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Smoking cessation

The natural way to quit smoking

The will to quit smoking is crucial for success. The following products will give you the support you need to stop smoking less or to quit completely. In addition, these preparations lead to a purification of the body and thus to the elimination of the toxic, deposited residues.

Spagyric essence "Nicofrei":

"Nicofrei" is a mixture of spagyric and homeopathic essences. This essence is the basic therapy.


  • Tabacum (tobacco) acts primarily on the nerves, the digestive tract and the cardiovascular system. This spagyric essence is an important part of this blend and is used to directly alleviate nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

  • Nux vomica (Nux vomica) Reduces excessive irritability and alleviates symptoms caused by too much food and luxury goods (such as alcohol or nicotine). The detoxification via the liver is significantly strengthened.

  • Piper methysticum (Rauschpfeffer) Is a physically and mentally relieving and anticonvulsant agent. The essence works with overexcitation and has a comprehensive harmonizing effect on the psychological state. Piper methysticum alleviates aggressiveness, imbalance, irritability and other psychological side effects of smoking cessation.

  • Solidago (goldenrod) Is a means to stimulate and strengthen the kidney function. Solidago is eliminated and thus promotes the detoxification of the waste products in the blood caused by smoking.

  • Okoubaka (Okoubaka tree) is an essence that has a specific detoxifying effect on the intestines. It eliminates pathogens and their toxins after infections, promotes detoxification after nicotine abuse and poisoning through food and luxury items.

In addition to these five spagyric essences, the "Nicofrei" mixture also contains three homeopathic remedies.

  • Tabacum D200 (Virginian tobacco) Combats the health effects of smoking and inhaling tobacco smoke. It helps against nausea and heart problems.

  • Lobelia inflata D30 (Indian tobacco) Acts against the withdrawal symptoms when quitting tobacco smoking, especially in the case of nausea with vomiting and cramps in the esophagus, stomach and bronchi, accompanied by belching.

  • Robinia pseudoacacia D4 (Robinia) Robinia is a support agent and increases the effects of other substances in a meaningful way. Robinia also has a regulating effect on gastric blood flow, which is severely impaired when smoking.

Spagyrik Kudzu - My last cigarette:

A completely different type of therapy is the spagyric Kudzu (Chinese: Ge Gen). Scientists at the University of Boston in the USA discovered the effects of this plant. Kudzu contains the substances daidzin and daidzein, which occupy the so-called nicotine receptors (places where nicotine unleashes its effects in the body) and thus serve as nicotine substitutes. This process noticeably reduces the desire for more cigarettes. The essence can then be restricted more and more in the further course until one does not have to consume cigarettes or kudzu.

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