What are clinical indications


from Latin: indicare - to indicate, to betray
Synonym: indicatio
English: indication

1 definition

As indication In medicine, this describes the reason for the use of a therapeutic or diagnostic measure or which medical measure is appropriate for a certain clinical picture.

In the case of drugs, one speaks in this context of the area of ​​application.

2 classification

2.1 ... according to urgency

  • relative indication
  • absolute indication
  • vital indication
  • elective indication
  • Exception indication
  • Emergency indication

2.2 ... according to the objective

  • symptomatic indication
  • causal indication

2.3 ... by cause

This classification is used in particular for the indication of abortion.

  • social indication
  • criminological indication
  • maternal indication
  • child's indication
  • medical indication

2.4 ... after exclusion

3 explanations

3.1 Relative indication

At a relative indication There is a reason to perform a particular treatment, but it is not mandatory. There may be treatment alternatives that can be expected to result in an equally good or slightly worse treatment result. The risks of an intervention must be carefully weighed by the doctor. Example: In the case of certain cardiac arrhythmias, a pacemaker can be implanted, but there is also the option of conservative therapy.

3.2 Absolute indication

At a absolute indication there is a compelling medical reason to undertake a particular treatment. Example: A threatened uterine rupture is an absolute indication for a caesarean section.

3.3 Vital indication

The vital indication (also: imperative indication) is a special case of the absolute indication, in which the patient's life is acutely at risk if the treatment is not carried out. Example: Defibrillation in the case of proven cardiac arrest.

3.4 Elective indication

A elective indication is given if there is no compelling medical reason for a therapeutic intervention, but the type and time of treatment are so to speak "consciously" chosen.

3.5 Exception indication

A Exception indication is given if treatment is only indicated on the basis of a rare symptom constellation specific to a specific individual case.

4 pharmacology

The enlargement or reduction of the area of ​​application of a drug is referred to as an indication extension or indication restriction.