Tennis has become increasingly popular

10 reasons to play tennis now

Good news for all tennis fans: since Monday, May 11th, tennis has been allowed again in all federal states. Tennis is not considered a contact sport and is therefore one of the sports that are possible again at a distance. Why playing with the yellow felt ball is ideal for the current phase, keeps you young and fun - we have 10 good reasons for you to play tennis now.

Reason 1: return! Outdoor tennis is allowed

The sun is shining, the sky is shining blue and the tennis court is calling. We want to get out, want to exercise, and what kind of outdoor sport would be better than tennis ?! Playing in the fresh air is good and helps us clear our heads and reduce stress. While the halls will remain closed for the time being, the tennis courts are reopened in all federal states under certain conditions.

Reason 2: tennis extends the lifespan

It's no secret that sport keeps us young and fit. What is surprising, however, is that playing tennis actually extends its lifespan by around 10 years, as researchers found in the Copenhagen City Heart Study. Over 8,500 participants were asked about their sporting activities over a longer period of time. The life expectancy of people who played tennis was a full 9.7 years longer than those who were not active in sports.

Reason 3: tennis trains the body and mind

From head to toe - tennis training demands the whole body and several muscle groups at the same time: arms, legs, stomach and back. Coordination and motor skills are refined, while comprehension and concentration skills are improved at the same time. A sport for body and mind!

Reason 4: Tennis is possible at a distance

Sufficient distance is guaranteed when playing tennis, because a court offers a lot of space: the playing field is 23.77 m long and 8.23 ​​m wide for a single game. In singles, both players can move freely on either side. The security measures can therefore be adhered to without any problems. For the time being, you can mainly play singles. Initially, doubles are only permitted if the players come from the same household.

Reason 5: Tennis is good for all age groups

25,000 seniors play in over 450 tournaments worldwide. Tennis is a sport for all age groups, even in later adulthood it is still worthwhile to pick up the racket and start taking tennis lessons. Also an ideal sport for couples.

Reason 6: Tennis encourages social interactions

Despite the physical distance, tennis encourages social interaction with your playing partner. Even if you play against each other individually, the shared joy in the game is twice as great. Being involved in the association and the associated activities promote a sense of community. As studies show, social interactions contribute significantly to our well-being. Sports scientists even claim that tennis helps us to resolve conflicts in a healthier way, because the game trains emotions control.

Reason 7: tennis minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases

A healthy heart through tennis? The sport gets us going and stimulates the cardiovascular system. Regular exercise can reduce the percentage of body fat and improve blood lipid levels. Overall physical fitness reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Another plus: In tennis, the risk of injury is lower than in other sports.

Reason 8: Tennis takes hygiene measures into account

Before the game, wash your hands and disinfect equipment. A particular advantage is that players can bring their own equipment, from rackets to ball boxes. Experts rule out infection through the tennis ball. “I don't see any problem with normal handling of a tennis ball,” the German virologist Melanie Brinkmann told the DPA agency. After the game, the handshake should be avoided, but there is a counterfeit with the clubs.

Reason 9: tennis is fun

Pure happiness hormones! When the felt ball flies, tennis players' hearts open up. Playing tennis is simply fun, whether you're a beginner or a professional. As soon as you've got the punch out and the yellow ball goes over the net, a good mood is guaranteed!

Reason 10: Tennis is also for beginners

Without any experience on the tennis court? Even beginners can dare to do it. Of course, subject to conditions and with the help of a trainer. A new hobby gives us new momentum, mentally and physically. Tennis star Angie Kerber says in an EMOTION interview about new challenges: “There is a bit of skepticism when you try new things. Still, I think you should be open and take opportunities with both hands. Otherwise you'll regret afterwards that you didn't dare. "