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Owning instead of streaming - why it's still worth buying music

Buy music? In the age of Spotify, YouTube and an almost infinite range of Internet radio stations specializing in every conceivable genre, is that still up-to-date? We say: Yes - even if it sometimes seems as if music is available free of charge everywhere on the internet. Compared to music streams - “rented” music, if you will - bought music definitely has its advantages. We give tips on where to get them.

Buy music on CD and vinyl

Music on physical data carriers - specifically CDs in particular - is still used, but has lost its importance. In 2019, according to a study by the Federal Music Industry Association, 12 percent of people in Germany bought CDs. 5 percent paid for downloads. By contrast, 21 percent of Germans were able to warm up to music streaming, while 10 percent used free streaming offers. 0.7 percent of Germans bought vinyl records in 2019.

Despite the quick and easy access that streamed music offers, the haptic experienceHolding a CD or vinyl in your hand and looking carefully at the booklet or record cover is justifiably invaluable for many music lovers. With the sensual impressions of the object, one usually works higher appreciation for the music on it. Listeners often make a conscious decision to buy certain albums by certain artists on CD or vinyl - unless, as audiophiles, they have long sworn by the benefits of better sound.

Where can you buy music that is stored on physical sound carriers? First and foremost there is the local trade: from the CD departments of the large consumer electronics chains to small, independent record stores. In addition, there are of course a number of dealerships for CDs and records on the Internet:

  • The jpc von online shop is extensive, clearly laid out, categorized very precisely by genre and a regular guest in the browser history of many music fans. You can find both CDs and vinyl there.
  • You can find used CDs and especially records on the Discogs marketplace. The site is also very useful for browsing categories and looking for new music.
  • Recordsale is a Berlin-based mail order company for vinyl records. The site has existed since 2003, is very well sorted and offers rarities and collections sorted by genre.
  • The focus of the online mail order company Just for Kicks Music is on different rock genres. You will also find rarities and new releases here. The latter are not only presented on the website, but also in a bi-monthly catalog.

In other blog posts we will give you tips on how to clean records and care for CDs.

Ready-to-play stereo sets for CD and vinyl

Download music legally

In times of Spotify and Co., even audio files stored locally on a hard drive seem almost old-fashioned. But maintaining, organizing and tagging your own MP3 collection is also appealing to many. In addition, the songs are available independently of streaming services. You actually own the music and don't just rent them. You have more control over the audio format in which the music is available, and you can also save and play music files on different devices with little effort.

What are the most popular points of contact for legal music downloads?

  • Qobuz: If you value downloads with high sound quality, Qobuz is a good place to go. There you can download lossless music files in CD quality (24 bit and 44.1 kHz).
  • Apple iTunes: iTunes is a shop, management and playback program in one. Music is also available as a download on the iPod, iPhone or iPad via the app. A special feature of iTunes is the AAC format (with the ending .m4a). Like MP3, this is a compressed format that can, however, achieve better quality.
  • Amazon: In addition to streaming music, the large online retailer still offers the purchase of albums and individual songs. These are in MP3 format.

Theater 500 - great stereo sound with Teufel

  • ▶ Theater 500: Whether from audio files, CD or vinyl - the Theater 500 hi-fi stereo floorstanding speakers provide you with impressive, natural sound. The 3-way system with its extremely resilient woofers ensures rich bass without distortion. With down-firing bass reflex, you can set up the speakers on the wall or anywhere in the room without changing the sound.
  • ▶ Theater 500S: Teufel offers these stereo bookshelf speakers with a 2-way system for smaller rooms up to 30 m². Otherwise, the Theater 500S contain all the technologies of their bigger siblings and therefore sound just as balanced, full and clear. So you can hear your music collection in optimal stereo sound.

More stereo speakers from Teufel

In summary: you can buy music here

  • You can buy music stored on physical data carriers in record stores, for example, or order it from online retailers such as
  • Marketplaces for used data carriers are about, or
  • Contact points for legal music downloads include: Qobuz, iTunes and Amazon.