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Free ETF savings plan: promotions from online brokers

The profit lies in purchasing - many merchants have already become rich with this rule of thumb. What applies to trading also applies to investments. The lower the costs of acquiring funds or other securities, the sooner the investment will turn out to be profitable and the higher the savings will be. This is also the case with savings plans, although here the advantage of the cost-average effect is at least as important.

An ETF savings plan is ideal for building up wealth over long savings periods. Anyone who has invested the same amount every month in a savings plan on a global MSCI World ETF for the past 50 years, for example, will achieve an average annual return of 8.1 percent, calculated in euros and including dividends, by the end of 2020. This can be seen from the so-called return triangle for the MSCI World Index on the website

ETFs: the right investment strategy counts!

As with individual stocks, ETFs have different countries, industries or key topics that can be mapped with index funds. But which ETF do I even need and what does the perfect asset allocation look like? Let the best asset managers in Germany put together your ETF portfolio - so that your money can work for you in a relaxed manner.

Where can you buy ETFs cheaply?

With fund savings plans, investors buy shares on a monthly basis. Inexpensive ETFs can be bought on the stock exchange. The bank charges an order fee for this. This fee varies from bank to bank, but is usually much cheaper than with a one-time ETF investment, where a flat fee of, for example, 4.90 euros plus 0.25 percent of the order volume is due.

Some financial institutions charge a flat rate of 1.50 euros per savings plan execution, for example DKB and Flatex. Other brokers charge percentage fees depending on the order size. For example, Consorsbank usually charges 1.50 percent of the market value for a savings plan execution, ING 1.75 percent and S-Broker 2.50 percent.

However, online brokers and direct banks repeatedly make it possible to execute ETF savings plans without an order fee. Investors can then - usually limited to a certain period of time - acquire ETF shares free of charge. As a rule, the campaigns are linked to certain funds, which are then sponsored by the respective fund company. Savers then have to find out how long the promotion will last or whether it will initially run indefinitely and whether the promotion may also apply to ETFs from other providers. In addition, some providers have recently reduced the number of ETFs in their promotions. Then investors should check whether their ETF is affected - and fees may still apply.

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A particularly attractive offer is currently in the starting blocks at Germany's largest direct bank ING: From April 1 of this year, all around 800 ETF savings plans will be available for free. "Together with the free custody account and the possibility of investing in savings plans from one euro onwards, the bank creates an offer that is unique in the German market," according to the press release.

In the following, we provide an overview of the banks with which ETF savings plans are currently available for free.

Selected brokers and direct banks with free ETF savings plans

  • 1822direkt: If the custody account is opened by April 30, 2021, customers can save 22 VanEck promotional ETFs for twelve months without an order fee. The minimum savings rate is 50 euros per month.

  • Consorsbank: There are 270 savings plan-capable ETFs from Amundi, BNP Paribas, Lyxor and Xtrackers without an execution fee (until December 31, 2022). Monthly savings plans can be set up from 25 euros.

  • Comdirect: 140 ETF savings plans from Amundi, Franklin Templeton, iShares, Lyxor, VanEck and Xtrackers are available free of charge from the Commerzbank subsidiary (until December 31, 2021). The minimum savings rate is 25 euros.

  • ING: Currently 150 ETF savings plans from Amundi, Franklin Templeton, Invesco and Lyxor with no execution fee;From April 1, 2021, all around 800 ETF savings plans will be permanently free of charge. The minimum savings rate is only 1.00 euros.

  • S-Broker: Almost all ETF savings plans from Deka as well as 50 ETFs from Xtrackers and 16 UBS ETFs can be saved free of charge with the Sparkasse broker. This applies to savings plan installments of 50 to 500 euros. Although the offer is not limited in time, S-Broker and the respective issuers reserve the right to modify or terminate the promotion at any time.

  • Commerzbank: If a new ETF savings plan is opened by March 3, 2021, investors at Commerzbank can save six selected index funds from Vanguard, Lyxor, iShares and VanEck free of charge for three years. The minimum monthly savings rate is also 25 euros.
  • Finvesto: There is no transaction fee for all ETFs until March 31, 2021, regardless of whether it is a savings plan or a one-off investment. The minimum savings rate is 10.00 euros.

  • Flatex: More than 250 ETFs from Amundi, VanEck, Vanguard and Xtrackers can be saved without an order fee. The promotion runs until further notice and can be changed or terminated by Flatex or the respective partner at any time. Savings plans are possible from a monthly rate of 50 euros.Danger: Credit balances on the clearing account are debited with a negative interest rate of 0.5 percent per year! Since March 2020, Flatex has also been charging an annual custody fee of 0.1 percent of the assets.

  • Maxblue: 96 ETFs from Amundi, Vanguard and Xtrackers can be saved up to a savings rate of 250 euros without an order fee (until September 30, 2021). The minimum savings rate is 50 euros.

  • Trade Republic: With the discount broker, investors can now trade around 1,500 ETFs from Amundi, iShares, Lyxor, WisdomTree and Xtrackers permanently and free of commission. The minimum savings rate is 10.00 euros.

  • Smartbroker: The online broker of Wallstreet Online Capital AG currently offers more than 280 ETF savings plans from Amundi, Lyxor and Xtrackers for free. The campaign runs until December 31, 2022. The minimum savings rate is 25 euros.

  • Scalable: The so-called "Neobroker" from Scalable also offers free ETF savings plans. In the completely free version, the so-called "Free Broker", 600 ETFs from iShares, Invesco and Xtrackers can be bought and saved free of charge. With the "Prime Broker" model (EUR 2.99 per month), all 1,300 ETFs can be traded and saved free of charge. The minimum savings rate here is also 25 euros.

  • Postbank: ETF savers receive 21 selected index funds from Xtrackers for free (until August 31, 2021). Savings plans are possible from 25 euros per month.

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