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The most beautiful Korean woman (without plastic): photo

Recently, there has been an increase in interest in the worldKorean films, series, and also music groups. We began to look at the representatives of this nation in a new way, especially women and girls, wondering how beautiful their skin looks, how their hair shines, etc. And of course we have a question, who is the most beautiful Korean in the world? Of course, such answers cannot be unambiguous, because in this edition everyone has their own subjective opinion. As they say, there is no doubt about tastes, but still, most South Koreans will tell you that the most beautiful Korean woman in the world is actress Song Hye Gyo. Everyone knows her here. She is the queen of many men's dreams. That is why this young woman with an incredibly attractive face and figure is called the Korean goddess of beauty in the country.


Height: 161 cm.

Weight: 44 kg.

Chest: 86 cm.

Waist: 61 cm.

Thigh size: 89 cm.

Hair color: dark chestnut.

Eyecolour Brown.


Song He Kyo was born on November 22nd. Born in 1981 in a suburb of Daegu city into a wealthy family. But in some sources there is another date, namely February 26, 1982. The thing is that the girl was born prematurely and spent a long time in the hospital in the neontology department. Doctors weren't sure the baby would survive, but she was strong and could handle any problems. It was only when their life was not threatened, that is, three months after the due date, that the parents decided to register the birth of their daughter. Of course, her joy was limitless, for she was the only and long-awaited child of the family. And how happy would you be if you knew that your daughter would receive the title: "The most beautiful Korean woman and model" at the age of 16. According to the eastern horoscope, she is Scorpio (by birth), and according to the passport - Aquarius. Today, colleagues congratulate Son on his winter birthday, who, to put it mildly, angered them. But the star herself - the most beautiful Korean woman in the world, whose photo is presented in the article - celebrates her nominal vacation in late autumn.

In 1984 her father got a job in Daegu, and her family moved to the city. Here the girl opened up opportunities that later led the girl to the profession of model and actress. None of this would have happened if they had stayed in the village.


In 1996, the film "Happy Day" appeared on the screens. In this series, Son Hyo Gyo made her debut - the most beautiful Korean woman. She was not yet 16 years old. Despite the fact that she wasn't the main character on the series, the audience turned the TV mainly to watch her. In the same year she took part in the model competition and won the Grand Prix. In 1997, plastic surgery in Korea was not as popular as it is today, so the girls with a beautiful face oval with a small upturned nose and full lips, also with slender and long legs and a proportional figure, were in the country. Song Hye Gyo was an incredible beauty and won. Of course, it wasn't a beauty pageant, but after the show went on TV, everyone came to the same conclusion that she was the most beautiful Korean woman. Her photos have since graced the front pages of magazines, advertising posters and videos with her participation have been broadcast on all television channels.

Song Hye-yo-actirsa

With the advent of the 21st century, its popularity has grown many times, and Dream has become the most popular actress in Korean doram. It turned out that the girl not only has excellent external data - a beautiful face and ideal figure, but also an extraordinary talent of the actor. Their game looked more than believable. People couldn't take their eyes off the television screens. The first time she played the lead role in the drama "Fall in My Heart", which was released in 2000. Then there was filming in the TV series "Va-Bank" and "Full House". They became very popular with viewers of all ages and thanks to the participation of Song Hye. After that, almost everyone in Korea believed that this girl was the most beautiful Korean woman.

In 2005, the director of the full-length feature film "My Girl and I" decided to invite the picture as the main character recording is a favorite of the audience from the dramas of the actress and model Song Hye-kyo. This would be her debut in the cinema. But it has not been successful because after the release of the actress the film was not only criticized. A little disappointed, she took a break in a creative career and moved to the United States.

Life in the states

After settling in San Francisco, she began to attend language courses, followed by the game of Western actresses, in a word, improved her knowledge and skills. The Americans, who learned that she was from Korea, immediately admitted that Sleep was by far the most beautiful Korean woman. In the history of this Far Eastern country, it is almost impossible to find a girl who is as attractive in the European sense as Son Xu. Such statements in her address, of course, inspired the young actress and gave her hope that when she returns to her homeland, she can still gain popularity. She also improved her English a lot, which should be a great asset to her.

Life goes on

She returned to Korea in 2007 and was immediately invited to take a picture of Hwang Jin Yi. This time everything went smoothly and the film experts accepted their work with almost no criticism. In 2008 she was invited to retire in the next drama entitled "The World They Live In". A few months later, as the most beautiful Korean woman and actress, she was invited by one of the Hollywood studios to shoot the picture "Fetish". Of course, this was a completely different level, and thanks to this picture, their rating rose to heights unknown for Korea. After that, they were invited several times by American filmmakers in films such as Camellia: Busan Project (2010) and "The Reason to Live (Today)". In 2013 she was entrusted with the role of Yip Man's wife in "The Great Master".

Work on TV

In 2013, 31-year-old Song Hye finally returned to the television screens. She was offered the lead role in one of the most popular dramas in the country - The Winter That Blows. Despite the fact that today in Korea, every day there is a growing number of pretty girls with sophisticated features (all because of the surgeon's scalpel), Song Hye Ge, according to many, is still - the most beautiful Korean woman without Plastics. A natural beauty in this country is a rarity today. In addition, many of the girls are asked to turn to plastic surgeons to make them look like Song Hye Ge. Her face is not coming off the television screens. She is in great demand as a model and actress of commercials. Many brands with a world name invite you to become the face of their company. Here are some of them: Laneige, Etude Levi's Lady Style, Nintendo DS Animal Crossing Whitea, Aritaum, Roem, Innisfree FHM, McDonalds Ice Cream and in 2011 she was signed with Effigies Agency for the first time in the history of Korean modeling (France) .. It became a stepping stone for them to enter the world market.


In 2011, on his thirtieth birthday, Song Hye-he released a photo set entitled Song Hye Kyo's Moment It published her pictures taken from different countries and cities celebrity photos as well as pictures of interest. Atlanta, New York, Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Paris, the Netherlands and Brazil. In 2012 she published another book - Photo Essay "Time Xe Ge".


In 2010, 29-year-old model and actress Song Hye Ged gained world recognition by being inscribed on the "100 Most Beautiful Celebrities of 2010" list published by the American Independent Critics. A year later, it was fifth in the TC Candler rankings compiled by independent experts. In a word, Dream is not only the most beautiful Korean woman in the world, but also one of the most beautiful women on the whole planet. At the same time, those who have had the opportunity to communicate with her believe that she is beautiful both outside and inside. In 2001 she was named "Best Korean Star", and in 2003 - "Best Actress of the Year", in the same year she won the title of "Young Star of the Year" (2003), two years later she won the nomination "The most popular actress South Korea. "

Private life

In 2003, the beauty of the Korean woman - the dreams of many men - a romantic relationship was established with her counterpart in the dorama, Lee Bun-Hon. However, their relationship soon broke up, and the girl decided never to get involved in professional relationships with personal relationships again. But in a few years she had to break that principle. And it happened when she met Hyun Bin on the set of "The World They Live In" and a year later officially recognized in the media that they were a couple. At the same time, young people did not want to promote their relationships and rarely appeared together in public. However, when Hyun Bin was drafted into the army in 2011, the couple broke up. After that, there were rumors in public about the novels of Dream with other Korean actors of the doram, but the girl was in a hurry to refute these rumors.

Interesting facts about the first beauty of Korea

  • When son Xhe feels uncomfortable, she scratches her nose.
  • She has no particular religious beliefs. However, she feels attached to Buddhism and sometimes also to Catholicism.
  • Seung He Ge has two birthdays - November 28th and February 26th.
  • The actress has an active public position: in 2009 she was appointed ambassador for the protection of the interests of pandas and otters in Asia.
  • As a child, Son was involved in sports such as figure skating, swimming, and athletics.
  • The actress has a musical education (piano class).
  • College girl got at the University of Xie Chen.
  • Outside of the photo and video cameras, Son Hyo Gyo is very humble, you can even say shy girl.
  • For a role in the film "Grandmaster" she studied Cantonese martial arts for a while.
  • The main hobby is Sleep - traveling and shopping, she also collects perfume.
  • Son Hye Gee's favorite band is Big Bang, but they admit that they never went to their concerts.
  • The girl has a nickname: Specht (Woodpecker).

Now you know who the most attractive beauty of Korea is and without plastic surgery.

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