Can I make a living on pizza

Munich - Pizza! Who doesn't like to eat them? Unfortunately, it's not the healthiest food choice. What happens to the body if you get over the top while eating pizza is not entirely harmless.

Even the first bite of pizza stimulates the pleasure center in the brain, like Focus Online reported. In this way, the body activates the flow of saliva, which releases digestive enzymes. These enzymes break down the carbohydrates that the pizza takes in. Sugar is formed from it, which the body uses as fuel. This sugar enters the bloodstream after about 15 minutes. The blood sugar level rises. The body's first reaction is to feel fitter. However, this already subsides after 20 minutes. Because then the satiety hormone leptin rises and the cells get the sugar from the bloodstream.

If you continue to eat, the cells release the glucose again. It is converted into fat by the body, writes Focus Online. So it is warned: Those who eat regularly over hunger are more likely to become overweight than those who stop as soon as they are full. Because the body digests fats much more slowly than carbohydrates, blood fat levels rise after 30 minutes of food intake. People who eat a lot of unhealthy fats are more likely to have clogged arteries.

After 45 minutes the blood pressure rises

About 45 minutes after the pizza is eaten, the blood pressure rises for a short time. In people at increased risk of heart disease, this can encourage dangerous blood clots to develop. Now the leptin has reached its peak and one no longer thinks about food, for about three to four hours. Then slowly the hunger sets in again. It is now advisable to only have a small, low-fat snack. But if you are so healthy you don't have to worry about eating pizza.