Is Tor Browser safe for browsing

Against censorship and spying: anonymously on the Internet with TOR and Privoxy

Security, advantages and disadvantages of TOR

The advantages of TOR should be obvious. If configured correctly, you are definitely surfing the Internet with an anonymous IP address. However, only the IP address is obfuscated. And only for the applications that use TOR. It is therefore extremely important to configure TOR correctly.

Just installing it and trusting that everything is now secure will unfortunately not work. For more help on properly configuring the anonymization service, see the project's documentation page. There is also a very good FAQ. However, this is in English. Since TOR has a decentralized structure, it has a clear advantage over anonymization services with a central structure and access point.

TOR is only relatively secure if cookies, Java and Javascript are deactivated. You could also use the latter to give yourself away. Other extensions and plug-ins could also be tell-tale. What exactly is activated can be found under Firefox by entering in the URL line.

A clear disadvantage is that with activated TOR you move more slowly in the network. A speed test using proves this fact. While there are perfect results without TOR and Privoxy, the upload rate suffers above all with activated anonymization service.

However, since TOR is an open source project and anyone can operate a TOR server, it has speed advantages over JAP. The TU Dresden project even praises the fact that only TOR offers a level of security similar to that of its own service. There is no known commercial provider who can even come close to competing with the security of TOR and JAP.