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Participle I - the present participle

What do we need the participle I for?

There are two different cases in which we use the past participle. Once when we want to shorten a sentence and then when we want to use a verb like an adjective.

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Max goes to his friend Peter to eat an ice cream.

(Essend shortens the sentence here, which in the long version would mean: While Max is eating an ice cream, he goes to his friend Peter.)

Lisa walks to school staring at her cell phone.

Admiring the car, Kai drives past a sports car on his bike.

Here the participle I replaces a clause.

In the second case we use the participle I like an attributive adjective. So we show what state something is in:

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The laughing girl is in a good mood.

The reading woman sits on the bank of the river.

The eating Max goes to his friend Peter.

What is the past participle?

We need the past participle or past participle II to form the perfect, past perfect and passive voice. Some examples of the past participle are:

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Perfect: He worked.

Past perfect: It had rained.

Passive: The door is closed. or the door was closed.

The formation of the past participle is a little more complicated than that of the present participle. We explain them to you in a detailed text.

Now you know everything Important to the present participle. With our Exercises you can check your knowledge now! Have fun and success!