Did your PRP hair treatment work permentally?


Latest research have shown that ein natural "remedies" has an amazing effect on hair loss and helps in almost all cases - autologous blood therapy. In autologous blood therapy (vampire lifting), platelet-rich plasma is extracted from the won own blood.

Our blood consists of red and white blood cells, fluid and platelets. The latter are the carriers of “miracle substances”, as the latest scientific studies show. They contain bioactive substances, stem cells and hormones in very high doses, which after their release lead to cell regeneration and cell growth that has hardly been achieved with any other substance could. In the meantime autologous blood therapy has established itself as a new “miracle cure” in the treatment of osteoarthritis and tendon problems, eye diseases and also in aesthetics. In hair treatment, autologous blood therapy has only been used for a short time - with exciting results.

In our own survey, over 90% of our patients stated that their hair loss stopped after just one treatment. Over 80% showed that the lost hair grew again and the head looked like it did before the hair loss after just 2-3 treatments.

After the first autologous blood therapy, the follicles recover, the hair grows thicker and all of the scalp hair becomes thicker. Usually 3 treatments are necessary at an interval of 4 weeks to achieve an optimal result. But: It takes patience until the result is visible, because the recovery process can take a few weeks to a few months.

As a rule, the end result is achieved after 8 months - clearly visible, increased hair on the head. This is possible thanks to neoangiogenesis, the formation of the finest blood vessels, which increase blood flow to the hair follicle again. Once the effect is achieved, the result will last for years. The best results are achieved when treating the beginning of hair loss or when the scalp has not been hairless for a very long time. Once the hair follicles have completely broken down, autologous blood therapy will unfortunately no longer help.