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Microprocessor Programming Experience - Comparing Information to Electronics

programming (from ancient Greek πρόγραμμαprogram "Publicly and in writing announced message, command") refers to the activity of creating computer programs. This is a sub-area of ​​software development and primarily includes the implementation of the software design in the source code of a programming language. This source code is translated into machine language using a compiler.

Computer programs are formulated (“coded”) with the help of a programming language. The programmer 'translates' the given requirements (e.g. in the specification sheet) and algorithms into a desired programming language. Code generators are increasingly used for this purpose, which automatically generate at least parts of the program code on the basis of models (which were created in the design).

When programming, essential aspects of software quality must be taken into account and implemented through the design of the source code. See as examples: programming style, usability, reusability / modularity, maintainability.

,Program' in a broader sense In addition to creating code, it includes numerous other activities, for example testing (developer test) the program or creating programming documentation. Delimit The concept of programming can be used to refer to other activities related to software development, such as project management, requirements analysis or data modeling.

Depending on the process model used, the programming activities run in project phases that are separated from one another, in parallel or iteratively. In practice, programming is often done in teamwork with modern development methods such as agile processes and tools.

Similar meanings: Colloquially, the configuration of household or other electrical devices is sometimes referred to as "programming". Organizational units of companies in which software is developed are or were sometimes called "programming".