tax by a person is an unacceptable risk for everyone involved. Independent of apparent needto get somewhere with the vehicle, driving should be avoided here.

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Can a drunk passenger justify a fine?
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