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Portals are the gateway to research for teachers. Here you will find suggestions for learning at home as well as general teaching tips.

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The digital learning room of the German Social Accident Insurance offers multimedia, interactive teaching materials on the topics of safety and health in schools and training, media skills, economics and social studies, and self-management. Interactive tasks with feedback and learning success control can be processed.

Occupational area: across many industries and professions

Topics: self-learning online

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filmcenter / napo / index.jsp


Napofilme on health and safety at work

In the video and audio center of the German Social Accident Insurance, the so-called Napofilme can be found in the film center. Napo is the main character in a cartoon series designed to convey important health and safety issues in a memorable and playful way. More films from the series at https://www.napofilm.net/de

Occupational area: across many industries and professions

Topics: self-learning online

All types of schools




Paul-G. Orcessek online - a non-commercial, private website

The learning platform from Paul Orzessek offers numerous worksheets on the learning fields of warehouse logistics professions, the subject religion, IT and the learning area economics and social studies, information on intermediate and final exams of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as many online exercises and learning programs. The tasks are also highly recommended for exam preparation.

Occupational area: warehouse logistics

Topics: self-learning

All types of schools, especially vocational schools for warehouse logistics professions




With Karteikarte.com the subject matter can be learned systematically and repeated. It uses the procedure of the card index system, which is explained on the start page.

Topics: self-learning

All types of schools




Free test tasks / exam questions for the IHK exam (learning fields and economics and social studies) are available on this learning platform.

Occupational area: warehouse logistics

Topics: self-learning

Vocational school for warehouse logistics professions




With the tasks of this learning platform, tasks from the field of warehouse logistics can be processed online. They are well suited for exam preparation.

Occupational area: warehouse logistics

Topics: self-learning

Vocational school for warehouse logistics professions




On this page, among other things, Online tasks for the training professions in warehouse logistics and retail are offered for repetition and exam preparation

Occupation: warehouse logistics and sales

Topics: self-learning

Vocational school for warehouse logistics professions, vocational school for salespeople, retailers




This online learning platform for (IHK) exam preparation provides explanations on all relevant learning fields and the topics related to training, a summary of the content of the respective learning field as well as the most important learning terms, definitions and formulas. With the online exams, the knowledge learned can be tested and queried at any time. They contain many exercises and exam questions.

Vocational school of commercial Apprenticeships




Absolvio provides a large number of exercises for commercial apprenticeships to prepare for the final exams, especially for apprenticeships in warehouse logistics and retail.

Occupation: warehouse logistics and sales

Topics: self-learning

Vocational school of commercial Apprenticeships




The online tasks support exam preparation.

Occupational area: retail

Topics: self-learning

Vocational school salespeople and retail salespeople




Clever: Interactive questions for elementary school through to university

With the interactive questions on the learning content of the retail trade (economics and social studies, law of obligations and marketing), some important learning content can be repeated.

Occupational area: retail trade, hairdressers, elderly care, horticultural workers, bakers, forwarding agents, electrical professions, IT professions

Topics: self-learning

Vocational school (possibly BFS) retail / UK, forwarding agents, hairdresser, baker, elderly care, electrical professions, IT professions


Vocational schools - cross-professional learning areas



Comprehensive collection of exercises for general mathematical content. Media prepared with videos.

All types of schools




Application-related tasks. The tasks are provided with detailed suggested solutions

Areas of mechanics and electrical engineering: vocational school as well as the FOS and BG in the commercial-technical area




Job-related math problems

Nutrition, especially for vocational schools and the BFS




Exercise collection (with solutions) on the content of lower secondary level (mathematics and physics)

  • Standards
  • Rule of three
  • Calculating percentages
  • Interest calculation
  • Spatial thinking
  • Coordinate system
  • Jacket and surface calculation

All types of school, especially in the commercial-technical area, manual focus, especially for technical professions




Free interactive program for learning mathematics (also: information processing, biology and health professions) with integrated evaluation and solution tips. The following courses can be chosen: Algebra - previous knowledge, fractions, equations, terms and inequalities, exponents, roots and the exponential notation, algebra - basics, linear equations and inequalities, drawing straight lines and slopes, systems of equations, polynomials of the second and higher order, algebra 1, Basics of Algebra, Solving Equations, Linear Equations & Graphs, Functions, Linear Word Problems, Quadratic Equations and Functions, Algebra 2, Polynomials (without complex numbers), Root relationships

All types of school, especially vocational high school, FOS, BOS




Free dynamic geometry software (2D, 3D) that can be used both online and as a download version.

With GeoGebra you can draw graphs of functions and geometric objects, change them with sliders and animate them.

A computer algebra system and a spreadsheet are also available.

All types of schools, especially FOS, BOS, BG



123mathe.de/mathe- Gesamtuebersicht

Contributions to the subjects of mathematics and physics sorted by topic and year. Currently all PDFs can be downloaded free of charge.

Brief thematic explanations

Tasks with solutions

Exercises for GTR use - different computer models

All types of schools, especially FOS, BOS, BG




Compilation of videos for math class





Collection of pool tasks for the Abitur including solutions for the subjects of mathematics, German, English, French

Vocational high school




Casio calculator

Vocational high school, FOS, BOS




Texas Instruments and Casio calculators: Videos on how to use the calculator

Vocational high school, FOS, BOS




Here you will find topics and tasks related to German grammar, hints and exercises for a diverse vocabulary as well as tests and exams.

The site is suitable for DaZ learners, but also for native speakers.

Career entry school, possibly BFS and BS, especially for language support lessons




A literary lexicon and reference work for German topics and questions of all kinds: different types of essays, aspects of poetics, literary epochs, well-known authors and their works, rules of grammar, etc. are clearly explained. A collection of links for other general subjects is also available.

All types of schools




How do you write a summary, statement, text-based discussion, factual text analysis or poem interpretation?

Tips on how to proceed, good explanations on the structure of the writing forms and examples (dos and don'ts) provide assistance.

All types of schools




The ARD-alpha learning platform closes knowledge gaps in German in a different way: Each lesson (e.g. understanding texts, spelling, examining language, oral communication, application training, etc.) consists of the film, a reading part and exercises that you can participate in. There are also learning tips and podcasts to download. These offers are also available for the subjects of mathematics and English.

All types of schools 


Economic German forum

You will find worksheets, online exercises for grammar, for writing job-related essays and for developing specialist texts for job-related German topics on these pages of the editorial staff of the Economic German Forum.

All forms of school, especially commercial Vocational schools, BFS, BES




Alpha ARD education channel: Alpha learning. Just learn and understand / German

The television programs of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation provide clear information on the following topics: communication, language, understanding texts, writing texts, and media and media use.

All types of schools




BBC Learning English offers free audio, video and text to learners. In addition to grammar units, background information on current news with tasks and explanations is given.

Many of the multimedia materials are offered in the form of full-length courses, but each component of the course can be used individually. Each course is divided into different sequences (session

s) and there is a transcript for each video (each session) so that the spoken text can also be read in the associated transcript if there are problems with listening / seeing comprehension.

All types of schools 


The topics are tailored to young people and the website promises fun while learning and supports the self-learning process.

There is currently Covid-19 learning support with tips for learning at home. In addition to the classic categories such as vocabulary and grammar, there is a targeted exam preparation, which initially gives tips for exam preparation and the fulfillment of certain types of tasks. The exam preparation is divided into the different competence areas so that a very targeted exam preparation can take place. The magazine has blogs on the common topics of young people, including fashion, films, entertainment, music, and sports for the exchange with others.

At the beginning you can take a placement test and then exercises are offered to work on your own deficits in a targeted manner. This makes it possible to improve according to your own level.

All types of schools




The British Study Center offers exercises clearly arranged according to level, e.g. upper intermediate B1 / B2 (technical college) or advanced B2 / C1 (Abitur) and competencies. Registration is required; according to the information on the site, use is free of charge.

All types of schools





The Collins online dictionary is not only an online dictionary with a thesaurus function, it also offers small puzzles, articles and a grammar section.

All types of schools




BBC Learning English (see above) also offers its own business section (English at Work) which contains over 60 units with a focus on English communication at work.

Commercial vocational schools, FOS Economy, BOS, possibly BFS




British Council Business English also offers tips for self-study. It is advisable to start with a placement test in order to then start specifically at your own level. There are videos, podcasts and articles on topics from everyday professional life.

Vocational schools, FOS economy, BOS, possibly BFS (especially in the field of economy and administration)




With examenglish.com, learners can put together their own tests for the different levels of the GER. Tests for the 'Business' area are also offered.

All types of schools




This website offers learning for all areas of competence and at different levels. The 'level test' and the 'Business' area for listening comprehension skills are particularly interesting. esl-lounge.com/student is also offered as an IOS or Android app.

All types of schools




To prepare for the KMK foreign language certificate, there are valuable tips as well as examination tasks for various professions (e.g. educator or professions in the hotel and hospitality industry) or professional fields (technology or business and administration).

All types of schools




The Institute for Quality Development in Education (IQB) is a scientific institute that supports the states in the Federal Republic of Germany in quality development and quality assurance. The documents accompanying the collection of exercises and the Abitur task pools contain general agreements on the design of the tasks that were made at the beginning of the work process in the project "Common Abitur task pools of the federal states". The collection of exercises shows examples of how the competencies and requirements for the Abitur examination described in the educational standards are implemented. It is intended to offer teachers and pupils orientation with regard to the design and the expected requirements of the tasks that are provided in the joint Abitur task pools of the federal states.

Vocational high school




For the concrete preparation for the Abitur examination in the subject English for the first part, the Lower Saxony sample exercises are suitable for the listening comprehension and language mediation parts.

Vocational high school




This link hides the Abitur exams in English as a subject for the years 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Even if the files do not contain any texts, images, photos or audio files from third-party authors for copyright reasons, you can only cite the sources of these materials familiarize yourself very well with the typical tasks.

The Abitur tasks for the vocational high school are named as follows:

- BGeA for the extended requirement area

- BGgA for the basic requirement area

The sample solutions to the tasks can be found in the teachers folder. (For all examination subjects of the BG.)

Vocational high school




The tasks available for download illustrate and specify the educational standards for the continued foreign language for the general higher education entrance qualification for the subject English. They exemplarily show how the competency expectations formulated in the educational standards - taking into account technical and didactic basics - can be implemented in concrete tasks. All sample tasks have been developed and tested by experienced teachers from various federal states in collaboration with specialist didactic advisors.

Vocational high school, possibly BOS, FOS




Repeat, deepen, develop anew "The Spanish Memory Aid"

Merkhilfe Spanish teaches different areas of grammar, vocabulary and writing training for the subject of Spanish in free YouTube videos. The speaker acts in German, technical terms are displayed in Spanish. In addition to the selected core topics, some background knowledge and methods are also presented in the learning videos.

Vocational high school




Tío Spanish - aprender español

Youtube videos for foreign language learners are offered in “Tío Spanish”. Both linguistically and thematically different language levels are addressed in the videos: the preparation of word fields on certain topics can be found as well as e.g.virtual city tours through Spanish cities, which are presented and commented on. There are also explanatory videos on current topics - e.g. the corona virus - which explain a complex issue in a combination of images, text, music and comments. The finger puppet "Tío Spanish" and others lead through the videos in Spanish.

Vocational high school




Spanish textbook online (also known at: https://www.estudiando.de), infos24 GmbH, internet service, Andrés Ehmann

With this Spanish textbook, foreign language learners can learn Spanish online for free.
The Spanish grammar with numerous sound examples can be found there in a total of 26 chapters. In addition to vocabulary and grammar exercises, there are online virtual walks that are highlighted with texts spoken by native speakers.

Vocational high school




Interactive exercises on vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, etc.

Here, foreign language learners can look forward to free interactive exercises on vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, etc. A solution is offered for all tasks and a reading function at a suitable point. The listening comprehension tasks that are based on authentic texts, e.g. short commercials, trailers or songs, can be of particular interest.

Vocational high school




Learning videos for "Spanish as a foreign language"

VideoEle is an Internet portal that provides the self-created learning videos for "Spanish as a foreign language" free of charge. Different videos are offered for language levels A1, A2, B1 and B2. The videos and the teaching material, which is also free of charge, have been developed for the learners and cover various thematic and linguistic areas / functions. There are subtitles for all videos that any user can activate if necessary. There are a variety of exercises with the corresponding solutions to go with all videos.

Vocational high school




Michael Hielscher, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, 2012

Learning platform with small interactive modules.

LearninApps.org is a free platform to support learning and teaching processes with small interactive modules. These apps do not represent learning units, but individual exercises. In the German-speaking part, “Spanish” forms a category with the following sub-items: grammar, cultural studies, reading comprehension, vocabulary, numbers and tenses. There is no consistent categorization according to language level, but there are exercises for various language levels. The applications can be created by all users, including laypeople, so errors must be expected.

Vocational high school




Reading and reading comprehension exercises

Lingua.com offers interesting Spanish texts for reading, including reading comprehension exercises and solutions, free of charge. The articles, short stories and conversations here cover levels A1 to B1 and therefore offer beginners and advanced learners the opportunity to practice. In addition, all texts and tasks can be downloaded free of charge as PDF.

Vocational high school




A particularly extensive information portal on political education! The various offers of the federal center and all remaining state centers for political education are summarized here. A large number of materials on a wide variety of topics can be found for download!

All types of schools




Page of the NLQ on political education

All types of schools




Homepage of the Federal Agency for Civic Education, see also the special pages below!

All types of schools




Homepage of the state center for political education Lower Saxony, a constantly growing offer

All types of schools




Homepage of the State Center for Political Education Baden Württemberg; offers inter alia E-learning courses. All types of schools




One page with a focus on digitization

All types of schools




Platform for teaching social sciences, including with lexicon of methods

All types of schools




Exhibition on the history of German unity

All types of schools




The online offer of peace education in Lower Saxony, placement of experts as speakers for security policy issues
in school lessons

All types of schools




Topics from politics, economy, environment, technology and health with teaching materials

All types of schools




A compilation on one page of accesses to various portals that have special offers for teachers (including NIBIS, German Education Server, Teacher Online, Education Online, Online College, Youth and Education, ...)

All types of schools




Statistics server

All types of schools




Training courses and materials on violence / media / addiction / AIDS / sex

All types of schools




Various contemporary histories, especially for political-historical learning

All types of schools




Documentation of the deportations to the extermination camps

All types of schools




The contemporary witness portal on the topic of Peaceful Revolution and German Unity; a joint project of the Federal Foundation to come to terms with the SED dictatorship, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the German federal states.

All types of schools




Teaching materials to carry out a lesson about the European Union as well as the Clarify quiz app, to secure and deepen the content covered.

A project of the Institute of Didactics for Democracy at Leibniz University Hannover

All types of schools




As part of the project is, inter alia. a digital manual with a detailed learning situation on the subject of "fake news" has been developed.

A project supported by the European Council and the EU Commission with the participation of the Institute of Didactics for Democracy at Leibniz University Hannover on the subject

All types of schools




Small teaching units /
Worksheets on various topics in political education, e.g. B. Right-wing populism, social media, hate speech

The “topic sheets in the classroom” are designed for 1 - 2 school hours and contain four pages of teacher's handout with a theoretical and methodological introduction.

All types of schools




Portal on all relevant socio-political topics for teachers and exercises for students.

Publisher: BMAS / Klett MINT GmbH

All types of schools




Multimedia offer from Südwestrundfunk (SWR) and Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR): The offer is very extensive and is constantly updated. Since the offer does not only refer to political education, subject-related aspects can also be identified here.

All types of schools




Geopolitical magazine that is broadcast weekly on the Franco-German channel Arte. Political, historical or social developments are analyzed using maps and graphs in particular. Each contribution has a duration of approx. 12-13 minutes.

All types of schools





Explainity offers short animated explanatory films for many political and social topics or for historical facts. The duration of the films is usually no more than 3-4 minutes. The contributions can be used well as an introduction, for a summary or repetition.

All types of schools




YouTuber Mirko Drotschmann is a journalist and also works for ZDF and the Federal Agency for Civic Education, among others. Every week he explains a current topic in a short and summarized form on his YouTube channel. As a rule, different perspectives are also presented. The videos usually last 12-15 minutes.

All types of schools




Bundestag debates are summarized in a compact and entertaining way. The work of Parliament is translated into the language and viewing habits of the younger generation. THAT UP! is produced by funk. funk is a joint offer of the consortium of the broadcasting corporations of the Federal Republic of Germany (ARD) and the second German television (ZDF). The contributions usually last 3-5 minutes.

All types of schools




Political, societal and social controversies are brought to the point in a concise (and sometimes provocative) way. Particularly suitable for entering into controversial topics. Germany3000! is produced by funk. funk is a joint offer of the consortium of the broadcasting corporations of the Federal Republic of Germany (ARD) and the second German television (ZDF). The contributions usually last 4-5 minutes.

All types of schools




Interactive learning modules with the thematic references media and democracy, opinion formation, manipulation, journalism. It is an offer from the Lower Saxony State Institute for School Quality Development (NLQ).

All types of schools




Online offer from ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio with videos, audios, quizzes, interactive maps, teaching material and texts that explain how the media work and why there is public broadcasting. There are pre-structured teaching materials.

All types of schools




The daily 45-minute-hour policy of the Federal Agency for Civic Education emerged when the schools in the federal states were largely closed. From March 19 to April 3, 2020 a topic from politics, society and economy was dealt with every day. As part of the “Political Lesson Special”, new videos will be uploaded.

All types of schools




The daily look in Europe's press. Current political debates are exemplarily embedded in a European context using press articles and comments from different newspapers / magazines in Europe. The site exists in German, English, French, Russian and Turkish. In this respect, foreign language links can also be established.

All types of schools




On this page, Deutschlandfunk offers current weekly reviews in simple language with the sections news, culture, sport and miscellaneous. There is also a dictionary that explains key terms.

All types of school, especially for teaching pupils with language support needs




The North German Broadcasting Service prepares current news from (North) Germany and the world in easy language. In addition, there is a dictionary in easy language. There is also the section “What is easy language?”. Among other things, there are instructions here on how texts can be designed in easy language.

All types of school, especially for teaching pupils with language support needs




On the website of the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) there is an extensive compilation of materials and texts in simple language. There are key issues (e.g. Brexit) that are explained. The rubric “simply POLITICS: Audiobooks” is a special feature. People with limited vision can find out easily and competently about political and social issues. Note: As a rule, daily news is not dealt with.

All types of school, especially for teaching pupils with language support needs






Many institutions, parties and associations now have low-threshold information offers in easy or simple language on their respective websites. Some exemplary examples were selected. Note: A booklet (in PDF format) can be downloaded from the Lower Saxony State Parliament website that explains the work of the State Parliament in simple language.

All types of school, especially for teaching pupils with language support needs




Information platform of the DLV: In addition to information about training, nutrition, corona and sport as well as other link tips, there are also daily training offers, e.g. with long jump world champion Malaika Mihambo



Videos for the high school diploma in athletics:

The DLV offers instructional videos for all disciplines. These are intended for preparation for the practical sports Abitur exam, but are also well suited as teaching material



For motivation: coordination challenge with toilet paper

All types of schools




Recommendation of the MK, Ref. School Sports: In cooperation with the project "Moving School" by the Association for the Promotion of School, Creative and Sports Projects eV created a collection of small video tutorials on very different topics (handball, work-out, inclusion, interviews, Self-presentation)

All types of schools




School sport NRW:
The Ministry for Schools and Education in North Rhine-Westphalia collects both links (see ALBA) and specific materials as PDF downloads on this website, e.g. on jogging, juggling, dancing as exercise offers

All types of schools




Link platform of the Hamburger Sportbund

All types of schools




Up-to-date education in physical education (Stefan Lesch):
A padlet (interactive cooperation platform) with many tools for planning and organizing physical education, including video material as "content tools" for movement learning. This platform is particularly suitable for the vocational high school for specific tasks.

Vocational high school




Wakelet by Maximilian Butze:
This collection of links contains qualitatively very different links to exercise offers. Some selected links are also included in this list. The wakelet ranges from coordination exercises and workouts to self-portraits by celebrities (footballers, youtubers, etc.)

All types of schools





Fit with Felix:
Even before the exit restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, Felix Neureuther developed a daily 5-minute exercise program for children based on Life Kinetik. This should promote movement coordination and concentration.

All types of school - younger students




ALBA's daily sports lesson:
The fitness trainers of the basketball team offer a 30-45 minute fitness program at 3:00 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday for high school students. Various fitness aspects such as coordination, endurance, strength endurance and flexibility as well as methodical topics, e.g. the use of music and execution corrections are addressed. The unit can also be used for online or class reflection.

All types of schools




Absolut handball (Benny Daser) and HC Düsseldorf: on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10.30 a.m. strength, coordination and flexibility training, duration approx. 1 hour.

All types of schools