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3 qualities with which you can change the world

Are you afraid that your work is not meaningful or important enough? Are you tormented by the thought that you might be wasting your time? I'll tell you how you can definitely change the world - no matter what you do.

Some days I see great people doing great things. They give inspiring TED talks, help starving people or donate their entire fortune. They invent great things that make the world a better place. And everyone sees immediately: their work is significant, they leave traces.

And then I catch myself thinking:

What am I doing special to change the world?

Do I have to quit my job and help starving children? Do I have an honorable job? Then a few weeks ago I realized something that can help you too if you sometimes feel this self-doubt.

I'm sitting across from Herbert in a beautiful restaurant in Bonn. He needs my help as a marketing consultant and I ask him about his background.

Herbert says: He started out as an industrial mechanic, because that's where he had the least contact with other people. "I just didn't understand people - I was shy and insecure. I knew how to handle screws and machines, but people were always a mystery to me.

By chance, he later got a job at a consumer goods company - as HR manager for over 3,000 people. I had to laugh out loud - from someone who is suspicious of people to a manager who is responsible for thousands of people.

Herbert continues: "Now I love working with people. There is nothing I would rather do.“Fifteen years ago, he quit the job to start his own business. It's going well too, but that's not enough for Herbert: He now also wants to act as a mentor for young bosses so that they can support their employees in the best possible way. It will then be the second company that Herbert will found.

Did I mention that Herbert is now 67 years old?

At the end of the conversation he says: "Of course I can understand if you don't want to work with an old sack (interview) like me, but I would be very happy! I love my work and promoting young people is very important to me.“

Of course I want to work with him. I just have to look into this seasoned man's eyes to see he's on fire! It is bursting with zest for life and I have no doubt that it will change the world.

Three properties that, in combination, can change the world

Why am I telling you this? Herbert is a completely "normal" person (if there is such a thing as normal).

He doesn't have THE business idea of ​​the year. He is not a genius who was born with talent. And he will not save the WHOLE world with his company.

What it has, however, are 3 properties that, in combination, can change the world. They may sound simple - but together they make a tremendous power!


Do you love what you do And do you love the people you do it for? Of course there are days when everything annoys you (accounting, emails, complaining customers, hair stands on end - you know what I mean). There is probably no job in which everything is 100% perfect and you glide blissfully on clouds of cotton in an eternal flow state.

You can tell whether you really love something by whether you do it DESPITE resistance and problems. Whether you just can't keep your hands off it.

Nevertheless: 80% of the time you should think what you do every day is fantastic. Otherwise you will waste your valuable lifetime and that of your customers. You owe it to yourself and the others out there to shine and use your talents as best you can!

2. sense

Meaning means creating something that is of value to you, society, the environment or other people. Without meaning, your heart withers into a wrinkled raisin.

But sense doesn't just come flying over there. You give meaning to what you do.

In a great TED talk, Chip Conley, founder of a successful hotel chain, reports on a cleaner named Vivian who does her job with body and soul. Can cleaning be considered honorable?

Yes! According to Conley, Vivian found great satisfaction in connecting emotionally with her colleagues and hotel guests. She enjoyed making it as comfortable as possible for people who were away from home.

So: if even a cleaning lady can find meaning in what she does - then you can too!

You can find the TED talk here

3. resonance

In acoustics, resonance means that two bodies capable of vibrating come into relationship with one another and respond to one another.

Feedback also plays an enormous role in your business! This may sound a bit abstract now, but I'll do my best to explain it clearly:

Everything you send out creates some kind of energy. With everything you think and do, how you speak, move, or express yourself. And this combination is unique! Like a melody that only you can play

Your customers feel this energy (or not). And either they decide they like your melody and want to work with you, or they need something else. That's fine. Because those with whom you are on the same wavelength are the people who need exactly your skills.

That is why it is so important that you present yourself and market yourself authentically: So that you can find the people you can best help.

All three aspects go hand in hand. It doesn't help much if you invest a lot of love and meaning in your work, but don't reach anyone with it because you are not really visible. But it also doesn't help if you are on the same wavelength as others, but see no point in your work and do it carelessly.

A practical example?

I know these points above are hard to pin down. Therefore a little more vividly:

I used to have extreme problems with math. I didn't understand the logic and didn't see any connection between the numbers and the meaning behind them. So it hailed one five after the other and felt like an absolute idiot ("I have a math dyslexia").

After several attempts I found a tutor who understood perfectly how to explain calculations graphically. Suddenly I recognized the connections, the logic behind them. Unfortunately, I only got to know him in high school, but from that point on I only had good grades in math.

But the grades weren't the decisive factor. At that moment I realized that in principle I can (learn) everything. I just have to find the right sparring partner with whom I am on the same wavelength.

The thought of it still gives me enormous confidence today.

Or I have a hairdresser who works with so much love and passion that I just go to her. She not only masters her craft, but she always makes me feel that I really care about my heart. We laugh, joke and every visit is a real pleasure.

It costs twice as much as other hairdressers, but it's worth it to me. And I will warmly recommend it to everyone I know.

You see: even something like a math tutoring or a hairdresser can change the world. Perhaps "the world" sounds a little too big for you, so to put it another way: There are people in the world who need exactly the combination of your special abilities. You may not get as famous as Steve Jobs, but it doesn't matter that you are helping with a huge cause around the world.

It's the little things that count. Not the grand gesture.

Just imagine what the world would look like if each and every one of us gave their best to live love, meaning and resonance every day?

What do you have to give

I know that you too have a collection of unique abilities. Skills that have arisen from all your experiences, your career, your passions, your environment and an inner urge.

Maybe you can listen particularly well? Perhaps you realize that something is wrong without the other person saying it out loud? Maybe you make a lot of people laugh with your easy way? Or do you just bake very well and sweeten the day for others (please send samples to me!)?

Love - meaning - resonance.

For me, this is the secret formula for conquering the world.

Imagine that what you do is like a fire:
- The meaning is the firewood
- Love is the flame that lights your fire
- And resonance is the oxygen.

The better you harmonize all three aspects, the more stately and radiant a fire becomes. Others can see it from far away. They will come to you to be warm.

Or to bring it back to reality: people will come to you and WANT to buy from you. Without urge. Without perfidious marketing tricks. Without selling pressure.

There are far too many standard companies out there. Now is your opportunity to shine and leave your footprint in the universe. Step by step. I look forward to seeing you conquer the world!

Do you also believe that anyone can change the world? I look forward to your feedback! And if you think someone could use a little encouragement, share this post.

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