How do I integrate Facebook into WhatsApp

Contrary to all the confirmations from WhatsApp not to place ads in the app, Facebook, which also includes WhatsApp, is looking for monetization options in the very popular messaging service.

Now Facebook is launching a new ad unit with which companies can establish the connection between the two platforms. Advertisers can now integrate a button in their advertisements with which users can send a message directly.

Facebook confirmed that this feature will be rolled out gradually, starting with North and South America, Africa, Australia and parts of Asia. Europe is unlikely to be mentioned as Facebook paused efforts to share data between the two platforms last year because it violated data protection law. Integration in Europe is planned, but Facebook wants to wait and see how the new feature is received in other countries. In addition, the questions regarding the connection between WhatsApp and Facebook need to be resolved.

Source: Techcrunch

Companies already use WhatsApp to communicate with customers and this feature supports this development. More than a million Facebook pages are already integrating WhatsApp numbers in their posts in order to make communication with customers more direct and personal.

“Many people already use WhatsApp to communicate with small businesses. It's a quick and convenient way to keep in touch, ”said Pancham Gajjar, Product Marketing Manager, Facebook. "By adding a Click-to-WhatsApp button to Facebook ads, companies can now make it even easier for users to learn more about their products, make an appointment, or use their service."

The new button is also similar to the click-to-messenger ads that Facebook already offers and was the first ad product that linked activities on Facebook with activities on Messenger. This was followed by other advertising formats on the messenger itself. Facebook's strategy with the Click-to-WhatsApp buttons will probably look similar, so that ads can soon be placed on WhatsApp itself.

At the moment, Facebook is not planning to include the new feature in regular consumer services. However, Facebook recently started testing various options for a Facebook Page to make users aware of the company's WhatsApp presence, but there are no details yet.


With the new feature, Facebook has found a way to link the two platforms Facebook and WhatsApp and to offer companies new advertising opportunities.

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