Is the skin care brand Mychelle reliable

PAEDIPROTECT sea sun cream

I was allowed to test the PAEDIPROTECT sea sun cream.

They are specially designed for sensitive and sensitive skin by the water. That fits our family perfectly, as we are all blond to red-haired and a lot on the water.

The kids were very happy about the little friend who came to us on the trip.

The PAEDIPROTECT sea sun cream
is suitable for the whole family.

The cream has a 24h long-term skin moisture complex. The formulation with a balanced, organic UVA + UVB filter combination and nourishing active complex reliably protects the skin against sunburn and, with regular use, prevents premature light-induced skin aging.

The PAEDIPROTECT sea sun cream has the following advantages:

• Vegan product
• Balanced UVA / UVB broadband protection (sun protection factor 50+) without octocrylene and nanoparticles
• Thanks to its water resistance and anti-sand texture, it is perfect for staying by the sea, lake and beach
• Free from fragrances, mineral oils, preservatives and parabens that are suspicious of allergies
• Without colorings and preservatives
• Without PEG / PPG
• Without mineral oils, parabens and silicones

Now to my conclusion:

The PAEDIPROTECT sea sun cream
has a somewhat thick consistency. Accordingly, it is also a bit difficult to get out of the tube. Accordingly, it is not so easy to distribute. It goes in contact with the skin and body heat. However, it is not so productive as a result.

Which in turn is an advantage that the
PAEDIPROTECT sea sun cream
absorbs quickly and there really is no sand sticking to it.

In terms of smell, it is subtle, but slightly masculine in terms of scent. That may not be to everyone's taste.

You feel well protected, but because of the consistency and the corresponding consumption, it's too expensive for the whole family for me personally.
I will only use it for the kids.