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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a mobile video game released by developer Jam City on April 25, 2018. It is the first game to be released under the label "Portkey Games" by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The game was approved by J. K. Rowling and thus belongs to the extended canon.


The player creates an avatar that will take part in lessons at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and will experience adventures. He learns the story of his character through dialogues with classmates and teachers. He can influence this himself through his own decisions. Through this the player builds friendships and rivalries. The goal is to find all the mysterious haunted dungeons and his missing brother Jacob.

The history

The story is divided into chapters, which consist of the story and the lessons. By learning spells, potions or new skills, the player receives rewards. In addition to the chapters, there are also side quests that can be completed independently of the story.

The story runs through every seven years of the pupil, in which he / she meets numerous personalities who were also represented in the Harry Potter books by Joanne K. Rowling. For example Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick, Severus Snape, Rolanda Hooch, Rubeus Hagrid, Argus Filch, Bill Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks or Rita Kimmkorn.

Along the way, various traces appear again and again, which lead to the mysterious identity "R". These can be notes from the missing brother Jacob, black quills and visions. You can find a list of all these messages here: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery / Secret Messages

First year

The player is made familiar with the gameplay, learns the history of his brother, gets to know new friends and goes on a search for the haunted dungeons. In the first year of school you can take part in the lessons of the subjects; Attend Magic (with Professor Flitwick), Potions (with Professor Snape) and the broom flying lessons (with Madam Hooch).

Second year

The player meets fourth grader Bill Weasley and the healer Madam Pomfrey, who works in the hospital wing. In addition, you will enter a haunted dungeon for the first time. The subject “Metamorphosis” (with Professor McGonagall) has now been added to the old subjects.

Third year

The player meets Nymphadora Tonks and other new people, as well as Rita Skeeter. He sets out to find the next haunted dungeon in the Forbidden Section. The subject “Herbalism” (with Professor Sprout) has now been added to the old subjects.

Fourth year

The player meets Charlie Weasley and other new people, as well as the curse breaker Patricia Rakepick. He goes in search of the next haunted dungeon in the Forbidden Forest. The subject “Care of magical creatures” (with Professor Kesselbrand) has now been added to the old subjects.

Fifth year

The player meets Percy Weasley and other new people, as well as Penny Haywood's sister: Beatrice. He goes in search of the next haunted dungeon. "Defense Against the Dark Arts" (with Professor Rakepick) and "History of Wizardry" (with Professor Binns) have now been added to the old subjects.

Sixth year

The player meets twins Fred and George Weasley and other new students like Cedric Diggory. He goes in search of the next haunted dungeon. The subjects "fortune telling" (with Professor Trelawney) and "astronomy" (with Professor Sinistra) have now been added to the old subjects. Bill Weasley is now teaching VgddK about the disappearance of rakepicks. The game character encounters her again after a long time, in the forbidden forest with his friend Ben and Merula. As Rowan follows them, he / she is hit by the Avada Kedavra curse. The character then founds the Khanna Circle, alluding to the Dumbledore's army. They turn against Rakepick. It turns out that the last dungeon is in the Black Lake, which is where Rakepick is ultimately caught.

Seventh grade (incomplete)

The seventh year begins when the members of the khanna circle want to give up and close the organization.


The history


Chapters are the main part of the game and represent the entire main storyline. The school years are divided into chapters and a new one cannot be started if the old chapter has not yet been completed. The chapters are divided into the story part and the lessons. The story can sometimes be played again immediately, but sometimes only after a few hours. Any waiting time can be skipped with jewels. For the lessons, stars must first be collected in the respective subject before the actual lesson can begin. If the lesson is not a duel spell, you always get 5 jewels as a reward. Only during the broom flying lessons do you get the opportunity to save one more energy point instead of jewels.

Side quests

Possible side quests appear within the course of the game on the left edge of the screen under the chapter overview. The quests are mostly a minor storyline that is about as long as a chapter and is not part of the main storyline itself. For example, you have to help a classmate or look for the missing catch. Although it is theoretically possible to play side quests in the following school year, it is not recommended because it could lead to discrepancies. For example, the prefect suddenly plays a relevant role even though he left Hogwarts last year. Originally every player could complete any side quest, but if you have managed to become a prefect, you won't get a new side quest called "Non-Confidence" in the fifth year.

Successes / adventures

Adventures represent special side quests. They are displayed to the player as soon as they are available so that you cannot overlook them, as there is a special feature: They can only be completed in a certain time window, previously it was usually three days. The adventures are divided into four sections, which always contain the same number of tasks. After you have completed an adventure, it will be visible in the lesson overview under "Achievements". If you have completed the Prefect Adventure in the fourth year, you will receive another side quest in the fifth year.

Tasks with energy

Almost every task is limited to tapping on people and objects to interact with them. Each action costs one energy ball. As soon as these are all, you either have to wait four minutes for the next energy ball or you buy new energy with jewels. These tasks are always limited in time, they either last one, three or eight hours. The tasks are divided into individual stars, of which you have to reach a certain number in the given time. If you collect all the stars before the time runs out, the task will be finished earlier and the player can continue playing.

With these energy tasks, a distinction is made between subjects and other subjects. In the subjects you always have to solve a small task after reaching a star: Either answer a quiz question (multiple-choice questions with three options), solve a little concentration game or move your wand or hand. (Trace the shape on the screen with your fingers) You get attribute points for correct solving.

As you prepare for a lesson and collect stars, you can set the time spans for the assignments. The time is only given for the actual lesson. With the other tasks there are no mini-games in between and the time is always given.


It doesn't happen that often, but you have to duel with your classmates or monsters more often during the game. The duel system works like the old children's game "scissors, stone, paper". There are three different attitudes: Sneaky, Defensive, and Aggressive.

Sneaky beats defensive

Defensive beats aggressive

Aggressive beats sneaky

One decides on an attitude; if you win the round, you have the option to cast a spell that harms your opponent or you heal yourself. If you lose, the opponent (which is controlled by an AI) acts according to the same system. In the event of a tie, the player who has less life points receives two life points. As soon as a player has lost all life points, the opponent wins.


In the course of the story, the player gets to know and appreciate new friends. In order to further develop his friendship with them, the player has the opportunity to eat with them in the Great Hall or to play Koboldstein in the inner courtyard. After you have completed year 3, chapter 8 you also get the opportunity to drink butterbeer with them in the three brooms. There is a specific goal in all three tasks. The friend asks you a question and you then have the option of choosing from three answers. Choose the answer that brings you closer to your goal. The better the answer, the more points you get. If you have collected enough points, you can increase the friendship level with characters. This is important to take with you on adventures later. With every LevelUp you get a small reward.


There are different levels, which can be increased in the course of the game. First, there is the general player level, which brings jewels and items of clothing when you climb up and replenishes the energy bar. Then there is a magizoologist level. One rises in this if one takes care of one's adopted creatures in the reservation for magical creatures. With the ascent you unlock more animal beings for adoption. There are also 3 attribute levels, namely bravery, empathy and knowledge. In the course of lessons, you can score points in these three areas, and some multi-choice answers require a certain level of attribute to be selected.

House Cup

The house cup is awarded by the headmaster at the end of the school year. Throughout the year, the houses of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin compete for house points. House points are earned by working in the classroom and making good decisions. The prize are jewels that are given to the player.


In the Magical Creatures Reserve, you can visit different places (grassland, forest, dark forest, lake, rocky mountains, volcanic plains) and adopt different animals. This costs notebooks, which are available in red, blue and golden.


There are several different pets that one can buy. These cost either gemstones or brown notebooks brown notebooks. You can look at the various purchased pets in your dormitory and choose an animal, which can then be seen in the different areas on the side of the character. The animals also give you energy at regular intervals.

domestic animal costs Energy point
cat215 gems all 4 1/2 hours
rat160 gems all 6 hours
toad160 gems all 6 hours
owl320 gemstones all 3 hours
Crup50 brown notebooks all 8 hours
Knee60 brown notebooks all 7 hours
Cuddly muff80 brown notebooks all 3 hours
Streeler50 brown notebooks all 8 hours
Crup puppy120 brown notebooks
Knee boy120 brown notebooks
spider100 brown notebooks all 4 1/2 hours
bat130 brown hardcover journals
Owlet140 brown notebooks

Areas and places

In the course of the game, the player explores many magical places, such as Diagon Alley in the first year and then Hogwarts later. The areas are individual areas from the magical world, from which you gain access to new rooms and locations. Not all locations are accessible from the start and have to be unlocked first.

In the individual areas there are small places that you can click to get to energy points. After this has been done, it takes several hours before it can be repeated.

  • Dormitory: All pets purchased


Lessons represent the lessons in Hogwarts Mystery. With each new chapter, more lessons are unlocked that you can work through. But it is also possible to have lessons taught outside of normal lessons. When a new subject is added in the school year, you don't have to work your way through the first lesson in this subject with stars, as is the case with everyone else.



  • Jacob's sibling - whom the character controls and whose name, appearance, and house are determined by the player.
  • Jacob - the player's missing brother
  • Prefect (Year 1-3)