Why do the Simpsons show nudity

No more nude scenes with the Simpsons

Posing forbidden! US broadcaster Fox bans nude scenes in the new episodes of "The Simpsons".

The "Simpsons" have been running on US TV for over 20 years. But the yellow family's rude jokes should soon be over.

Because the TV broadcaster Fox apparently censored the production of the 23rd season, in which the 500th episode is also running.

Producer Al Jean (49) told New York Magazine: “There was a time when we were allowed to show Homer's buttocks. Now they said to us: That won't work. "

There will be no more scenes in which Bart Simpson, who is whizzing through the city on a skateboard, completely naked. Even if it's just a cartoon character.

And the fact that the TV station Fox constantly shows repetitions of old episodes in the 6 p.m. segment was of no interest to anyone, according to Al Jean. Suggestive things are "completely banned" in the new episodes.

Now the producer is curious how the TV premiere of the movie “The Simpsons” in the USA will go on Thanksgiving (November 25th). In it Homer shows the finger, in another Bart Simpson reveals his best piece. And mother Marge swears properly and says "God damn it".

By the way, the Simpsons are shown on German television on Pro7 (Tues 8:15 p.m.). Repetitions of old episodes and the 21st season are shown. The broadcast of the 22nd season is planned for next year. When the 23rd season will be shown with us is still unclear, according to Pro7 spokeswoman Stella Rodger.

But in Europe too, Homer's bottom remains covered in the new episodes. No other versions of the series are produced for foreign countries.

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