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Python is a general programming language typically used for web development. This may sound like Ruby, and both languages ​​are more like each other than they are. Like Ruby, Python allows data to be saved after the user has left the page or closed the browser, unlike HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

You can use Python commands to create, update, store, and retrieve this data in a database. For example, imagine you want to create a local search and review website like Yelp. com. The reviews that users write are stored in a central database. Any review writer can quit their browser, turn off their computer, and later return to the website to find the reviews.

When others search for venues, the same central database is queried and the same review is displayed. Storing data in a database is a common task for Python developers, and existing Python libraries contain prepackaged code to easily create and query databases.

SQLite is a free, lightweight database used by Python programmers to store data.

Many highly trafficked websites such as B. YouTube, are created with Python. Other websites currently using Python are:

  • Quora for its community question and answer site.

  • Spotify for internal data analysis.

  • Dropbox for its desktop client software.

  • Reddit for generating crowdsourced news.

  • Industrial Light & Magic and Disney Animation for creating special effects for films.

From websites to software to special effects, Python is an extremely versatile language that supports a wide variety of uses. Also, to distribute Python code, Python programmers create libraries, which are stand-alone, pre-defined codes that perform specific tasks and make them publicly available to others and enhance them.

For example, one library called Scrapy Web Scaping while another library called SciPy performs math functions used by scientists and mathematicians. The Python community maintains thousands of libraries like this one, and most of them are free and open source software.

You can generally confirm the front-end programming language used by a larger website with BuiltWith. After entering the website address, look for Python in the search bar under the Frameworks section. Note that websites may use Python for backend services that are not visible to BuiltWith.